Tomorrow: Second Super Saturday of 2020

Just like last year, we will witness Super Saturdays with many shows happening all at once. Instead of opening all threads, hard to follow for everyone, we decided to have just one thread for all shows to follow live so we can all discuss them together.

Sweden – It’s the most anticipated National Final within the Eurovision Fandom and it resumes tonight with their second of the four semi finals. Melodifestivalen is back!

Seven Acts will take to the stage at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg and will compete for the chance to make the grand final on March 7th. The top two will reach the grand final and the acts that come third and fourth will proceed onto the Second Chance round. This week we see the return of Anna Bergendahl (Eurovision 2010, MF 2019), Jan Johansen (Eurovision 1995, MF 2001, 2002 2003), Dotter (MF 2018), Mendez (MF 2002, 2003, 2018) with Alvaro Estrella (MF 2014) and veteran Linda Bengtzing (MF 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016). This is tonight’s running-order:

  1. Klara HammarströmNobody
  2. Jan Johansen – Miraklernas tid
  3. DotterBulletproof
  4. Mendez feat. Alvaro EstrellaVamos amigos
  5. Linda BengtzingAlla mina sorger
  6. Paul ReyTalking In My Sleep
  7. Anna BergendahlKingdom Come

It’s 100% televote tonight. The first round eliminates the bottom 2 entries. The second round sees 5 entries battling for the four qualifying places, two “direkt til finalen” and two to “andra chasen”. How much do we learn Swedish in MF, really?

The show starts at 20:00 (CET) and can be watched here.


Norway – This year’s Melodi Grand Prix will feature 5 semi-finals in order to celebrate the 60 years of Norway’s participation in Eurovision. The 5th semi-final takes place tonight. 4 participants will battle for the televote’s ticket for the final.

The 4 acts taking part for North Norway are:

  • Elin & The WoodsWe Are As One
  • Jenny JenssenMr. Hello
  • Kevin Boine – Stem på mæ
  • Liza Vassilieva – I Am Gay

The hosts Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and Ronny Brede Aase will first draw the two duels. The two winners of the duels will then face one another for the televote’s tickets for the final, which will be hosted in Trondheim. A jury already looked at the 5 semi-finalists of each semi-final and picked a winner to qualify directly to the final. Tonight’s jury qualifier is Tone Damli singing Hurts Sometimes.

The show starts at 19:50 CET and you can watch it here.


Lithuania – This year’s Eurovizijos Atranka 2020 resumes tonight with the second semi-final out of 2. 8 acts are taking part and 4 will qualify to the grand final with a vote split with 50% jury and 50% televote. Evgenya Redko withdrew her song Far (4th in the 3rd heat) because she was very sick.

The hosts are Gabrielė Martirosian and Giedrius Masalskis and Eurovision 2018 artist Ieva Zasimauskaitė. This is tonight’s running order:

  1. MeandiDrip
  2. PetunijaShow Ya
  3. Germanas SkorisChemistry (Breaking Free)
  4. MoniquéMake Me Human
  5. Rokas PoviliusVilnius Calling
  6. Monika MarijaIf I Leave
  7. Andy VaicWhy Why Why
  8. The BacksFully

The show starts at 20:00 CET and you can watch it here.


Australia – The national broadcaster SBS will host this year’s Australia Decides in the evening there, around 10 AM CET. A total of 10 entries will participate in order to represent Australia in Rotterdam.

The Australia Decides national final will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, hosted by Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey. A jury final already took place yesterday. This is tonight’s running-order:

  1. iOTALife
  2. Jordan RaviPushing Stars
  3. Jaguar JonzeRabbit Hole
  4. Jack VidgenI Am King I Am Queen
  5. Vanessa AmorosiLessons of Love
  6. Diana RouvasCan we Make Heaven
  7. Mitch Tambo Together
  8. Casey DonovanProud
  9. MontaigneDon’t Break Me
  10. DidirriRaw Stuff

The show starts at 10:30 CET and you can watch it here.


Latvia – LTV, the national broadcaster, will host the grand final of Supernova, the national final that will select the entry for Rotterdam.

After a few changes were announced by Ilze Jansone, the producer of the show, 26 songs were revealed as the qualified to the following stage. However, with only one final will take place this year, only 8 entries out of the 26 revealed by LTV would qualify for the live show. Juries selected 100% of the finalists, but they ended up picking 9 instead of 8 and no reasons were given to that change.

The hosts tonight are Toms Grēviņš, Ketija Šēnberga and Beta Beidz. Here is tonight’s running order:

  1. Seleste Like Me
  2. DRIKSNA Stay
  3. Katrīna Bindere I Will Break Your Heart
  4. Edgars Kreilis Tridymite
  5. Katrīna DimantaHeart Beats
  6. Miks Dukurs I’m Falling for You
  7. ANNNA Polyester
  8. Bad Habits  Sail with You
  9. Samanta Tīna Still Breathing

During the final, the juries will give their feedback but the voting is 100% televote. The jury members are Maarja Merivoo-Parro (Estonia), Gerūta Griniūtė (Lithuania), Petri Mannonen (Finland), Artis Dvarionas (Latvia).

The show starts at 20:25 CET and you can watch it here.


Italy – RAI, the national broadcaster, will conclude San Remo 2020 tonight, a contest which will serve once more as a means to select the Italian act for Eurovision. Amadeus will be the artistic director and presenter of the song festival.

