Latvia: Nine Finalists Revealed

Latvia – LTV, the national broadcaster, has revealed the nine songs that qualified to the grand final of Supernova, the national final that will select the entry for Rotterdam.

After a few changes were announced by Ilze Jansone, the producer of the show, 26 songs were revealed as the qualified to the following stage. However, with only one final will take place this year, only 8 entries out of the 26 revealed by LTV would qualify for the live show. Juries selected 100% of the finalists, but they ended up picking 9 instead of 8 and no reasons were given to that change.

Here are the 9 finalists:

You can click on the links to watch the audition lives. What do you think of the final line-up? Who do you want to see in Rotterdam?

49 comments on “Latvia: Nine Finalists Revealed

  1. Glad for Katrina Dimanta! I lolled at Rolf not making it even with a 9th wildcard. I think Samanta Tina is finally going to get it, and will be the fan flop of the year (they’re often baltics this day, right Verona?)

  2. Where is Madara?

  3. Very sad my favorite Rūta got cut, but I didn’t expect her to see much success anyways. I expect either Samanta (finally) or Edgars will win. Edgars is probably the best choice here.

  4. Quickly checked the songs…
    Not impressed a bit

  5. ANNNA – “Polyester” is smth like Billie Eilish…I don’t find it bad at all.. :D

  6. hahahaha they already make some gifs! :D :P

  7. I’ve heard very few Latvian hopefuls. ‘Polyester’ was one of them and I liked it. The few other that I heard were swiftly removed from the scene. Good luck, Latvia!

    P.S. – No Mr. Riva in 2020? The world is coming to an end, surely.

  8. It is Edgars to lose or Samanta’s to finally take… but I will unironically love… T… Shirts

  9. A weak line-up!Maybe Samanta Tina will finally win by default. Or Edgar Kreilis based on jury support. I don’t understand the fuss about that annoying Polyester song but since it’s Latvia it may well be their esc entry in the end. :/

  10. My favorites are Samanta Tina, ANNNA, and Katrina Dimanta. They will all probably struggle in ESC but I personally enjoy them. I tried but I couldn’t get into Edgars song this year even though he’s usually one of my favorites in the selection.

  11. This is definitely not a Super Nove. I am pretty sure ANNNA is winning this and deservedly so.

  12. Shoot me but I like Samanta Tina’s bid mostly this year !

    2. Miks Dukurs – I’m falling for you
    3. Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats
    4. Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite

    not as bad as most people say

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