Denmark: 3 Finalists Qualified

Denmark – DR, the national broadcaster, has revealed the first 3 songs to have qualified, thanks to Danish vote, from the semi-finals revealed last week. 2 wildcards from a jury are still to be revealed, along the 5 prequalified finalists.

So this is a new selection method for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP). Just like its neighbor Norsk Melodi Grand Prix (NMGP), it features songs already qualified to the final and songs participating in semi-finals. For Denmark, this means only one semi-final with 9 songs split in three thirds. In each third, one song qualifies with 100% televote. A jury chooses two songs from the remaining 6 to join the final. In the end we therefore will have 10 finalists: 5 prequalified and 5 qualified through this semi-final.


Yesterday, DR revealed the winner of each heat with televote.

South District:

  • Kenny DuerlundForget It All

East District:

  • Ben & TanYes

North District:

  • Sander SanchezScreens

You can listen to the nine songs that competed here. What do you think of these winners?

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249 comments on “Denmark: 3 Finalists Qualified

  1. THIS SYSTEM SUCKS (sorry for going all Marko on y’all with the caps)

    The South District had 3 MOR radio friendly DMGP stuff, we didn’t care for any, right? I didn’t see a single one of us pointing out to a single one of them…

    Now that SamSara is not in, she HAS to qualified with a wildcard. It’s one of the best songs of the season (WAP, Blasted, The Roop). However, both Emil and MieLou were good too, and so was Sander! I wanted all 3 from the North in, but now that one wildcard has to go to SamSara, it’s either MieLou or Emil! I slightly prefer Emil (because he’s so damn pretty! and it’s in Danish) but MieLou brought some diversity too, musicwise. I think it’ll be Emil (he has a Tim Schou song, and the Danish could help if none of the 5 prequalified ones are in Danish). Hope it’s SamSara! I think a good live could push her further than here…

    • Hate to say it but I have a strong feeling Kenny Duerland will win this NF lol. Agree the system is pointless and unfair to really good songs that got 2nd like Samsara’s. They should’ve just had the normal NF and super final they normally do.

    • And SamSara’s song is written by Chief 1, who, among others, wrote “Stemmen i mit liv” back in 1997. If Tim Schou, why not him? :p

      But maybe Emil could gain some Michael Schulte kind of sympathy votes (he’s singing about his dead grandpa). But it feels more like they could root for MieLou just because jurors are always supposed to dig the ballad.

      Shit results. I had “Yes” in my Top 5, though not Top 3, but the other two were most probably in my bottom. This system seems to go against my taste wherever it is used.

  2. LOL nah it’s just a feeling based on what Denmark normally sends. Although depending on lives I can see them going for Ben & Tan or Samsara as well. Kinda like with “Shaj”, as soon as I saw the live I figured Albania would select that.

  3. The only song I heard was eliminated. lol I am waiting for all the songs. Good luck, Denmark!

  4. SamSara out?! Oh boy…

  5. Kenny Duerlund is my favourite hope see him in Rotterdam when not then MieLou .SanSara als expected is out, just somebody to try to play to be another Lana del Rey,boring.

  6. I think those were my favourites :o

  7. SamSara had the best song by far she needs to get the wildcard.

  8. Wow I have very little interest in the 3 winners. Only SamSara was the only one with something interesting and Denmark is gonna Denmark.

  9. X Factor Malta, after messing it up big time before, redeemed itself by kicking out primadonna Karl Schembri and Celine who can’t sing.

  10. SamSara is Eliminted and Denmark is cancelled

  11. Pity for SamSara (one of the most likeable songs for this season)

  12. I just got to listen to the nine songs of the Latvian final. There is not a single one I dislike! Samanta Tina’s one is my least favourite maybe.

  13. #UMK 2020
    Cicciolina: errr… guilty pleasure alert???!!! :o

  14. The auditions of Belarus NF are done…you can watch all of them on yt channel


    The finalists are:

    Anastasia Glamozda – Burning again
    Daria Khmenlnitskaya – On Fire
    AURA – “Барані сваё”
    VAL – “Да вiдна”
    Anzhelika Pushnova – True Love
    NAPOLI – Dоn’t let me down
    Sasha Zakharik – Rocky Road
    Key Si – Chili Pepper
    Yan Yarosh – Fire
    Anastasiya Razvadovskaya – Hello
    CHAKRAS – La-ley-la
    Anastasiya Malashkevich – Invisible

    no Parade of Planets :O OMG!

    Some auditions are truly EPIC!

  15. THE BEST!!!!!

    Chakras go to Rotterdam!!

  16. The San Remo 2020 stage:

  17. 🇮🇹 One week and one night to go 🇮🇹

    Lamborghini Miura


    Elettra Miura Lamborghini

    Great rear view in both!

  18. And here comes the real Cicciolina! This video of her song Labbra could easily pass as ad film for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop vagina product line.

    Donnie, after 1.40 it’s dedicated to you!

  19. White&Black Holes Live Acoustic :

  20. UMK 3rd song:

  21. I like that Aksel Kankaanranta’s entry A LOT! Just behind “Cicciolina”!..
    Can he represent The UK, and she Finland? :P

  22. I missed all the fun in Belarus today. :(

  23. CHAKRAS from Belarus are really divine.. <3
    Today I listened only audition, but now I heard in continuation of their audition video jury asked them to sing a-capella that vocal harmony, and it was really niceee,…
    Maybe for Western Europe it won't be that great in ESC..
    At least it will be for Shevek.. :D

  24. Australia Decides. Vanessa Amorosi’s entry:

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