Latvia: All Songs Revealed

Latvia – LTV, the national broadcaster, has revealed all songs taking part in the next stage of Supernova, the national final that will select the entry for Rotterdam.  26 participants are still running.

A few changes were announced as well by Ilze Jansone, the producer of the show. Only one final will take place this year, with 8 entries out of the 26 revealed by LTV. The 8 finalists will be revealed on the 16th of January. Juries will select 100% of the finalists, but the producer hints that they’ll keep an eye on which songs are popular online to select them…

Here are the 26 entries:

  • Elizabeth Gaile – For You
  • Liva – Not That Important To You
  • Annemarija Moiseja – Undo
  • Celeste – Like Me
  • Rūta Ķergalve – Izgaismots
  • Laika Upe – All My Roads
  • Audiokvartāls – Connection
  • Toms Kalderauskis – Be My Truth
  • Markus Riva – Impossible
  • Katrīna Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart
  • Shanti – Voices In My Mind
  • Madara – Māras zeme
  • Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing
  • Sabīne Blūma-Blūmane – Beauty Will Save The World
  • Maia – Make It Real
  • Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite
  • Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats
  • Antra Stafecka & Atis Ieviņš – Coming Over
  • Aivo Oskis – Dive Deep
  • Bad Habits – Sail With You
  • ANNNA – Polyester
  • Alise Haijima – Me Me Song
  • DRIKSNA – Stay
  • Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling For You
  • Alekss Silvers – Again
  • Signe and Janis – Inner Light

You can find them on LTV’s official YouTube page for Supernova. What do you think of this line-up? Who do you want to see in Rotterdam?

34 comments on “Latvia: All Songs Revealed

  1. 1) Samanta Tīna – “Still Breathing”
    2) Madara – “Māras zeme”
    3) Katrīna Dimanta – “Heart Beats”

  2. Israel lives in their own world when it comes to ESC..they don’t care too much for the rest! LOOL :D :D :D :D

  3. Madara back can only be a positive thing.
    Esamiba is probably among my ten most favourite esc-related songs of the decade.

    First heat Linköping:
    The Mamas (Open)
    Suzi P
    Robin Bengtsson
    Malou Prytz
    Sonja Alden
    Felix Sandman (close)

    Second heat Göteborg:
    Klara Hammarström (Open)
    Thorsten Flinck
    Mendez ft. Alvaro Extrella
    Linda Bengtzing
    Paul Rey
    Anna Bergendahl (Close)

    Third heat Luleå:
    Mariette (Open)
    Albin Johnsen
    Amanda Aasa
    Ania Don Demina
    Faith Kakembo
    Mohombi (Close)

    Fourth heat Malmö:
    Frida Örhn (Open)
    William Strid
    Nanne Grönvall
    Victor Crone
    Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron
    Jakob Karlberg
    Hanna Ferm (Close)

    I guessed all who will close heats..hahahaha :D

    Hanna Ferm will be pushed high this time, maybe even win..

    I’m sick and tired of their cliche and blandness, they push all the time..

    She has charisma of a dying cat.. :'(

  5. When they cut them down to 8 it can be better, because now it’s a disaster :P
    My favourites are the empty and boring “I’m falling for you” and the silly “Polyester”.

  6. Only listened to a recap video of all 26 songs, and then a handful individually. The batch generally seems to be much better than it has been in recent years, but it’s a lot more of generic pop-rock than the weird folk stuff we’ve gotten in Supernova previously. I wish a lot more of the singers sang in Latvian, since A LOT of them struggle with their English diction, and Latvian is an underrepresented language.

    Songs that stuck out to me most:

    Annemarija Moiseja – Undo
    Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite
    Elizabete Gaile – For You
    Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats (wayyyy better than her 2014 entry)
    Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling for You
    Rūta Ķergalve – Izgaismots
    Shanti – Voices in My Mind

    Impossible and Still Breathing are both good songs but their singers ruin them for me.

    We’ll see who makes the final eight.

