Portugal: All Songs Revealed

Portugal – The 16 songs that will take place in the two semi-finals of Festival da Canção 2020 have been revealed by RTP, the national broadcaster. The winner will represent Portugal in Rotterdam.

It all starts with composers in Portugal. While 14 composers were approached by RTP to take part, Cláudio Francisco António was selected through the Master Class radio program of Antena 1 and the last spot was determined by a public submissions process, which was won by Dubio ft. +351. So the full 16 composers were:

  • António Avelar Pinho
  • Blasted Mechanism
  • Cláudio Francisco António
  • Dino D’Santiago
  • Dubio ft. +351
  • Eliza Rodrigues
  • Filipe Sambado
  • Hélio Morais
  • Jimmy P
  • João Cabrita
  • Marta Carvalho
  • Pedro Jóia
  • Rui Pregal da Cunha
  • Throes + The Shine
  • Tiago Nacarato

Now we got to find the songs and artists chosen to perform them, which are often the song writers themselves.

First Semi-Final (22/02/2020) – Hosts: Jorge Gabriel & Tânia Ribas de Oliveira + Inês Lopes Gonçalves

  • Blasted – Rebellion
  • Filipe Sambado – Gerbera amarela do sul
  • Ian Mucznik – O dia de amanhã
  • Elisa – Medo de sentir
  • MEERA – Copo de gin
  • JJaZZ – Agora
  • Throes + The Shine – Movimento
  • Bárbara Tinoco – Passe-Partout

Second Semi-Final (29/02/2020) – Hosts: José Carlos Malato & Sónia Araújo + Inês Lopes Gonçalves

  • Luiz Caracol & Gus Liberdade – Dói-me o país
  • Cláudio Frank – Quero-te abraçar
  • Kady – Diz só
  • Dubio feat. +351 – Cegueira
  • Elisa Rodrigues – Não voltes mais
  • Judas – Cubismo enviesado
  • Jimmy P – Abensonhado
  • Tomás Luzia – Mais real que o amor

Grand Final (07/03/2020) – Hosts: Filomena Cautela & Vasco Palmeirim + Inês Lopes Gonçalves

What do you think of this line-up? Who do you want to see in Rotterdam?

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153 comments on “Portugal: All Songs Revealed

  1. Hatari new album released:

  2. Tomorrow the opening act of esc 2020 will be revealed.

  3. It seems Mahmood’s success has opened the way for people to experiment with more urban sounds (if the portuguese and italian line-ups are any indication). Let’s see how that goes this year. Meanwhile, the lyrics of his latest song are about an issue that will resonate with his gay fans:


  4. Dear EU friends (and UK citizens), please spare a thought for us captives in the UK and sign this (and share it):
    Many thanks xx

  5. Belarus:

    BTRC received 95 entries!

    Can’t wait for those AMAZING auditions to kick off…

  6. Icelandic hopefuls:

    Brynja Mary “Augun þín (In Your Eyes)”
    Daði Freyr “Gagnamagnið (Think About Things)”
    DIMMA “Almyrkvi”
    Elísabet “Elta þig (Haunting)”
    Hildur Vala “Fellibylur”
    Iva “Oculis Videre (Oculis Videre)”
    Ísold & Helga “Klukkan tifar (Meet Me Halfway)”
    Kid Isak “Ævintýri”
    Matti Matt “Dreyma”
    Nína “Ekkó (Echo)”

  7. Bárbara Tinoco is clear stand out for me and I think I will like it even more with the live performance. I am not sold on “Rebellion” yet but i can grow on me.

  8. Agora is a fucking masterpiece

  9. As a European, I prefer to separate myself completely from USA/trump and in the end I/we will we’ll continue separated from the USA and they can vote for their own bullshit future eg global warming etc , jobs, we don’t care here

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