Slovenia: EMA Line-Up Complete

Slovenia – RTVSLO, the national broadcaster, has hosted EMA Fres, the newcomer section of the national final. 2 entries were chosen for the grand final of EMA, the national final, and its already qualified 10 entries.

So, there will be 12 finalists this year, with EMA FREŠ having concluded tonight. The two winners will join the 10 already picked entries (out of 74 submitted) for the final. One was chosen by a jury and one by televote, out of 10 entries. The two winners are:

They will join the 10 pre-qualified finalists, which are:

  • Ana Soklič – Voda
  • Božidar Wolfand Wolf – Maybe someday
  • Gaja Prestor – Verjamem vase
  • Imset – Femme Fatale
  • Inmate – The salt
  • Klara Jazbec – Stop the world
  • Lina Kuduzović – Man like U
  • Manca Berlec – Večnost
  • Simon Vadnjal – Nisi sam
  • Tinkara Kovač – Forever

The final will take place on February 22nd.

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80 comments on “Slovenia: EMA Line-Up Complete

  1. Don’t really like either of the qualifiers. Astrid and Pia Nina were the only EMA Freš acts I liked and I didn’t think either of them were of the caliber to be that competitive at Eurovision. I’m expecting the more established names will have better songs to offer.

    • plus with fan favorite Astrid not making it, EMA FRES could probably be scratched next year

      • Yeah I don’t think there was that much of a need for it. Sure, it’s nice to give newer names a chance at exposure, but upon some research it seems the two winners are the two contestants who already had careers and weren’t exactly “newcomers.”

  2. @ Morgan

    Bozidar Wolfand Wolf is name, surname and nickname of the singer..”Maybe someday” is name of the entry.. :)

    He tried to represent Yugoslavia in 1984 Eurovisison as band Rendez-Vous!

    They were 3rd in Jugovizija..

  3. I didn’t expect anything and I’m still disappointed.

  4. Younite – The Cure

    Lovely song that maybe lacks the identity to make it memorable but pleasant while listening to it. This is what I expect 11th or 12th in the Eurovision semi to sound like. Pleasant but without a staying power.

    Alfirev – Crno neal like

    This outfit is a nightmare in tulle, but I really like her and want in a first impression to support whatever she wants to do. She needs breathing work for long periods of the song without a good place to breathe, and I think the song is interesting but maybe a bit too all-over-the-place for most people. And it has no ending, just a cut off.

    Klarity- Diham

    The song might as well not exist. It has so little identity. Klarity seemed okay as a performer though.

    Marmoris – Moj pristan

    The rap portion of this was competent and perfectly fine, if not stand out. But the singer had the charisma of a slug surrounded by salt and no voice.

    Saska – Se kar lovim tvoj nasmeh

    It’s a very typical, competently performed mid-tempo ballad.

    • Pia Nina:

      I’m kinda surprised this didn’t qualify. It requires a lot to perform well, and it hit all the right notes.

      Lana Hrvatin:

      Zzz. This chorus is awful and repetitive. I could compose this.

      Parvani Violet:

      I could listen to her sing the yellow pages. Her vocals are ethereal. I like the song, but it is a bit disjointed and would work a lot better as a long song outside the Eurovision bubble. Because this seems to be a good frame for a storytelling song.

      Stella –

      There were some cool ideas in the composition, but none of them really worked together in a cohesive and pleasant package. Also, Stella as a performer could use some work. Watching her confuses me.

      Astrid in Avantgarden:

      The rap part of this was the only part I liked. Otherwise, the song was very monotone, and while trying to be cold and distant, managed to be bland and off-putting. I can imagine this being a good studio, but the live was bad.

  5. Off topic
    Just watched Maria Christian, Ireland’s Eurovision 1985 6th place entrant get through to the next round on The Voice France.
    She is practically blind now and sang Danny Boy accompanied by her 7 children performing the music.
    Quite emotional. Very touching.

  6. And Bozidar Wolfand’s song is written by legendary Macedonian songwriter – Grigor Koprov.

    He is composer of Macedonia 1998, Macedonia 2007, Macedonia 2011..

    He composed songs in Jugovizija too, for many Yugoslavian stars..

  7. Inoffensive stuff. Good luck to both singers.

  8. I wonder when we will hear snippets of all finalists!?
    Even better full entries…

  9. This gif of Samanta Tina! :heat:

    She looks like Tamara Todevska in ESC, and moves like Tijana Dapcevic in ESC!

    Straight to Rotterdam!

  10. A demo has leaked of the possible Dutch entry. It hasn’t been confirmed it’s this one though:

  11. What is he singing and what will he draw in the green board?

    All the answers and more, much more, on Tuesday, starting at 19:00 CET! Stay tuned to VFoS23 for the results of Revisiting ESC 1983 Edition!

  12. Arilena is currently recording the revamped version of Shaj in Los Angeles. No confirmation of whether there will be a language switch. In pictures of her in the recording studio, signs simply referred to the song as “Shaj New” rather than any English title.

    • All four of them are really well done, the Czech Republic has really found their footing here. Wanna Be Like wasn’t really my style but would definitely be great at Eurovision (if they’re good live), and All the Blood was good but not great, but I liked the other two a lot. Still waiting for Barbora’s entry, which could be my favorite again.

    • Each one is decent to ok, but nothing really makes me go wow. Karelll reminds me of the Belgian singer Milow, Elis Mraz & Čis T bring the usual urban Latin sound (but hey, nice House of Pain reference there). Olga Lounová is just there and I’m kinda disappointed in We All Poop. I really expected something different, something more daring.
      Hope they saved the better ones for tomorrow.

  13. Ictimai TV opens song submissions for Eurovision 2020:

  14. First Polish semifinalists:

    Emilia Sanecka – Lead singer of Polish band Daj to głośniej
    Patryk Skoczyński – The Voice of Poland alum
    Amelia Andryszczyk – The Voice Kids alum and 2016 Polish JESC NF participant
    Maja Hyży – X Factor Poland alum and 2018 Polish NF participant
    Kasia Dereń – Backing vocalist for Poland 2018
    Julia & Wiktoria Szlachta – The Voice of Poland alums
    Sargis Davtyan – Debiuty Opole 2019 alum

  15. About Polish 2020 NF:

    Szansa Na Sukces. Eurowizja 2020.
    1st semi final: Contestants will sing covers of Abba’s songs
    2nd semi final: Eurovision hits
    3rd semi final: The Beatles songs
    Grand Final: Covers + songs for Eurovision

    There will be 6-7 participants per Semi.
    Only one participant from each semi is going to qualify to the Grand Final.

    1st show partipants

    1. Amelia Andryszczyk
    2. Sargis Davtyan
    3. Daj to głośniej (band)
    4. Maja Hyży (Krajowe Eliminacje 2018)
    5. Kasia Dereń (Gromee’s backing vocalist in 2018)
    6. Patryk Skoczyński
    7. Siostry Szlachta (duo)

    That’s the first episode of Polish Szansa na Sukces national final!
    Participants of this semi-final will sing ABBA covers! Show will arrive at 2nd February…

    OMG Albert Czerny (Lake Malawi) is in one of the next two semifinal!!!!! :O :O

  16. Somebody knows why Enzo Guzman withdrew for Malta, both in 1974 and 1976?

  17. Everything in Czech sounds so good wtf

  18. The Vidbir line up is out. But cant do the article til later

  19. A lot of songs released. I will wait for their respective nfs to listen to them tbh – maybe except CZE since they won’t have a televised nf.

  20. Ben Cristovao – “Kemama” is smth I would pick to win ESC immediately! YAY

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