Armenia: It’s Athena Manoukian to Rotterdam!

Armenia – AMPTV, the national broadcaster, hosted Depi Evratesil 2020, the national final that would select the entry for Rotterdam! 12 acts (out of 53 recieved) competed in order to get the ticket for Eurovision 2020 and Athena Manoukian won with “Chains On You”!

This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. AgopButterflies
  2. Karina EVNWhy?
  3. Hayk MusicWhat It Is To Be In Love
  4. ERNALife Faces
  5. EVA RidaNo Love
  6. Athena ManoukianChains On You
  7. Gabriel JeegIt’s Your Turn
  8. Sergey & Nikolay ArutyunovHa, Take A Step
  9. Miriam BaghdasaryanRun Away
  10. Vladimir ArzumanyanWhat’s Going On Mama
  11. Arthur AleqHeaven
  12. TOKIONINESave Me

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

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103 comments on “Armenia: It’s Athena Manoukian to Rotterdam!

  1. It is an OK choice considering the other Armenian hopefuls… The genre may help her stand out among the other songs in her semi and she can qualify providing the jury buy this kind of stuff.
    Good luck

  2. The only choice they had really. Her singing is good but the amateurish presentation realy needs fixing. Since this sort of very american songs have not been a fixture in Eurovision, it can really stand out and bring Armenia a good result after a long time.

    So it seems after Foureira, Greece lost another competent performer to send to Eurovision :) She tried to do the bouzouki club circuit here but her career never really took off.

  3. Did anyone mention that Athena came 3rd in Armenian televoting after Vladimir and ERNA?

  4. Something made me remember this

  5. Curious what this will do in Rotterdam. Performance is so seen before. And her vocals are annoying (for my ears at least.)
    Italy stays at the top of my (non existing) ranking at the moment. Tomorrow morning at the very strange hour of 7.30 AM CET Hooverphonic will debut their song. I expect them to go to my first spot then.

  6. A very weak line-up for Armenia. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears yesterday. Obviously the best package won but to me it sounds like basic American music. Athena is a good performer although her high register needs some work (or was it the bad acoustics in the studio?)

    Overall ranking and scores of Depi Evratesil 2020 :

    1. Athena 6/10
    2. Myriam 6/10 (great singer)
    3. TOKIONINE 5/10 (good song, amateur performance)
    4. Vladimir 5/10
    5. EVA Rida 4/10
    6. Hayk Music 4/10 (competent singer, zzz song)
    7. Erna 4/10
    8. Arthur Aleq 3/10

    Horror territory
    9. Karina EVN 2+/10
    10. Sergey & Nickolay Arutyunov 2/10
    11. Gabriel Jeeg 2/10
    12. Agop 2/10

    Average of al 12 entries at 3.75 which is extremely low given Supernova has 5.22!

    Good luck Athena and Armenia !

  7. Armenia IMO picked the best song on offer but there issues though. Her high notes are a disaster and Athena comes across too gentle for such a song. Urban sounds have never been successful in ESC, especially with juries, so Armenia is on course for another NQ.

  8. Sounds like an Ariana Grande reject. This does absolutely nothing for me. It gets boring quickly. I agree with Dino, no final for Armenia this year.

  9. Am not sure what to make of this. There is something intriguing about the song but am not a lover of this type and am not sure she is capable.of carrying this off unless it is perfected. It needs a hell of a lot of work but if they can and do deliver something special it could be okay but for the moment this isn’t doing it for me. Sadly.

  10. All final performances have finally been uploaded:

  11. Sounds and looks like Americanized MTV pop to me, and as such it is not bad. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

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