Iceland: Songs Revealed

Iceland – It looks like RÚV, the national broadcaster in charge of Söngvakeppnin 2020, the national final, has leaked the songs, supposed to be revealed later tonight, on Spotify! Find out who’s taking part this year!

The songs showed on Spotify but were not available worldwide. However, as the songs are meant to be revealed at 19:45 local time, we knew that this was the real list. We only have to wait for a few hours to hear the songs, though we can recognize familiar names in the line-up, such as Daði Freyr, who got second in 2017 with his instant hit Hvað með það? Alongside his electro sound, we’ll also get metal band DIMMA or r’n’b artist Kid Isak!

The first semi-final entries are:

  • Brynja MaryAugun þín (In Your Eyes)
  • DIMMAAlmyrkvi
  • ElísabetElta þig (Haunting)
  • Ísold & HelgaKlukkan tifar (Meet Me Halfway)
  • Kid IsakÆvintýri

The second semi-final entries are:

  • Daði FreyrGagnamagnið (Think About Things)
  • Hildur ValaFellibylur
  • IvaOculis Videre (Oculis Videre)
  • Matti MattDreyma
  • NínaEkkó (Echo)

Most titles came with an English one, hinting at a probable language switch. In Iceland, you have to participate in Icelandic in the semi-finals, but you can chose whichever language you want in the final, so that Icelandic people know which version you would send to Eurovision if chosen. With the English titles, we get an idea who would probably switch to English in the final (even if Iva’s title is in latin). However, in both 2013 and 2019 Iceland qualified to the final in Icelandic, even getting 10th last year, while they failed to qualify singing in English between 2015 and 2018.

The songs have been revealed and can be found here. So which one is your favorite?

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118 comments on “Iceland: Songs Revealed

  1. Daði Freyr – Gagnamagnið: funky and 100 % Toggie material 10/12
    Iva – Oculis Videre: the love child of Guðrún Árný and Christine Guldbrandsen’s album ‘Christine’ 9/12
    DIMMA – Almyrkvi: people tend to put me down as a ballad guy and forget that I love powerful (non-anthemic) rock music. This one isn’t outstanding, but it is nice enough, especially the instrumental break 9/12
    Hildur Vala – Fellibylur: gentle and slightly melancholic. I love her clear voice and the soothing melody, but the instrumentation is a bit thin. They should have added the piano sooner 8/12
    Elísabet – Elta þig: I like the bouncy and driving electro instrumentation 8/12
    Matti Matt – Dreyma: a harmless and gentle ballad with a pronounced Nordic sound 7/12
    Kid Isak – Ævintýri: with a professional presentation it might be the best pick result-wise. It is all right, but not exactly what I would listen to outside ESC 6/12
    Ísold & Helga – Klukkan tifar: their voices work well together, but the song is a bit forgettable 6/12
    Brynja Mary – Augun þín: nervous and a tad dull 5/12
    Nína – Ekkó: A B-side schlager 5/12

    Good job RÚV!

  2. „The blind girl singing about seeing” is going to be a blessing and a curse: Will probably win but then get stuck with the aforementioned tag. It starts off interestingly but loses me at about the half-way point.

  3. My ranking after just one listening:

    semi 1:
    1. Elísabet – Elta þig (Haunting)
    2. DIMMA – Almyrkvi
    2. Kid Isak – Ævintýri
    4. Brynja Mary – Augun þín (In Your Eyes)
    5. Ísold & Helga – Klukkan tifar (Meet Me Halfway)

    semi 2:
    1. Daði Freyr – Gagnamagnið (Think About Things)
    2. Hildur Vala – Fellibylur
    3. Iva – Oculis Videre (Oculis Videre)
    4. Nína – Ekkó (Echo)
    5. Matti Matt – Dreyma

  4. Kid Icarus…erm…Isak ftw!

    DIMMA sound good, too. The rest just isn’t up my alley.

  5. Iva’s song is dropping for me, it goes down my list as I listen to it more… :( :/
    I hope it won’t win now..
    Maybe live will blow me away..but I doubt…

    On the other hand Elisabet climbs so much for me..especially in Icelandic language..that beat drives me..
    And voice is fantastic..I hope live is great..

  6. Pretty much everything is at least decent. My favorites are Daði Freyr and Iva followed by Elisabet and DIMMA

  7. OH MY GOD Daði Freyr’s Think About Things is about his literal baby this is brilliant.

  8. Iva’s song started off well but the second half is utterly boring and generalised. It has the potential to be elevated live though. Hildur’s song is OK but I am not sold to it entirely. The rest is bin material.

  9. I’ve finally gone through the Icelandic hopefuls. I am afraid I am not exactly very happy with what I heard. There are 2 songs that I love though:

    Daði Freyr – Gagnamagnið (Think About Things)
    Hildur Vala – Fellibylur

    Waiting for the live renditions. Good luck to all hopefuls!

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