  7. Francesco Gabbani – “Occidentali’s Karma” is the most watched ESC entry on YT ever…230 000 000 views (official video)
    Netta barziali – “Toy” is the most watched ESC winner on YT ever… 125 000 000 (official video)

  8. Please Moldova serve us some pure 90s dance in Gagauz language!

    Like Tozi Band from 2017 – “Uzak, uzak’! <3

    I want eastern European 90s dance with accordion and key change in strange language desperately!!!

  9. ANNNA “Polyester”: awful
    Sabīne Blūma Blūmane “Beauty Will Save The World”: ROFL
    Markus Riva “Impossible”: atrocious English, nice Aminata penned song
    Annemarija Moiseja “Undo”: meh
    Signe & Jānis “Inner Light”: the guy should have done it all by himself. Id do him
    Maia “Make It Real”: I laughed when I saw her
    Toms Kalderauskis “Be My Truth”: zzz
    Laika Upe “All My Roads”: that’s nice
    Antra Stafecka & Atis Ieviņš “Coming Over”: meh
    Bad Habits “Sail With You”: zzz
    Katrīna Dimanta “Heart Beats”: awkward, she’s the best so far! 2’21 too!
    Aivo Oskis “Dive Deep”: no
    Rūta Ķergalve “Izgaismots”: somebody did crack before showing up, but it’s kinda nice?
    Līva “Not That Important To You”: indeed not
    Madara “Māras zeme”: Estonia’s Antsud is better
    Elizabete Gaile “For You”: this sounds like entry they’ll send and get lost in esc semi
    Seleste “Like Me”: deserves to be seen with a proper live
    Shanti “Voices In My Mind”: the song is ok, but they’re not
    Miks Dukurs “I’m Falling For You”: the show’s hipster, album filler but decent
    Katrīna Bindere “I Will Break Your Heart”: she forgot her pants
    Samanta Tīna “Still Breathing”: they HAVE to finally send her! like Triana Park, a probably last in esc semi
    Alise Haijima “Me Me Song”: LOL
    Edgars Kreilis “Tridymite”: one of the most competent packages, but a bit lame
    DRIKSNA “Stay”: zzz
    Audiokvartāls “Connection”: I like the song, but the vocals ugh
    Alekss Silvers “Again”: gay alert :p

  10. “…the producer hints that they’ll keep an eye on which songs are popular online to select them…”

    That doesn’t sound good to me at all. So LTV basically compares YT views on their channel and picks the eight songs with the most clicks or best like/dislike ratio. This method seems like an easy prey for being manipulated – but this also pertains to televoting and online voting in some cases.
    Maybe they want people to think they have a say about who enters the final? More likely it is because LTV wants to make sure they can choose from the most competitive songs out of 26 entries.
    Anyway. I hope it’ll bring them success. Latvia’s been missing in the Grand Final for too long now.

  11. The perennials Markus and Samanta enter with much better songs than their preceding efforts, while Edgars takes a step back (but he turns it out on the main stage usually. But if he woulda brought Younger Days, he’d win by a landslide)

    While I don’t overtly favor her, Madara would be the pick I feel would bring a better result/rep. I feel it’s a fuller production than Esamiba, and surely no other country would come forward with something alike.

    Polyester is so wacky it’s actually great, and we got out first Billie inspired entry.

    Come Along may be a bit forgettable, but it’s very competent, while Shanti is the worst thing in the NF season to date, it’s just so laughable. Alisa Haijama I want to see return with better production, and better English if not a big J-Pop thing.

    At least if Markus or Samanta win by default, it is with better songs than before

  12. My first go to listen to all Supernova songs and here are my 8 finalists:

    • Ruta Kergalve – Izgaismots (deserves winning)
    • Katrina Dimanta – Heart Beats (deserves winning)
    • Samanta Tina – Still Breathing (potential winner)
    • Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling For You
    • Madara – Maras zeme
    • Bad Habits – Sail With You
    • Antra Stafecka & Atis Ievins – Coming Over
    • Katrina Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart

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