Merry Christmas from Eurovision Times!

Eurovision Times – A big Merry Christmas to all of our readers celebrating at this time of the year, and we hope everyone has a fabulous festive break!

One Eurovision star is renowned for Christmas songs, covering many over the years. Finland’s Sara Aalto also now has a new Christmas EP, ‘Fairytale‘, consists of six songs. The Pogues’ ‘Fairytale of New York‘ has been recorded with Finnish rocker Michael Monroe (of Hanoi Rocks) and the first song on the record, “Every Christmas Day”, has been written by Kylie Minogue.


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330 comments on “Merry Christmas from Eurovision Times!

  1. I ADORE this entry! I’m simply stunned how the composition is done! It is brilliant! Well done, I salute you Andrej Babic!
    After 11 years I still can not get enough of this haunting performance, yes, especially the live performance, cause how she brought the song, the emotion, the interpretation is on the TOP level! That vocal tone was like she was paining the painting! I have to replace it with Poland on my list! It is definitely my fave of 2018! I’m so glad it was here in Belgrade and I experienced it live! Those costumes too, both for her and backings, are extremely good! Backings were phenomenal as well, I mean vocally, they backed her on the highest level!

  2. I hope Hera Bjork will apply in Iceland again!

  3. I almost puked when I heard that Shane McGowan / Kirsty McCall cover. I did puke when I watched the video.
    And why on earth she is still doing her Idina Manzel tribute? Let it go!

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