France: Song Revealed!

France – After France 2, the national broadcaster behind the French Eurovision delegation, designated Tom Leeb as the internally selected artist to represent the country in Rotterdam, the song “The Best In Me” was revealed tonight.

The official credits give us more info: the song is composed by Thomas G:son andPeter Boström, who cowrote many esc entries over the years and over Europe, all the way to winning for their home country in 2012 when Loreen performed “Euphoria” in Baku. Adding France as a new country is a surprise, as the country used to be quite nationalist in its approach, as seen in the polemics in 2008 when for the first time the French entry was supposedly entirely in English, after mocking “frenglish” in the 2007 lyrics. After the polemics hit the National Assembly, it was decided to calm everyone down to add two lines in French, purposedly saying “Pour moi l’amour chante en Français” (to me Love sings in French). An international team? A Swedish one at that? More proof that France 2 wants “to play the game” to do well: hot guy, who cares if he sings well, Swedish product (probably a MF reject). They can be happy they did well without winning (the motto on French news each time the contest is mentioned is “we don’t want to win it’s expensive to host”).

The “international” (read “English”) lyrics are by John Lundvik (Sweden 2019), Amir Haddad (France 2016), Tom Leeb and Léa Ivanne but it’s no surprise they have some French elements again… More “inside the esc bubble” material. Amir is the new face of Eurovision in France after his 6th place and more importantly that his song was an actual hit here, when Lisa Angell or Virginie Pouchain are nobodies. His song “J’ai cherché” could even be heard in Xavier Dolan’s latest film selected in Cannes, Matthias et moi. So it’s no wonder he’s the one France goes to (he was also part of the jury in Destination Eurovision as Christer Bjrörkman was part of the international jury).

The reveal took place at 20:50 CET from a short clip shot at the Eiffel Tower and that can be watched online. What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

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502 comments on “France: Song Revealed!

  1. My reaction similar to Selena’s:

    She was so fat the sofa cushion fell and she fell too and was more upset she was woken up that she was fat :p

  2. Good luck!

    #theverybottomofmylistsofar :(

    • It’s inoffensive swedish material… I hate Armenia way more but that’s me, I don’t connect to the Armenian style at all and find “whory” attitudes annoying

      • I don’t know if it’s “inoffensive Swedish material”, Morgan. All I know is that I find really “offensive” that fact that this song does, by no means, represent the French music scene, and that’s what pisses me off :(

        Regarding Armenia 2020, I am so surprised to see myself not disliking it as much as I thought, tbh! :o

        • I find it rather weird in a globalized world that lefties still think on a national level! However, the problem to me is not that they’re Swedish it’s that they’re esc bubble material! ;)

          I still think it’s inoffensive, and having it last “for what it represents or doesn’t” and not on song merit is weird! I simply can’t listen to the Armenian song til the end unless forced, and can’t watch it without rolling my eyes, that’s why it’s my last! But I get that it’s popular with some and that’s fine by me!

  3. For now, and with just one go of the French song, who hasn’t had a live yet. We know list changes over the weeks with more material in and that it’s a lot shifted around once we get the Eurovision lives. But I have something around this:




    Czech Republic


  4. A Disney concostion from a pair of swedish songwriters, adopting the full swedish approach of finding a hot guy to sing it… France goes from disappointment to disappointment.

    So they did not send Maëlle for this? :'(

    • Not a single French singer who is trying to have a career or have one would ever think of the contest. When approached (and a few years ago they approached “some” artists, all the way to the bigger names they asked, Air and Patricia Kaas), they always get declined. Amir was an old talent show reject who was trying to curve his career back and Alma had the same producer than Amir and he was way too happy with the turn of events to decline Alma.

      Both Madame Monsieur and Bilal were 100% French, with the known results, seen as disappointments by FrTV. Seeing an empty product like “Proud” doing first with juries and Sweden topping their list every year, they probably thought “hey we could do something like that, how expensive is G:son really?”

  5. The best in me sounds like a potential porn title with Tom hooking up with a bunch of guys. Would undoubtedly be more exciting than this song.
    But exciting news from Germany: There will be another undoubtedly again brilliant teaser video tomorrow!

  6. The album cover is flawless 😍
    The song is not terrible but nothing interesting either…

    • yeah it’s MOR, won’t hurt anyone! I find it weird (and a bit harsh) to have it last? it’s not interesting at all, and I get it’s annoying as f*ck it’s a Swedish material, but that should hurt me as a Frenchman more than anythong else ahah

  7. Am I the only one who finds this even worse than “Roi”? :(

    • “Roi” was on par musically imo (but it was written by a French team so maybe that’s why you like it more?)

      • No. Not at all. I find it slightly better musically.
        It ended up around #27 on my 2019 list from what I can recall.

        • Also, Bilal was both annoying as hell and still touching in how young he was and how it was a dream to him! We haven’t seen Tom talking about the contest a tall, but the fact he’s so handsome makes him annoying on first instinct and that counts as well in our way to “concieve” the entries I think. Bilal got so many homophobic and racist insults online I wanted to protect him by the end of the season. Tom looks annoying as hell and I guess that’s why I’m less eager to support him for sure. Plus however weak “Roi” could be seen, it was still something meaningful to Bilal. No way G:son’s music means anything to Tom! So that’s loss in honesty would also explain why we’re harsher to France 2020. However, I think the live can be really good (not vocally, but everything else) and he’ll get a better result than Bilal overall (thanks to the juries).

          • You are right about the live performance. Let’s wait and see. The song still is what it is though.

