Poll: Who Should Represent Norway in Rotterdam?

Poll – In this upcoming super Saturday three countries are due to choose their representitve. We have already released a poll for Armenia and today we will focus on Norway who will be having their national final following five semi finals. Who would you like to see represent Norway?

Ten acts will be taking part in the final where the public will vote for their top four. Those four will then be paired together and the winner of each pair will make the super final when the winner will be revealed. You can listen to the songs below if you are yet to do so.

Raylee Wild
Didrik & EmilOut of Air
Magnus BoknOver the Sea
Akuvi Som du er
Kristin Husøy Pray for Me
Rein AlexanderOne Last Time
Tone Damli Hurts Sometimes
Sondrey Take My Time
Ulrikke Brandstorp Attention
Liza VassilievaI Am Gay

You can vote in the poll below and you can also comment.

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131 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Norway in Rotterdam?

  1. I am planning a travel in the beginning of April, but I am still to decide on the destination. Too many options…

  2. Current odds:

  3. I just cant get annna’s “Polyester” out of my head. Ugh so addictive.

    • It’s on par with Elettra, “I Am Gay” and “Vegan” as bottom entries of the whole year for me. Not a single note right, a gimmick act… etc

      • I wouldnt put it in the same category. I see some quirk in the lyrics and it does have a Billie Eillish viba kinda. Not that I am a big fan of hers either. “Vegan”, Elettra and Lisa remain are definately the worst acts of the season so far. Although I have not heard to the Portuguese, Armenian, lithuanian, moldovan, danish, belarussian or serbian hopefuls. The lives will be the decisive factor as I will probably listen to them there for the first time.

        • Armenia has nothing good, but nothing awful per se. Portugal has a few dull ones but not awful either. Belarus surprised me it’s much better than feared (though nothing great, but at least two good ones, 4 ok ones). Lithuania had a good line-up imo, much better than Latvia or Estonia! It did have a few horrors (“Drip” is maybe on par with the horrors like “Vegan”). Denmark is really good this year, Serbia has three good ones but one horror which is the favorite of course :/ Last but not least, Moldova is the weakest line up. The auditions were almost all awful but the sad part is a lot of them made me feel bad for them. It was just, so sad…

  4. I expect this will be hilarious on the stage and I will LOVE it! :D :P

  5. Levante’s new song “Antonio”. Diodato?

  6. OMG today my first big fave of the season, wonderful Synne Valtri steps on the EL stage together with Valiharf sailor guys to conquer everything.. :D yaaay <3

    So excited!!

  7. This can also be interesting;
    The EMA 2020 contestants shared their favourite EMA acts on instagram:

    Simon Vadnjal => 1xband and Sestre.
    Saška => Okustični
    Gaja Prestor => Maja Keuc and Eva Boto (queens with deep voices supporting each other)
    Anna Soklich => Darja Svajger.
    INMATE => Fedhorses
    Tinkara => She mentioned herself LOOOOOL when she made her first appearance in EMA 23 years ago.
    Bozidar => Darja Svajger.
    Parvani Violet => Sestre.
    Klara Jazbec => Maraaya.
    IMSET => Sestre and Zalagasper.
    Lina Kuduzovic => Maja Keuc and Zalagasper.

    They are building the stage:

  8. I think Attention or Pray for me will win. Wanted to vote for a song not in English but it’s not my cup of tea. Well… I’will vote for Over the sea wishing Magnus better vocals and stage presence. It’s a tribute to Eurovision which used to be less plastic and bit authentic.

    Depi Evratesil is more priceless and less authentic than MGP. Couple of years ago I’d not imagine this shit. Atleast here there are some folkish songs and a song not in mainstream English. Kudos.

  9. There’s nothing here that excites me I’m afraid. MGP 2020 is on par with the Armenian, Estonian and Latvian selections – they’re all quite disappointing.

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