Georgia: National Final Tonight!

Georgia – Georgia chooses its representative for Eurovision 2020 tonight as the final of Georgian Idol concludes. The show starts at 18:00 (CET) and 4 finalists will compete for a place in Rotterdam.

The 4 finalists and the songs they will perform are:

  • Barbare Samkharadze – “This Is Me” by Keala Settle
  • Mariam Gogiberidze – “Writing’s On The Wall” by Sam Smith
  • Tamar Kakalashvili – “White Flag” by Bishop Briggs
  • Tornike Kipiani – “Love, Hate, Love” by Alice in Chains

The Idol jury comment on the songs but the winner is chosen by 100% public calls, SMS and Facebook Messenger.

If you want to vote via the Georgian Idol Facebook page, @geo_eurovision has step-by-step instructions for how to do so on their Twitter page.

Looking at previous week’s results, rock singer Tornike Kipiani is favourite to win. Tornike previously attempted to be Georgia’s representative in the 2017 national final.


A song will be chosen at a later date for the winner.

You can watch online here.

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757 comments on “Georgia: National Final Tonight!

  1. Loreen is the eternal Queen of ESC.

  2. 2nd Duncan 10/12

    Loreen 1st again ROFLROFLROFLROFL

  3. I love the “bottle pop” from the library of sounds of Alex P.
    I have the feeling Arcade is going to drop in the next years :(

  4. So it seems to be a tradition that the most recent winner is No. 2. It means “Toy” is not in the top which is a relief.

    I still have some critical things to say about “Arcade”. And listening to it now it screams Eurovision to me. Especially that a-capella chorus.

    If only “Birds” and “Calm After the Storm” had made it instead…

    • Both Birds and CATS did pretty well. Toy was very low for a recent winner, but I guess that we all expected the song to have a short shelf life.

    • And we shouldn’t take this too seriously imo, even though I acknowledge that this is difficult if you are a professional. Kruna beat all Zeljko compositions f.e.

        • LOL The Serbian entry from 2019 …

          • I don’t even remember the Serbian entry from 2019. I must have heard it once or twice altogether.

            • A very beautiful lady wearing exquisite jewellery and singing a self-penned standard Balkan ballad. It was better than many other songs this year imo, but that doesn’t say much …

            • At least it was self-penned. It means that the right person actually got the credits. There’s too much focus on the performers on the expense of the songwriters. It is their visions we hear, so they ought to have more spotlight.

            • Nevana kept it very simple, and what I liked best abour SRB19isthat you could tell that she felt the song she was singing. There iswaytoo much calculation and sterility in ESC performances these days imo. People going through well-established routines …

            • Unfortunately this is true. And it’s all that fakeness that has made me sick of the show. I prefer honesty and real auteurs who have an artistic vision.

            • I mostly watch ESC because I am interested in a pan-European cultural ritual that has gone on for more than 60 years. The music comes 3rd on my list of reasons to watch ESC.

            • For me music always comes first. I still enjoy watching old contests, especially from before 2000.

            • We all have different reasons why we follow ESC. But I agree, I prefer the older contests too, especially the 60s, early 70s and 90s because the focus was on the songs then and because we had the orchestra which gave much more character to most songs. Nowadays, most songs sound cold and like instant food wrapped in shiny packaging. I always laugh when I stumble across YT reaction videos by mostly young fans. Everything without show elements, dancers, visuals etc. is boooooooooooooooring. :(

          • Not exactly self-penned. Unless you mean only the lyrics

  5. 1st Loreen 10/12 (I don’t really know how to score this aynmore because I have become so tired of ‘Euphoria’ …)
    These days I prefer ‘Statements’. :)

  6. Congrats to Loreen once again!
    I can fully understand the fuss behind this song, although it’s not even in my top10 for that year.

  7. And after first listening of Euphoria I thought it was overhyped. How I was wrong. 😊😜

  8. “Euphoria”: Even though the dance sound is clearly not for me, it’s a much more dynamic composition, especially in terms of melody and chords. There is a much more natural flow in the melody lines than in most of the songs I have heard in the contest in the past 3-4 years. True, it is not quite the masterpiece it is supposed to be, especially if you listen to the lyrics. And it is by no means something I would want to listen to by my own initiative. It has Eurovision song written on it, but it’s a realy melody, and a real composition. And yes, the visual performance was beautiful.

  9. Great remix of Turkey 1997. Very festive.

  10. But one thing is for sure: Euphoria is not the best Eurovision song of all time, even though it’s a very good composition.

  11. I’ve had ‘Heroes’ once tonight, and once is enough …

  12. Off to the phone now.

    Happy New Year!

  13. Happy new year, CET people! :)

  14. Happy new year in advance to Hulluna, Shevek, PJ and everyone else in the UK, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland… and the Americas!

    Really exhausted here. Have a great night whatever you do, guys!

  15. Happy new year with a rather alternative version of a hynm we use to sing in Denmark after 00:00:

  16. Feliz Ano Novo, everyone! :)

  17. I didn’t follow ESC 250 but saw the results. I am shocked Toy was so low…I don’t understand why the fandom turned so quickly on it. Israel factor?

  18. How everyone voted in the top 250:

    Loreen having more then twice the number of points then Soldi. Especially the top 4 is miles ahead of the rest. And the differences at the top are huge. Not as if a single vote could have made a difference.

    • I am happy to see that every country that participated in ESC got a song into the top 250. The only exception is Morocco, which participated only once. On the other hand, I find it annoying to see almost all songs from the most recent edition there, just like every year. Even really bland songs like ‘Storm’ or ‘Like it’ made it at the expense of Hungary’s debut or Evridiki’s great entries from the 90s f. e..
      And ‘Reise nach Jerusalem’? Was Marko power voting? :)

      • And no songs from 2002. And how on earth did Croatia 2011 make it? I mean it is as bad as Piero Esteriore and D-Mol.

        • When people can give points to only 10 songs out of more than 1500, some bizarre results are to be expected because a few points will make a huge difference. If people had to judge every single song by giving X/10or X/12, you’d probably get a very different result. But then, how many people know all ESC songs? Only nutcases like those on ET. :)

        • 2002 was a very bad edition.

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