    • I do prefer Roi as well. But thats subjective

    • I’m with you on that. “Roi” at least felt very connected to its performer, with its main flaw being a bit boring.

      This, on the other hand, jarringly goes from chorus to a soft bridge to a huge blast out of nowhere for the final chorus, with dramatic elements that are disconnected from the rest of the song. And I say that as someone who LOVES dramatic finishes and fast strings in the final chorus. To top it all off, there’s nothing French about it, and France has a fantastic music scene…

  8. As soon as I saw this was a John Lundvik/Thomas G:son collab I knew I wouldn’t like it. The lyrics made me feel legitimately nauseous and after listening I feel like “You are you are you are the best in me” is the only thing he said for all 3 minutes. The worst part is I don’t think this will come bottom five…

    • LOVE:
      1) 🇳🇴Norway – Ulrikke Brandstorp – “Attention”

      2) 🇦🇱Albania – Arilena Ara – “Shaj”
      3) 🇱🇹Lithuania – The Roop – “On Fire”
      4) 🇦🇲Armenia – Athena Manoukian – “Chains on You”

      5) 🇮🇹Italy – Diodato – “Fai rumore”
      6) 🇱🇻Latvia – Samanta Tīna – “Still Breathing”

      7) 🇨🇿Czech Republic – Benny Cristo – “Kemama”
      8) 🇪🇸Spain – Blas Cantó – “Universo”
      9) 🇫🇷France – Tom Leeb – “The Best In Me”
      10) 🇦🇺Australia – Montaigne – “Don’t Break Me”

  9. I’m going to do Moldova right now.

  10. Since we have 10 songs already, here is my top10 right now:

    2. Italy
    3. Armenia
    4. Latvia
    5. Albania
    6. Norway
    7. Australia
    8. France
    9. Czech Rep.
    10. Spain

  11. Countdown to Rotterdam:

    *Songs we have (10)
    **from internal selection (2): Spain, France
    **from a NF (8): Lithuania, Albania, Italy, Norway, Australia, Armenia, Czech Republic, Latvia

    *Internal selection to be revealed (16)
    **we know the singer (9): Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Malta
    **we know nothing (7): Ireland, Switzerland, United-Kingdom, Germany, Russia, San Marino, Azerbaijan

    *NF still to happen (15)
    **already underway (4): Ukraine, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia
    **still to be held (11): Portugal, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Israel, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, Serbia

  12. It isa very disappointing song. Sweden itself would have rejected it…

  13. Throw stones at me now, but I love this entry after 3 listens…
    I find this composition really good… It builds so interesting…Each time I listen to it I discover smth New.. The beginning reminds me of Lara Fabian! This can easilly be Celine Dion’s track, or from some movie.
    I hope they wont change it..
    Reaction is really bad and I dont understand it at all tbh…except maybe angry for Swedish songwriters, generally it is such an exageration that it hurts..
    For example result in the poll on esc united foeum is extremely bad, for example Anna Odobescu last year had much better result on that poll!
    Was she really that better!? :/

  14. 1 Lithuania
    2 Italy
    3 Spain
    4 Albania
    5 ……..
    The rest dont deserve to be in my list .still waiting for the whooooou Song.maybe tomorrow with Belgium??.

  15. Or that “Human” drom Denmark, maybe it is not dated? It sounds like Elena Paparizou in early 00s..gooosh….

  16. Now it’s official. France is sending the most average track this year. I doubt that there will be another song to beat them in this department.

    1. Armenia
    2. Lithuania
    3. Italy
    4. Latvia
    5. Spain
    6. Norway
    7. Albania
    8. France
    9. Australia
    10. Czech Republic (after watching it live I would rank it higher)

    Disclaimer: That’s my first impression list. I just sort in the new ones and will only fully rework my ranking after all songs are known.

  17. Not a bad effort from France; with 7/10 it is currently in my 4th place.
    Song is fairly good music-wise, a bit dated, but still better then most of what we’ve heard so far.

    What I don’t like is singing; he sings with fake emotion (as fake as Blas Cantó). I personally can’t stand that talent-show kind of singing.
    I’d give the song to someone else, who has more artistic credibility.

    Also, I don’t like the language switch. It should be either French or English.

    Pity, the song has quality, but it is wrapped in a bad package.

    01. ALB – 7/10
    02. ESP – 7/10
    03. ITA – 7/10
    04. FRA – 7/10
    05. NOR – 7/10

    06. LIT – 6/10

    07. ARM – 4/10
    08. CZE – 4/10

    09. LAT – 3/10

  18. Rofle. What a MERDEicore year.

  19. Last year I was saying it would be a weak year but it turned out just fine🙂
    We only have 9 songs and the countries that generally send good stuff have not revealed their entries yet so it is way too early to judge 2020
    Now I only love 3 songs Lithuania,Australia and Albania.. The rest are OK, I don’t find any of them terrible

  20. Just did Moldova.

    Obvious winner due to “sponsors: is this!

  21. Innocent me is waiting for an official video :P I’ve already noticed Tom doesn’t care at all about ESC.

  22. Really, he doesnt have luck to be presented live from the Eiffel tower due to bad weather.. :(

  23. The live(The Eiffel Tower part is prerecorded due to wather conditions tonight):

  24. So I turned on the french channel to see the live presentation of their song and all I see is a report on bed fleas.

  25. why do it in a place where the sound is bad and where you’ll be cold by the wind (especially since the Dennis storm is hitting France all day)

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