Albania: FiK 58 Songs Revealed!

logoAlbania – After revealing the list of this year’s 20 entrants for FIK 58, the songs have now been published as well. Festivali i Këngës will be used once again to select Albania’s entrant for Rotterdam, though it is unclear if it’s the winner that will go to the contest or another one selected specifically for Eurovision.

We thought that maybe the tragic events would push FiK to early 2020 but it has been reported that the contest will take place as scheduled originally, on the 19th, 20th and 22nd of December 2019. It’s often the case that Albania is the first to pick, since their Festivali i Këngës is older than their esc participation and takes place around Christmas. In 2019, the 58th edition of the contest will select their 2020 entry to Rotterdam, though it’s still unclear whether it’ll be the winner or if another entry will be selected insted, as it was the case for San Remo in the early years of Italy’s return to the contest in 2011, or as it happened in 2015 when the winner went with a different song to Vienna. Moreover, we could get a revamp, or a move to English, as it happened before; however, the fact that Albania qualified twice in a row in Albanian could prevent them from making that move.

  • Albërie Hadërgjonaj – “Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua” (Where To Find Someone To Love)
  • Aldo Bardhi – “Melodi” (Melody)
  • Arilena Ara – “Shaj” (Shout)
  • Bojken Lako – “Malaseen” (You Left It Seen)
  • Devis Xherahu – “Bisedoj me serenatën” (Talking With Serenade)
  • Eli Fara & Stresi – “Bohemë” (Bohemian)
  • Elvana Gjata – “Me tana” (Me Tana)
  • Era Rusi – “Eja merre” (Come And Get It)
  • Gena – “Shqiponja e lirë” (Free Eagle)
  • Kamela Islamaj – “Më ngjyros” (Colour Me)
  • Kanita Suma – “Ankth” (Anxiety)
  • Kastro Zizo – “Asaj” (Her)
  • Nadia & Genc Tukiçi – “Ju flet Tirana” (Tirana Calling)
  • Olta Boka – “Botë për dy” (Writings On The Wall)
  • Renis Gjoka – “Loja” (The Game)
  • Robert Berisha – “Ajo nuk është unë” (She Is Not Me)
  • Sara Bajraktari – “Ajër” (Air)
  • Tiri Gjoci – “Me gotën bosh” (With Empty Glass)
  • Valon Shehu – “Kutia e Pandorës” (Pandora’s Box)
  • Wendi Mancaku – “Ende” (Still)

You can read more about the entries on FiK’s official site here. You can check the songs on RTSH’s official YouTube page, here’s the playlist:

So what do you think of this year’s line-up? Whom do you want to see in Rotterdam? Who will win?

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  1. Here’s one recurring fact in British politics Guardian forgot to tell to our UK politics experts.

    When Labour’s left runs the party, it looses. Controlled by Labour right, doesn’t mean victory, but it’s a condition for victory.

    Wonder if this is a recurring fact with US Democrats as well?

    • LOL if someone visits this page and checks the posts he will go like “what the actual fork?” Eurovision,random hot men and brexit comments one after anotherLMAO🤣

    • The left wing of the Democrats haven’t run the party for more than 30 years so we’ll have to wait and see. Reagan becoming president pushed the Dems to the center with Bill Clinton and since then every Democratic leader has been centrist.

      • It will be very interesting to see. No one predicted the hard right wing populism taking strangle hold of Republicans either.
        Also interesting to see how the gamble with the impechement unfolds. Who knows, maybe sudden recession will turn all the tables before November 😀

        • Yes, we’ll see how things go. Since Clinton every president has won a second term and after that second term the White House switched parties (Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump), maybe the cycle will continue maybe it won’t. Since up until Trump every Republican leader generally had the same platform as did every Democratic leader, so I think these wins/losses have been less about ideology and more about people being upset with the governing party being seemingly ineffective. We’ll see whether voters want to give Trump a second shot or give up on him entirely a year from now.

          I don’t know how much impeachment will change; we’re already divided enough so I don’t know how much worse things can possibly get.

          • It’s so weird that there really hasn’t been any real impact. Remember how Trump boasted in early stages of his presidency that he could shoot someone in the broad day light in Fifth Avenue and get away with. Unfortunately it seems more and more to be true. His base is huge and fanatical in it’s support. It’s like religious cult.

            • It is very sad, especially considering if Obama or Hillary were accused of any of the things Trump is accused of the Republicans would destroy them. And all it’d take was one accusation, when Trump has dozens ranging from sex scandals to corruption and they still stand by him. It is an absolute cult and is more than concerning.

