Norway: Third Semi-Final Tonight

Norway – This year’s Melodi Grand Prix will feature 5 semi-finals in order to celebrate the 60 years of Norway’s participation in Eurovision. The 3rd semi-final takes place tonight. 4 participants will battle for the televote’s ticket for the final.

The 4 acts taking part for Central Norway are:

  • Thomas Løseth (featuring Erika Norwich) – ‘Vertigo’
  • Alexandru – ‘Pink jacket’
  • Sie Gubba – ‘Kjære du’
  • Kristin Husøy – ‘Pray for me’

The hosts Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and Ronny Brede Aase will first draw the two duels. The two winners of the duels will then face one another for the televote’s tickets for the final, which will be hosted in Trondheim. A jury already looked at the 5 semi-finalists of each semi-final and picked a winner to qualify directly to the final. Tonight’s jury qualifier is Akuvi singing ‘Som du er‘.

The show starts at 19:50 CET and you can watch it here.

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358 comments on “Norway: Third Semi-Final Tonight

  1. Can Hjallis confirm some really pink rumors I read in OGAE gr about Erika Vikman aka our esc 2020 Cicciolina?
    Is she really in relationship with Finnish singer Danny?

    • Oh yes, and not just any singer. Danny is gold standard legend, The Pop Star of 60’s and 70’s. He is also notorious lothario. This is where Finnish tabloid dreams are made of :-)

      • I love the song by the way; it’s fun and not ashamed of being so! What do you think its chances are in your pink pastel pre-selection?

        • I think it’s 50-50, but it just got better as our biggest tabloid gave a heavy weight endorsement to it in big column. International juries are the main problem here.

          • I’m really getting tired of international juries – but with some luck tabloid will start a frenzy; happened whenever Bild got involved here. Which they couldn’t be bothered with the last few years since it was impossible to whip up excitement about those songs.

            • International juries are the real cancer of ESC, they make things bland as they only want to here lame covers of yesterdays hit music.
              Tabloid frenzy secured Lordi it’s victory in Euroviisut and hopefully Erika is in the same train!

            • They published the clip on the German site this morning, too and people are pretty positive about it incl. some where I would have thought they’d hate it.
              On the other end of the mjusical spectrum can I say I don’t get Billie Eilish at all? I imagine that’s what being on heroin feels like.

            • LOL don’t know, should I try as I love Billie!

            • If I want melancholic give me Lana del Ray anytime; she has that old style glamour, too!

            • Of coooooourse!

            • I have always had soft spot for pop girls: Kylie, Britney, Ariana, Lana, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello to name a few, and of course Madonna up to Confessions but also girl bands, especially the British ones: Bananarama, Spice Girls, Sugarbabes and Girls Aloud.

            • Camila is my current fave I think; you can just have her on endless replay and forget you’re in this shitty weatherm which doesn’t seem to end.
              And yeah, I actually watched Spice World at the cinema the day it came out. It was me, my ex and 3 pre-teen girls with their moms at the showing!

            • Hahhahaa, brilliant! And yeah, Camila’s been here on repeat too. I loved the first one, and the newish one is quickly becoming a classic here too.

            • Hey, check new PSB, Hotspot. All the hype is true. It’s bloody fantastic!

            • OMG have to check it out… they’re touring this spring which would be cool as I have (shame on me) never seen them live.

            • You haven’t? I have seen them live probably way too many times since 90’s. You can count on wildly loving audience, fantastic and innovative staging and pitch perfect sound! This years tour is greatest hits tour, well for me they all have been. I just love the fact that for many summers they have been headlining rock festivals! Disco eventually won!
              There are two great interviews this weekend, check Guardian and Times. Neil has a follow up to classy: Guitar is som overated. New one is: Acoustic guitar should be banned as it has turned pop music into self obsessed whining :-)

            • And he’s soooo right I’ve never liked acoustic guitar… apart from some rock I generally am not big into guitar music. Goes back to my school days I think because every year there was inevitavly som really annoying guy who’d always drag his guitar around and then try sth Simon&Garfunkelísh stuff at the drop of a hat.

            • Hahhhhaaahhaa, Horror proper! Yeah, he is right. H misses the euphoria that drove 80’s and 90’s pop. Well so do I. Hotspot is everything PSB is, litterate, clever Hi-Nrg as it’s very best. I think it’s their best since Very and that’s a quite a lot as only albums I don’t like are Release and Elysium.

            • Euphoria generally seems to be missing these days in most things… it’s kidn of odd you’d think with politics and people’s moods being so dark these days there would be this bright and cheerful backlash from pop, film, fashion, etc.

            • Yeah, you are right. These times are very introvert and very self centered. Could be one reason. Angst and being unwell is universally cherished. Euphoria is extrovert and communal.

            • Community is only permitted in virtual spaces. And at our wedding of course. Will you take care of the orga? I’ll just have my people send ur people a list of demands while I focus on GTL (gym, tan, laundry).

            • Just make sure you’ll don’t overdose with tan. California sun kiss is the perfect solution.

            • Im thought I’d go full orange like trump or some random Maltese singer.

            • I don’t think it goes well with your blush shirt!

            • Now you’re making me feel bashful. Again! This is supposed to be a safe space!!!!!!

            • Ok, I just look at your chest!

            • It’s a nice one but like you I have so much more to offer – Kevin Spacey told me so!

        • Is Sandro trying to tell us something? He posted a story of him performing accompanying it with this song:

    • Cicciolina is also a loving tribute to our mothership of porn schlager disco, Kikka. RIP
      Especailly for you, Sukkula Venukseen (Shuttle to Venus), from 1990 Syksyn Sävel (Autumn melodie) a yearly schalger competion.

      • This porn schlager sounds more interesting than EVER 🥰

        • Kikka’s lyricist was one our best ever, Vexi Salmi. Those naughty dirty rhymes are way ahead of Erika’s though her tribute is excellent. Kikka was a real bomb, very charming and naturally sexy. And of course in early 90’s it all wasa bit scandalous too. I hope Erika will now be the torch bearer for this genre! Cicciolina will be her first hit and she can finally establish her career. She should sing live better than alright as she is Tango Queen, they ate always singers, and she is very popular in summer dance pavillion scene.

      • Thanks! I think I’m a Finn at heart. :)

  2. Official video for “S

  3. Just checking in now, but “Pang” is so far my favorite song of the entire NF season. Please pick this Norway.

  4. Magnus Bokn’s song is written by Rybak and JOWST! :O

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