Georgia: It’s Tornike Kipiani to Rotterdam!

Georgia – The conclusion of Georgian idol tonight has resulted in Tornike Kipiani being chosen as the Georgian Eurovision representative in Rotterdam next May.

Here’s the song he sang in the final, ‘Love, hate, love‘ by Alice in Chains.

Kipiani had led pretty much every week during the contest and was favourite to win. He favours rock and grunge style songs. The song he will sing in Rotterdam will be revealed at a later date.

126 comments on “Georgia: It’s Tornike Kipiani to Rotterdam!

  1. Happy New Year to everyone at ET
    Let’s hope this next decade of the 20s roars again.

  2. Congratulations and happy new year everyone ! :-)

  3. Happy New Year to all Greenwich Main Timers. :)

  4. Interesting singing voice. Waiting for the spng. Good luck!

    P.S. – Happy 2020!

  5. Sretna Nova Godina svima! <3
    Dear ET members, happy New, 2020, year and New decade! :)))

  6. Happy New Year and may the new decade bring health, luck and fulfilment to all of you! These are the traditional New Year’s Day carols played by Corfu’s famous marching bands:

  7. Spełnienia marzeń i mocnych wrażeń w Nowym Roku 2020! ❤

    Seems like Georgia stays true to itself again and that’s what I always liked about their participations even if the song didn’t appeal to me. In the video posted above Tornike’s voice sounds very monotone and flat in the verses (it’s a grunge song after all), but once he gets to the chorus I’m impressed by his vocal abilities.

    He also did Kylie! 😍

    Good luck, Tornike and Georgia!

  8. Happy New Year to everyone in ET!
    La multi ani tuturor! :)

  9. Sounds promising. I remember him very well from 2017.

  10. 12 sets of votes! The board is on flames! Call Marlene! :)
    Presenting the postcard for this edition:

    Keep voting! Top 10 to be sent to: ptapadas@gmail.com
    Happy New Year!

    • I don’t expect a runaway winner. In this respect,1983 was a very good choice for this poll.

    • I remember how Yugoslavia was a huge hit in the Netherlands.

      • His hip “movement” is epic ROFL. Big hit in Finland too, also in Finnish.

      • Are you voting this time? I always knew you were a “Džuli” fan ;)

        • LOL I am not a Dzuli fan. I really dislike those fake rock’n’roll Yugoslavian entries. Ja sam za ples, Hajde da ludojemo, etc.
          And 1983 is again one of my least favourite contests.
          Best part that year was the drama in Belgium:

          • I hate those Yugoslav 80s entries as well and really missed their 60s wonders

            • At least we had the lovely ‘Željo moja’ as an exception in the 80s. I love the song’s melody and it is still very popular in my playlist. And then there is one of those ‘modern’ (*cough*) Yugoslav entries from the 80s I enjoy whenever I stumble across it. I can’t tell you which song that is because PJ won’t like me indicating whether I voted for YUG83 or not …

          • I saw something has happenned with that NF in Belgium, but I couldn’t understand exactly what it was… Can you explain, please? This is the video I had seen:

            • Lots of typical eighties kitsch songs, with huge support in the audience and then there is Pas de Deux. Jury hated all the songs and wanted to make a statement. Points were on those circles: first were the 1 points given, then the 5 points, then the 7 points. Everyone happy that Bart Kaell did so well and nobody realised that the 10 points would make all the difference. And then the award ceremony with Pas de Deux trolling the audience. The vuvuzela sound you hear during the reprise is coming from Bart Kaell’s brother in the audience who had this with him.

            • Lol…. thanks! That’s more or less the plot I was imagining from what I saw in the video…

          • I’ve watched that video some time ago, too. My Dutch is limited to basic phrases only, but I got the gist. One of the most memorable NFs for all the wrong reasons. The victory of Pas de Deux is a perfect example what music and art in general is about: Action and reaction.

