Eurovision 2020: Pots Revealed

EBU – Before the allocation draw takes place, to decide which country will take place in which semi-final, they have to create the pots to divide “close friends”, mostly in televote but also with some juries. The pots were revealed earlier this week.

The draw will take place on Tuesday 28 January (16:10 CET precisely apparently), at Rotterdam’s City Hall, where Tel Aviv Mayor (or one representative) will hand over the “Host City Insigna” to Rotterdam’s. The entire ceremony will be available on YouTube:

The pots:

  1. Pot 1
    1. Albania
    2. Austria
    3. Croatia
    4. North Macedonia
    5. Serbia
    6. Slovenia
    7. Switzerland
  2. Pot 2
    1. Australia
    2. Denmark
    3. Estonia
    4. Finland
    5. Iceland
    6. Norway
    7. Sweden
  3. Pot 3
    1. Armenia
    2. Azerbaijan
    3. Belarus
    4. Georgia
    5. Moldova
    6. Russia
    7. Ukraine
  4. Pot 4
    1. Bulgaria
    2. Cyprus
    3. Greece
    4. Malta
    5. Portugal
    6. Romania
    7. San Marino
  5. Pot 5
    1. Belgium
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Ireland
    4. Israel
    5. Latvia
    6. Lithuania
    7. Poland

Moreoever, the EBU has announced that for Rotterdam 2020 the new main partner is KPN, a Dutch Telecom compagny (IT provider and market leader in the Netherlands). While one can argue against a Telecom powerhouse, it makes more sense for the EBU to have such partner, instead of Morrocan oil or the despicable MyHeritage.

153 comments on “Eurovision 2020: Pots Revealed

  1. I feel bad for Portugal, Ireland or Belgium, who really don’t have that much televote friends, and mostly rely on the Big 5 (France, Spain, Uk) for points; however in some cases (like Ireland-Lithuania) there’s a tiny bit of points going one way instead of another. But having them in pots make less sense. They could be in any semi, it wouldn’t be fairer one way or another.

  2. Last 2 pots are as usually a bit random but it’s all about splitting the countries in the first three pots and that’s generally worked well IMO.

  3. Whatever they come up with, the voting patterns help (or not) the same countries. It’s the lay of the land.

  4. Georgian jury doesn’t vote for Russia but Australian ALWAYS awards TOP marks to Sweden…

  5. Interesting that they’ve reduced the number of pots from 6 to 5 this year, while increasing the number of countries in each pot from 6 to 7. Wonder why that could be?

    It was only a matter of time before Australia was going to join us in the Nordic pot, so not surprised to see them there.

    I also wonder how many years of data they used to constuct the pots? I rewatched a drawing from a couple years ago (don’t remember the exact year, could have been 2016?) and they stated that they had used data reaching back to 2004. I wonder if they’d ever consider shortening the period. Otherwise, how would changes in voting trends be picked up?

  6. Yulia Samoylova sounded 70% better in the rehearsal, better than many ESC entries who qualified for ESC final in many years, not to mention those who didn’t qualify.. I heard that in many videos and also fans who were in Lisbon live in Arena for rehearsal told me so..In semi final I saw on her face, she was very uncomfortable.. :(

    • Let me openly say that I dont believe that and trust my own ears more than a fanboy’s personal account

      • Well, I heard 10 videos of her rehearsal, not only from Eurovision official channel where majority watch them.. he was better than Twiins from Slovakia for example, Angelcia Agurbash from Belarus, Switzerland 2004, 2B from Portugal, Andorra 2005, Bulgaria 2008, Ireland 2005, Germany 2008, Krasimir Avramov from Bulgaria etc, etc, because she had a lot of backings to cover her..
        And song from Australia that year is not better musically than Russia..yeah i know, it is subjective of course.. :)

    • Wellig she sounded 70% better in rehearsal that’s still 70% of 0 = still terrible. Russia didn’t even try that year. They were lost not in Verona but In the 🌋 .