Here’s the line-up (no draw yet):

  1. Irene Grandi – Finalmente io
  2. Marco Masini – Il confronto
  3. Rita Pavone – Niente (Resilienza 74)
  4. Achille Lauro – Me ne frego
  5. Diodato – Fai rumore
  6. Le Vibrazioni – Dov’è
  7. Anastasio – Rosso di rabbia
  8. Elodie – Andromeda
  9. Bugo & Morgan – Sincero
  10. Alberto Urso – Il sole a est
  11. Riki – Lo sappiamo entrambi
  12. Raphael Gualazzi – Carioca
  13. Piero Pelù – Gigante
  14. Elettra Lamborghini – Musica (e il resto scompare)
  15. Enrico Nigiotti – Baciami adesso
  16. Levante – Tikibombom
  17. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari – Ringo Starr
  18. Tosca – Ho amato tutto
  19. Francesco Gabbani – Viceversa
  20. Paolo Jannacci – Voglio parlarti adesso
  21. Rancore – Eden
  22. Junior Cally – No grazie
  23. Giordana Angi – Come mia madre
  24. Michele Zarrillo – Nell’estasi o nel fango

The show starts at 21:00 CET, will last for 275mns and you can watch it here.


UkraineUA:PBC, the broadcaster in charge of Vidbir 2020, the national final, will start the process of selecting the entry for Rotterdam with the first semi-final out of two! Once more, Sergey Prytula will host. Tonight, 8 entries will perform with only 3 qualifying for the final thanks to a 50% split between juries and televote. The three juries are: Andriy Danylko (Ukraine in 2007), Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006) and Vitaliy Drozdov (producer).

Here is tonight’s running order:

  1. [О]Tam, Kudy Ya Ydu
  2. Jerry HeilVegan
  3. Katya Chilly – Pich
  4. KRUTЬ99
  5. GO_ASolovei
  6. CLOUDLESSDrown Me Down
  7. GIOFeeling So Lost
  8. Assol Save It

The show starts at 18:00 CET and you can watch it here.


Iceland – RÚV, the national broadcaster in charge of Söngvakeppnin 2020, the national final, will start the search for Hatari’s succession. The hard rock band got 10th last year in Icelandic! This is the first semi-final out of 2. Five artists will participate and only two will qualify to the Final, to be held in Laugardalshöll on February 29th. A 5th wildcard can be added by a jury.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Kid IsakÆvintýri
  2. ElísabetElta þig (Haunting)
  3. Brynja MaryAugun þín (In Your Eyes)
  4. Ísold & HelgaKlukkan tifar (Meet Me Halfway)
  5. DIMMAAlmyrkvi

Most titles came with an English one, hinting at a probable language switch. In Iceland, you have to participate in Icelandic in the semi-finals, but you can chose whichever language you want in the final, so that Icelandic people know which version you would send to Eurovision if chosen.

The show starts at 19:45 CET and you can watch it here.

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2,046 comments on “Tomorrow: Second Super Saturday of 2020

  1. The most insane thing is we stayed up until now to see a winner who won’t go to esc and we have no idea who will.

  2. I think I will do a little bit of bukkake. Goodnight everyone.

  3. Diodato most likely most likely represent Italy in esc.

  4. It’s a very underwhelming SR winner. :(
    He’s cute but the song is meh.

  5. Best song so far update!

  6. No ESC question and no ESC announcement. Why did we watch? LOL
    Get lost, Diodato!

  7. So what did it end up with? 338 minutes?

  8. The result was leaked by Sky, it was on their news right before Grigolo :P

  9. The song is very meh but I’m not expecting this in ESC. Something tells me Gabbani won’t want to go through ESC again so hopefully we get Pinguini in Rotterdam!

  10. Fai molto rumore per nulla! Now choose wisely, RAI.

  11. I like Fai rumore quite a bit, but I still disappointed. It could have been so much better.

  12. Total results:

    1. Diodato 39,3%
    2. Francesco Gabbani 33,9%
    3. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari 26,8%

    Televoting results:

    1. Francesco Gabbani 38,9%
    2. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari 37,2%
    3. Diodato 23,9%

  13. It seems he confirmed ESC! :O

  14. ITALY 2020:

  15. Now they are asking him!
    -Are you going to Eurovision?
    -But when is it?
    -I think so.

  16. Did KRUTЬ and GO_A qualify?

  17. On Melfest SF 2:

    The top 4 made sense although I would have put Klara instead of Mendez/Estrella. I don’t get the total hype around “Kingdom Come”…I think “Ashes to Ashes” was the much better song wheras this entry feels very simple both lyrically and musically. I think the staging is good though and she feels much more confident, but I can’t see this as a winner unless the other 2 semis are bad.

    “Bulletproof” was good, although nothing special either. Happy for Dotter though and I think she gives a great performance. I thought Paul Rey was the best of the night, although his “dancing” felt out of place with his type of song. His vocals are great and it’s a very nice love pop-ballad entry that juries would eat up. The rest were pretty below average…Sweden loves Mendez for some reason haha.

    • I don’t get the Kingdom come hype either; it’s ca. 25 years too late. Robin B. still my fave so far.

  18. I rank the final of Norsk MGP like this now:

    1. Raylee – “Wild” 9/10
    2. Sondrey – “Take My Time” 8/10
    3. Akuvi – “Som du er” 7/10
    4. Rein Alexander – “One Last Time” 6/10
    5. Magnus Bokn – “Over the Sea” 5/10
    6. Liza Vassilieva 5/10
    7. Kristin Husøy – “Pray for Me” 4/10
    8. Ulrikke Brandstorp – “Attention” 3/10
    9. Tone Damli “Hurts Sometimes” 2/10
    10. Didrik & Emil – “Out of Air” 1/10

    Unfortunately no perfect final (when it comes to my marks! And of course, who else but Liza Gay Vassilieva ruined it! Or should I give her 10/10?? :P

  19. My 2 favorites in Lithuania THE ROOP is in 3rd place. Please no Aiste or Monika M.:

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