Moldova: Song Submission Period Open

Moldova – If you want to represent Moldova at Eurovision in Rotterdam, now’s your chance. They have opened up the period when you can submit your entry, and you have until January 17th to send them your song.

It looks like  national broadcaster TRM will select internally this year instead of by the usual national final, O Melodie Pentru. An organising committee will choose songs, and then the acts will need to perform live. 100% jury vote will then decide who wins.

To enter, post your sing to Eurovision 2020 Collection Center, Chisinau municipality, str. Hânceşti, 64, TV Moldova 1 (TV room) or email it to eurovision@trm.md.  The full rules  can be seen here.

21 comments on “Moldova: Song Submission Period Open

  1. Have to write comment here.
    Not fair to be without one.. :P

  2. 2020 is around the corner. I managed to spend a wonderful weekend away from everything. It was an unplanned thing, but it felt good.

    Dora Gaitanovici is back! (Romanian not Moldovan, I know)

  3. Good luck, Moldova!

  4. Has anyone informed Aly Ryan ? I dont think she has applied for this one yet.

  5. I’d like to see Tozi band taking part in auditions again, in Gagauz language like they already did:

  6. […] was first a submission period which concluded with 46 selected entries. Then Che-MD were considered ineligible to compete by TRM […]

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