  7. Do you think if Tamara Todevska represented Russia in 2019, would win with jury?

  8. In 1998 when FYRO Macedonia debuted at ESC with Vlado Janevski – “Ne zori zoro” literally nobody was at streets of Skopje that evening, everybody watched ESC.. <3
    What a disappointment of result that was for Macedonia.. :(

  9. Destiny being the diva that she is dazzles the audience and the judges and is now considered a favorite to win X Factor and the ticket to Rotterdam:

    • I think she’s a lock for Rotterdam and for the esc top 10 (juries will have her high based on vocals alone and I imagine Malta having her with a modern pop song). Now will the song be “that” good it can go higher than that? we’ll see, but she’s very charismatic (never saw her jesc entry/performance)

      • Let’s see cause Malta can be a bit unpredictable. Last week, Jasmine who was always considered a favorite left the show. If she’s chosen i think her esc entry will have strong references to soul music.

        • Malta’s problem is rarely the voice; it’s usually the songs they choose.

          • … and the frocks they force their female singers into …

            • Yes though in fairness they often select plus-sized female singers. The men usually look v fit but quite a few of the women including the current favorite look like they would have a limited range of clothing options. #gimmeacallejaboy

      • Random fact: Destiny is the daughter of a Nigerian football player who played in the Maltese league.

    • tbh I don’t like this interpretation of that song, it is too much and diction wasn’t that great…I don’t like outfit as well.. :(
      I prefer her in simpler clothes..

  10. Cybc drops hints about the Cypriot entry. It seems Alfie Arcuri for last year’s Austalia decides is involved in it:

    • Maybe Alfie and his bf can be the backup dancers. I’d be fine with that… much better than his music if it’s like last year’s song.

    • Or they mean the video is going to have a gay theme and Sandro is going to come out like Alfie did back then?

      • lol. His very hot girlfriend would be devastated.

        • Lots of girlfriends have been similarly devestated in the past… but either way as I said I don’t think he’s ready yet whereas Alfie, apart from the name, just screamed gay.

          • Ok, if it suits your fantasy i don’t want to spoil it for you. :P

            • I never got that “hot str8 guy just waiting for me” fantasy at all… I’d take Alfie and his bf any time over that. I literally cut off the chat when someone starts going on how this has to be confidential, they can*t give their name because of their gf/wife/job as a TV weatherman etc etc.

            • I didn’t mean you have a fantasy for hot str8 guys but that you’d like to believe Alessandro is secretly gay.

            • I did when I read the (stage) name but he looks too much like a generic German casting show creature.
              Also I would never do anything as superficial as judging an ESC singer on their looks. Unless it’s Hovig or Imri.

            • I have no str8 guys fantasy. Rape fantasy doesnt mean anything to me in general. I like sluts who are happy to be sluts!

            • I don’t get that either; it’s usually some sort of internalized homophobia. I’m always amazed how many guys complicate sex with these mental contortions. That’s what I like about Dutch, Flemish and Danish guys – none of this drama to justify getting laid.

            • French there’s a big colonial racial complex

            • I’m sure… but a lot of guys seem to have this Black/Arab fixation… mostly it’s just being lazy (“entertain me”) and cheap (“you can bring xyz if u want and use me”). Really starting to make me feel old – sex used to be so easy; now they either have these weird mental justifications/pseudo-fantasies or want to get married and adopt next week.

      • Unlike Alfie he has terrible and inconsistent (usually terrible) styling so I don’t think he’s ready yet.
        But luckily he has 2×12 points in the bag.

  11. Makes sense, except for pot 4, which should be named CYP + GRC … and then all the oddballs that don’t fit anywhere.
    And why are ROU and MDA in different pots?

  12. They are similar year after year, no big surprises. First three pots are Balkan (+diaspora), Nordic and Ex soviet and then 4 and 5 are the rest which cannot really fit in the first 3 so are mostly randomly allocated – the 4th pot feels more “Mediterranean” though and the last pot has Ireland with the countries it usually “feeds” with easy diaspora points (Latvia, Lithuania and Poland).

  13. They announced, The Russian entrant will be revealed end of February.

  14. Full results:

  15. Big-5 and The Netherlands:

  16. The 2020 logo in motion:

  17. A tribute to Jon Ola Sand.He will be missed. Take it away:

  18. Repost
    Lucky draw for Armenia and Azerbaijan who won’t have guaranteed 0 points in their semi finals FINALY . Ofc taking into account poor National Selection we have this year this was a good sign and can help. First semi final has more usually successful countries though.

  19. […] place earlier today. It decides which country will take place in which half of which semi-final. The pots were revealed earlier this week. The Big 5+host were drawn a half to vote in as […]

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