Norway: First MGP 2020 Entrants Revealed

Norway – This year’s Melodi Grand Prix will take place  in Trondheim and winner will be decided by 100% televotes. 5 of the finalists have already been decided by a jury and have pre-qualified. Before then however, we have 5 semi-finals where several other acts battle it out to win televotes to make it to the final.

The 5 artists pre-qualified for the Grand Final were chosen by a jury led by Stig Karlsen. They are:

Didrik & Emi‘Out of air’
Ulrikke Brandstorp – ‘Attention’
Akuvi – ‘Som du er’
Sondrey – ‘Take my time’
Tone Damli – ‘Hurts sometimes’

The semi-finals take place for different regions: North, Central, West, South and  East. The semifinals will be broadcasted in front of live audiences from the H3 Arena in Fornebu and the semi-finalists will compete in a cup. It will be up to the televoters to decide which of them will qualify for the national final in Trondheim.

Four acts have been announced for the first semi-final for Southern Norway:

Kim Rysstad – ‘Rainbow’
Raylee – ‘Wild’
Geirmund – ‘Come Alive’
Lisa Børud – ‘Talking About Us’

You can read more about each act on the official Eurovision site here.

138 comments on “Norway: First MGP 2020 Entrants Revealed

  1. If my memory ain’t shot, isn’t this the same Tone Damli that was entered in one of these competitions here? (believe the song was called Imagine).

    Also I’m pretty certain that Slovenian Sunshine was also in the same event. Hope one of the stat experts confirms this since I’m too lazy to look it up.

    Unless my memory is in fact shot.

  2. “Talking about us” is a decent filler of a pop album… and that’s all :(

  3. I have to admit Raylee – “Wild” is catchy and interesting..
    But I doubt it will be good live.. :(
    Others are quite meeeh…

  4. This new song of KAZKA is way too interesting.. :)
    Would be too alternative for ESC!

  5. Strange news from Norway; direct to the final? They must have very good songs. Are the composers supposed to be Norwegian or have any kind of connection to Norway or will the usual array of Swedish composers be featured in this NF? ESC Portugal is saying that online voting will be used as well. I can already picture who is going to vote in huge numbers…. good luck, Norway!

    • Tone has blond hair now? I did not recognize her. As far as bubbly pop tunes go, I really enjoyed her 2009 number.

    • In each semi-final, one finalist will be determined by jury and one by televote. The prequalified entries are the jury picks, one from each semi-final. :)

      And as I posted on the previous thread, there are Swedish composers there (Melfest regulars at that)

  6. Akuvi seems to be an interesting choice. The televoters will probably not like her song.

  7. 1. Geirmund – “Come Alive” – A dark, moody song. Maybe Duncan really did set the trend for this year? The lyrics could be better but with a good live performance this can soar.
    2. Raylee – “Wild” – Kinda reminds me of “Instruction” by Jax Jones during the pre-chorus. A very standard, modern dance entry, would need a good live performance to set it apart from everyone else. Not bad but I’m not convinced yet.
    3. Kim Rysstad – “Rainbow” – Sounds like a dumbed down version of a Bond theme. It’s not bad but I don’t want this at Eurovision. Would be a NOR 2010 repeat.
    4. Lisa Børud – “Talking About Us” – Standard teen pop. Pretty cliché but it’s not horrible or anything. There’s at least one song like this in every Nordic NF every year.

    Hopefully the other semis are better. I’m particularly excited for Northern Norway, I heard a rumor Elin & The Woods are coming back.

  8. From the two artists who entered MGP before, I prefer Tone Damli Aaberge way over Didrik Solli-Tangen… he always was too glossy for my taste…

  9. Apparently the selected Dutch act’s name begins with a J. The rumor mill is saying it’s singer-songwriter Judy Blank.

  10. Sondrey is so cute!! <3

  11. Bit of a useless set here. Geirmund comes on top even though production is definition of ”out of tin, ESC blend”. Rysstad serves very weird mix of worst Bond theme ever combined with Finnish schlager and iced with senseless pomposity. Kirkorov could be interested in covering this. I hope the NRK pick beats this lot.

  12. Not impressed by the first 4 semifinalists. Raylee’s one is at least catchy.

  13. I am still sticking to my 2020 rule. I am not listening to any song before the live shows.

  14. And here’s one of my biggest favorites from the last season. Just a kind reminder in theme of international juries must die.

  15. And first entrants in Depi Evratesil

    Waiting for better names.

  16. I want Denmark to pick Julie & Nina this time..
    I hope they will take part again, in Sami language please..they won televoting last year!
    Jury pushed that horror! GRR!

  17. Norway is one of my favorite ESC countries, they do good and bad in equal measures and very seldom they are boring. Here’s one favorite of mine, The Stoner Girl aka Dollie de Luxe from 1984. Perfect new romantic styling, maybe they were just auditioning for Spandau Ballet backing singers? This is a strong statement :-)

  18. According to ESC Portugal, Rita Pavone and Tosca have been added to the Sanremo list of participants.

  19. And this one is really serious.
    Artem Valter (my former ETSC entrant, author of Armenia JESC 2018) is standing behind Lucy ….

  20. That system is ridiculous: why bother when we already know the juries favorites? aren’t they expected to deliver bigger entries now?

  21. meh, meh, meh and meh

  22. Gosh. I just can’t get tired of Norway 2015 ….. what a great entry it was.

    • I prefer Mørland’s last year entry in MGP..
      I think he is a songwriter in this year MGP!

    • My 2015 top 10:

      1 point – Estonia – Elina Born & Stig Rästa – “Goodbye to Yesterday”
      2 points – Israel – Nadav Guedj – “Golden Boy”
      3 points – Switzerland – Mélanie René – “Time to Shine”
      4 points – Georgia – Nina Sublatti – “Warrior”
      5 points – Azerbaijan – Elnur Huseynov – “Hour of the Wolf”
      6 points – Austria – The Makemakes – “I Am Yours”
      7 points – Latvia – Aminata – “Love Injected”
      8 points – Greece – Maria Elena Kyriakou – “One Last Breath”
      10 points – Belgium – Loïc Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”
      12 points – Slovenia – Maraaya – “Here for You”

  23. Raylee to final. Easy.

    The guys’ songs feel halfbaked, and Lisa’s is a Malou reject 100%. Raylee’s live concerns me, but it’s the most fun and complete

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