  11. Happy New Year ET family! 🎄😇🥳

  12. Will we get to see this talented boy representing Israel in Rotterdam? I can see huge potential in him with the right song.He commands the stage:

  13. Happy New Year everyone!

  14. In case someone wants to see the eurovision party in Amsterdam which was held a few weeks ago.

  15. Off-topic: I used the bank holiday to watch a contest we talked about last night. :)

    ESC 2005 (Kiev)

    2005 is a tricky year for me because I have never been more out of synch with results in more than 60 years of ESC. While some of my favorite entries struggled to get into double figures in the semi-final, the top 3 of the score board in the real world peacefully sit next to each other in the midtable region of my rankings (17th-19th). The issue is further complicated by the fact that my favorite songs in studio version (HUN, AND, SRB & MNE) all had noticeable vocal issues when they were performed live on the stage in Kiev. On the other hand, some songs I don’t care for much (ISR, MLT, NLD, ROU) were accompanied by strong or even flawless vocals. To make the conundrum even worse, 2005 is a year without a single song I love passionately. However, there are many entries I genuinely like (9/12 or 8/12), and all of those are very close to each other. If the songs I placed 6th to 10th deserve points, those in slots 11 to 13 deserve to be there too. As a result, my top 10 strike me as rather random every time I tackle 2005, and every review I have done so far, has resulted in a different song winning. All of them have been compromise winners. This is what I have come up with today:

    1 pt – Zauvijek moja: As I said above, I love this song in studio version. The intro with the drums drags me in immediately. I also like the carefree performance the boys gave, it perfectly suited the theme of the song, which is about falling in love for the first time and sharing the exuberant joy that comes thereof with your best friends. The performance has an overall positivity that is uplifting to watch. Unfortunately, the very simple lyrics and the vocal issues the boys had drags this otherwise fine entry down a bit. 8/12

    2 pts – Razom nas bahato: Yes, it is a political statement, but it is also as testosterone urban as ESC gets. LOL The raw sound this entry has (guitar riffs, angry vocals) is right up my alley. I also think that the handcuffed dancers are just perfect. The political dimension of this entry could easily have been overstated. I am very happy that Greenjolly did not go down that route. 8/12

    3 pts – Tout de moi: We have the complete opposite here, an elegant yet slightly conventional orchestra ballad. The melody has a convincing flow, and Lise delivered strong vocals. I also like the finely detailed orchestration more than Israel’s opulent all-in approach. Shiri had the better dress though. 8/12

    4 pts – Brujería: Please, don’t shoot me! Hear me out first! LOL I am probably the only fan in the entire ESC universe who has Spain in the top 10. Some of you know that I studied Spanish guitar for 15 years. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t love flamenco, including shouty flamenco vocals … and man, those three ladies delivered in that department. They were spot-on despite the energetic routine they had to go through and delivered some of the best vocals in 2005 imo. I would have chosen a different soundscape with more local instruments and without electric guitar, but overall, I still find this very entertaining. Seems that I enjoy shaking it to stuff that isn’t popular elsewhere. 8/12

    5 pts – La mirada interior: I love the studio version of this mysteriously sounding song very much. Unfortunately, the live performance was overdone and messy, and Marian’s vocals were a bit thin at points. Anabel apparently got into panic mode and tried to compensate for this by shouting a bit too much. However, that passage still sounds fantastic in studio version, at least to my ears and brains. 8/12

    6 pts – Stop: Omar was such a hottie back then, and I love the styling he chose for the occasion. You can’t fault him vocally, and I love the transition from slightly anthemic ballad to rock and back to quiet. The embrace at the end of the performance is tacky, but I can forgive that. 9/12

    7 pts – Forogj világ: This is my favorite studio track of the 2005 edition. I love the happy yet pushing rhythm, the flutes, the strings. The performance was great too. It makes me want to join them onstage (or on my notebook screen …) every time I watch it. It is one of the best ethnic dance tracks in the history of ESC imo, and it came with quality lyrics on top of it. Unfortunately, Szylvia’s vocals became weaker towards the end, probably because of all the dancing she had to do before. She’s no Nelly C. in this department. 9/12

    8 pts – Talking to You: This was my number one (♫♪♫) when I last scored and ranked the 2005 contest more than five years ago. I still enjoyed Jakob’s simple and charismatic performance a lot, and thus Denmark remains in my top 3. In fact, I think that I have a tie between my top 3, and the order in which they appear on my list entirely depends on the mood I am in. The piano intro, the good vocals and the very likeable package make me enjoy this positive song a lot. 9/12

    10 pts – Boonika bate doba: What a debut for Moldova, the country that has understood how to bring uplifting fun to ESC from day one. Please, no more Cristinas, Lidias or Annas! Zdob şi Zdub delighted us with a coherent and entertaining rock song that was further enhanced by ethnic tinges and a refreshing performance. It is one of the best rock songs in the history of ESC imo. 9/12

    12 pts – Vukovi umiru sami: Dunavom! Dunavom! <3 This decidedly Balkan flavored song creates a dreamy atmosphere in which I can immerse myself. I can also just sit there, look at Boris and come up with ideas I better not share. The vocals of both Boris and the Lado Members were great too, and I have never minded the random guy beating the drums and doing gymnastics. He provides a lighthearted counterpoint to the otherwise heavy stuff. 9/12