            • You as we all should be concerned when almost half if the Americans think that he is still after three years of mayhem and chaos still the right man to do the job. There were some polls in The Times last week that he leads in five swing States. Obviously working with Florida by moving there permanently.

    • But Corbyn got Labour from the wilderness to 40% and within two points of the Tories in the previous election only two years ago. And everybody was impressed by how human he was compared to May. If he had listened to his eurosceptic instincts and had kicked out blairite remainders he wouldn’t have lost northern England.

      His cardinal mistake was letting the party being used to frustrate Brexit through endless parliamentary shenanigans. Corbyn was an asset two years ago, and all of a sudden people act as if he is poison.

      • The inner fighting in Labour left has started long ago. They believe that Corbynism is viable, while Corbyn isn’t. Blairites of course read all this differently. This is also their moment to grab back the power.
        The problem they need to solve is how to keep together their traditional electoral coalition between working class voters of the North and affluent, educated younger voters in the cities. This time Red Wall crumbled spectacularly, they couldn’t have got both ways. If Corbyn has followed his instincts he would have lost cities with woke remainer ultras.
        Corbyn made big strategic mistake by not backing May’s deal with negotiated worker’s protection. 2022 election most probably would have turned into his crowning moment. Instead he chose to play with remainer ultras, but bowing with Manifesto both ways. Super woke and very marxist was the recipe that should do it in both sections was the reasoning behind it.
        There is one huge miscalculation here. Union Jack is not a symbol of right wing nationalism. patriotism isn’t fascism up North. But most of all Northerners are law abiding people. The result of referendum was bigger thing for them than their eternal hate for Margaret Thatcher and Tories. Corbyn of all the people should have known this.
        Labour’s purity politics failed big time too. Behind social media only very few people actually believes in moral binaries ’’leave = bad’’, ’’remain = good’’ our that every Tory voter is neoliberal scum. Screaming remainiacs in hysterics of course disagree.
        It you think about this, you could say that Tories did strategically fantastic campaign with ’’Get Brexit Done’’. When you combine this with Mr Johnson’s deranged charisma, you get a landslide. It was also his defection from remainer camp that got Brexit on the way in the first place.
        Mr Johnson of course should remember that northern votes are only lent to him. Until next election, he has many years to govern with very healthy majority.

        • The real problem was the sudden obsession of urban liberals with keeping the country inside the EU. They turned it into a Holy Grail and an identity issue even though they were always half-in, half-out. As if you can’t have a progressive Britain outside the EU like Norway, Iceland or Switzerland. They should have treated Brexit as a done deal and then focus on keeping the health system public and not let Britain turn into an off-shore tax heaven for the world’s rich. These are issues that could have won it for them big time.

          • I hope Labour learns their lessons. Their performative bourgeois radicalism of woke set didn’t perform well with ordinary people. They felt far more distant from it than from Boris Johnson. The other lesson for political classes is that you can’t disrespect people’s votes in democracy. which Labour did with promise of second referendum. Democracy had it’s payback.
            It’s interesting to see what kind of toryism UK is going to get. Johnson is politician and he wont forget his friends up North.
            Infra will be developed for the people who are tired of being called ignorant, xenophobic racists etc. – the usual contempt over ordinary people. We haven’t experienced this level of class contempt after world war two.
            I don’ think the off-shore tax haven for ultra rich is in the cards. Then again radical virtue signaling neoliberal haven isn’t either. In my cards I actually see red tory rising in Johnson. Well see about that.

          • That was my stance after Brexit happened. Given there was not any chance to cancel it, I was in favour of May’s deal though I would never support Conservatives. I supported Labour for the first time in 2017 hoping they will do just that as well, thus keeping the hard Conservatives Brexiters out of the Cabinet. When they didn’t do so I gave up on them. And yes, I do agree UK can survive outside the EU. Why not? But on the other hand they should strike a deal otherwise they may face some challenges.

  2. I came to comment here on Albanian songs but I feel a lot of negativity and bitterness here regarding previous comments, it’s a shame as I understood reason for Eurovision was to bring Europe together, I think I will prefer to comment on other sites, about Albania songs alberie sounds interesting there are some potentially interesting songs but maybe not a ESC winner

  3. Just made a little more statistics.

    Last year I got 5 new entrys in my alltime favorites list, this year only 3. Seems that 2019 was a really mediocre year in comparison to 2018.

    • Italy, The Netherlands, Albania and Slovenia made it into my playlist this year. I also enjoy the Portuguese entry but only the FiK semi-final performance.

    • I seldom get more than two songs with staying power, last year they were Soldi and Hatrið mun sigra.

