Ukraine: Line-Up Revealed

UkraineUA:PBC and STB, the two broadcasters in charge of Vidbir 2020, the national final, have revealed the 16 artists who will take part and try to represent Ukraine in Rotterdam!

The show is very similar to what we’ve had in the past with 16 acts taking part, in two semi-finals of 8 (February 8th and 15th), with only 3 in each show qualifying to the final (February 22nd) thanks to a 50% split between juries and televote. The three juries are:

  • Andriy Danylko (Ukraine in 2007)
  • Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006)
  • Vitaliy Drozdov (producer)

Once more, Sergey Prytula will host. The difference with the previous years is that now the artists have to sign a contract that explicitly states they won’t produce themselves in Russia. It’s the reason Maruv was forced to withdraw, and Ukraine with her, in 2019.


This is the revealed line-up:

  • Assol
  • David Axelrod
  • Elina Ivashchenko
  • FO SHO
  • GIO
  • Go-A
  • Jerry Heil
  • Katya Chilly
  • MOONZOO feat. F.M.F. Sure
  • Oleksandr Poriadynskyi
  • [О]

You can read more about the 16 artists on Eurovision’s official site. What do you think of this line-up?

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53 comments on “Ukraine: Line-Up Revealed

  1. David Axelrod is the name of a US political analyst on CNN and a former advisor to Obama lol. Seeing his name really tripped me up, thought he decided to go into the Ukrainian music industry for some reason (especially relevant considering the ongoing Ukraine scandal).

    I don’t think I really recognized anyone on here. I guess those new rules really knocked out a lot of artists lol.

  2. I loved Khayat last year and he was in my BoNF Top 30 so I’m glad he returns:

  3. A West African (from what I can tell) collaborating with a Ukrainian. I wonder how this will sound.

  4. FO SHO can be awesome and extremely fresh for ESC..some ppl think this is their entry for Vidbir 2020…

    I LUV it..

    However have feeling they will be exterenly high on my 2020 Vidbir list..

    I also hope for smth with ethnic influence like last year some entries in Vidbir…preferably from Western Ukraine (Carpathian mountains).. <3

  5. Alina Pash and KAZKA support Katya Chilly

    Zlata supports Jerry Heil, FO SHO, Krutь, [O]

  6. Kayta Chilly is extremely promising!

    She must include at least smth ethnic in the entry!!

  7. Waiting for the songs. :)

  8. More acts with names in capitals :P

  9. Under mod… :P

    Btw, here’s my entry for Ukraine in VFoS 23 :)

    • Check Katya Chilly then in video I posted above, she can be really goood for you in Vidbir 2020!! :)

      Here is a video where STB promises provocative performance for her! :o YAS!
      This is extremely promising…provocative ethno! :D

  10. Another entry:

  11. Vidbir 2020. Mehhhhh:

  12. Vidbir 2020 [O’] – Там, куди я йду

    This is a masterpiece… BRAVO [O’]!!

    Toggie, Shevek, Morgan and oxi can like this A LOT! yaaay!

  13. Go_A – “Соловей”

    I LOVE it!
    It is Slavic ethno in full force…

    Oxi will love this.. :D

  14. Till now I rank (only what I love/like based on studio version) Vidbir 2020 like this:

    1. Fo SHO – “Blck Sqr”
    2. [O’] – “Tam, kudy ya ydu”
    3. GO-A – “Solovei”
    4. Elina Ivaschenko – “Get up”

    This is INSANE (in good way) variety, having FO SHO, GO-A and Elina Ivaschenko in one NF… I salute you Vidbir 2020!

  15. Katya Chilly will reveal her song in the semi.

    There will be Peruvian/Amazonian shaman on backing vocals! :O
    It’s gonna be a very powerful “meditative” song. According to Ukrainian mythology oven is the place of transformation. It also symbolizes uterus. The song is about birth (not just physical) and enlightenment, death and path of the warrior.

    It starts with such (spoken?) lyrics (translated from Ukrainian):

    Where are indigenous people, where are the animals?
    Do I know God or do I believe?
    And then I’m gonna call the Mother.

    The song is obviously in her ethno pagan/prehistoric style.
    It questions certain patriarchal aspects and yes it’s gonna be provocative.

  16. Tvorchi – “Bonfire” – Vidbir 2020

    bravo Vidbir! <3

  17. Assol – “Save it” – Vidbir 2020:

    So so, for me..

  18. Cloudless – Drown Me Down

    Goes straight to my favourites in Vidbir 2020.

  19. KHAYAT’S Vidbir entry to be released on Tuesday. A teaser:

  20. Lyric video for “Bonfire” :

  21. Khayat – “Call for love” – Vidbir 2020:

  22. Vidbir 2020 #15 :

  23. Revamped version of Gio’s entry:

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