    And then the rest:

    8 pts: CYP, ISR, POL
    7 pts: AUT, CHE, ALB, MLT, GRC, ROU, NOR
    6 pts: FRA, BGR, BEL, SWE, BIH, FIN, LVA, RUS
    5 pts: ISL, TUR
    4 pts: IRL, UKD, NLD
    3 pts: MKD
    2 pts: DEU, PRT, EST, LTU
    1 pt: BLR

    • my two fave countries of this century, Estonia and Bosnia, are my bottom 2 of esc 2005… that’s how bad that year is, where only Montenegro & Serbia was good. I liked Romania for the vocals and catchyness, Croatia because it’s just decent all around. Ukraine, Slovenia and Spain are in my top 10 too ahah

      • Et tu? Hispania? I’d never guessed. :)
        And you have Ms Agurbazh above BiH? I mean, that was a cheap ABBA + 50 years of ESC tribute act, but at least it had some energy and a decent note here and there …

        • I HATE Bosnia! Estonia is my last because nothing can save it. I think my hatred comes from loving both countries in general in the contest… Whereas Belarus… It’s my 3rd last, but we used to have a lot of fun with my Danish boyfriend, I still have a video of him dressing up and doing karaoke of it!

          Oh I forgot I have Russia 5th in 2005 :o Spain is fun and decent not full of itself composition. In an awful year I have it low top 10 yes

        • I quite enjoy BiH 2005 for its fun factor, but it is by no means an original and independent piece of art.

          • That’s the precise reason it stands at 6/12 on my list. And your comment perfectly sums up my definition of a 6/12 too. :)

    • You’re never the only one, toggie!

      Es una Brujeria!

    • Very good and personal review of the 2005 edition!

      The 2000s were a bad decade for ESC. Lots of middle of the road entries, quite a few horrors and very little standouts. I mean, just look at the first performed song from Stockholm 2000: Job’s message from Israel.
      The first three editions were musically underwhelming, but the decade ended on a high note with Moscow ’09.
      Concerning 2005: At that time I started to develop my interest for pop culture and listened more to music you would find on the charts. That’s why I don’t remember much of Kiev 2005, but of course I do remember all that fuss about Gracia before the actual contest.

      My ranking:

      Hungary – 12 points
      Estonia disguised as Switzerland – 10 points
      Greece – 8 points
      Mariah Carey disguised as Shiri Maimon for Israel – 7 points
      Romania – 6 points
      Norway – 5 points
      Croatia – 4 points
      Whitney Houston disguised as Glennis Grace for the The Netherlands – 3 points
      Poland – 2 points
      Serbia & Montenegro – 1 point

  16. Blas Canto sings his duet with Pastora Soler live:

  17. I’m very late but happy new year everyone. Very excited to see what this new decade will bring in terms of music, film, fashion, etc., and also excited to see what trends end up being what defines the 2010s decade.

    I expected Tornike to win this. I’ll wait until the song is revealed. He’s a rocker so that should be interesting.

  18. Cartoon of the day. Me and mathematics…

  19. Watching the Yerevanian concert of the 2nd artist in my wishlist for 2020…. She fully deserved to be chosen internally just like Sirusho and Iveta.

  20. Poland revives a talent show “A chance for Success” to select its Eurovision hopeful. Mehhh

    • It’s how they chose their JESC entrant this year. It seems they’re convinced that replicating what they do in JESC will result in ESC success, but that hasn’t been the case at all so far… I am not expecting much from them this year.

    • Szansa na Sukces seems like a last minute decision to me. The deadline for submissions is already on January 13th, totally rushed imo.
      On the other hand people like Justyna Steczkowska or Daria Zawiałow have started their career with that show. It remains to be seen whether Szansa na Sukces will turn out to be a success again.

      • It will all depend on who’s selected and the song they’ll be singing. It’s just not my favorite method of selection.

        • Szansa na Sukces isn’t my favourite either. Mostly because of Artur Orzech (also ESC commentator for TVP since 1994) who has the charm of a brick wall and a voice that makes me fall asleep right away.

      • Yeah, such a short submission period! :(
        They better picked Kasia Cerekwicka with smth like her 2008 NF entry “Na kolana” internally and win my 12 points in Rotterdam! :P :D

  21. This is very promising choice, Georgia fails to disappoint lately.. :O

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