      • Excellent choices! :)

      • Regarding to staying power I just made a new 2019 ranking based on the ESC performances. It was my third 2019 ranking overall (first based on first impression, second on studio versions) and only three songs stayed on the same place in each ranking (four if you count Ukraine, my definate winner):

        Italy on 1st
        Iceland on 2nd
        Estonia on 41th

        Lithuania was really stable too: 31th, 34th, 34th.

        Lacking in staying power were:

        Netherlands 3rd, 3rd, 8th
        Portugal 4th, 4th, 17th (the performance with the green clothes is too disturbing)

        Albania and Serbia now got the 3rd and 4th place respectively with Slovenia on 5th.

        • Arcade might be one of those winners that don’t age too well, but very entertaining when presented. Happy to see Portugal’s downward spiral. No worries, it will disappear from your listings and it won’t come to your dreams anymore either 😃

          • Talking about winners that don’t age well, I just did a review of all 2018 performances. Netta dropped from 2nd (in my audio precontest ranking) to 15th. Belgium dropped from 5th to 25th.

            Hungary, Czech Republic and Italy secured their places (1st, 3rd, 4th). New in my Top 5 are Moldova (from 7th to 2nd) and Germany (from 20th to 5th).

            Biggest winner: Iceland, climbing 24 places from 43th to 19th.
            Biggest looser: Belgium, 20 places, see above.

            Ari had a lame song but did really his best on stage whereas Sennek had a great song but a lame staging and a very pale presence.

          • However, the dinosaur costumes are timeless! It’s all I’ll wear till next ESC miracle. That or speedos.

      • 50% agreement ain’t bad!

    • This may make me a bad Eurovision fan but I normally don’t listen to Eurovision songs out of season. The only 2019 entry that I have was Slovenia.

  4. It was 40 years ago today…

    A classic album can celebrate its 40th anniversary: The Clash’ magnum opus London Calling, released on 14 December 1979. Often considered one of the best rock albums ever made, and I won’t disagree on that :)

    • Great to see there’s an album we definitely agree on!

    • This is one of my all time favourite rock albums. Also love The Clash and Sandinista. Latter with it’s obvious flaws and elaborate patchiness makes forever enchanting listening. Former probably the best punk album ever made.

      • Sandinista is sort of the Clash’ “White Album”…

        • It is. It’s a very good approach after overwhelming all consuming master piece. Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk is another wonderful example of these post landmark album eccentricities.

          • It is. I haven’t been listening that much to Tusk actually, but it certainly sounds different. It seems to be more difficult to get into it, which is of course not a negative thing in my world.

            • LOL every other track on the album is based are Lindsay Buckingham’s home recordings with some overdubbing from the rest of the band. The juxtaposition is simply brilliant as every other track in the album represents the band at height of their song writing skills and maniac studio obsession.
              You know those silly mind games where you have to choose ten albums to desert island? Tusk is only album I have managed to choose so far. How can I choose 10 albums when I can’t even choose the ten artists to choose from! Beatles will get one slot, Paul McCartney as well. That’s a start 😀

  5. Btw, I would love to hear from our lovely ET host hulluna, being reassured that she is fine. She must be devastated after the GE results.

  6. Ok, I won’t throw myself in the ring, so I’ll just say a few words on the matter. But first, look how unhappy you made Selena:

    That’s because things got ugly, and that’s because ET has turned into a political site the last few weeks. Sure it’s ok we kill time before the new season but hey, Albanian and Estonian songs are out, so it’s here already! You guys forgot we were a family. Sure like any family, over the holiday season, we fight talking about politics. And don’t forget, more importantly, than unlike the families some of us might go to in a week, this one we chose, this one we decided to come join, so we should always be able to bypass our differences and remember, we’re here, we’re queer and we’re esc b*tches. Now enjoy your goddamn holiday season ET family, and don’t make the spirit of Christmas mad again:

  7. Also, I love Eurovision 97 (the dark small arena, the modernist aesthetics that looked dated around June 97, the sexy dumb host, the professional charismatic host)… But I don’t love any song that year! Yes, crime, because the overall level is high, there’s only one song I hate (Croatia) and one I can’t listen to and don’t care for (Norway) but all the other ones are either fun (Turkey, Iceland), or it’s fun to make of (Austria, Netherlands) or simply good (Slovenia, Poland)… But in the grand scheme, none of these songs are great and my personal favorites (Russia, Greece and Bosnia) are very personal biases. The victory of the United-Kingdom marked the end of an era, the biggest “jury” winner (even though 5, including the UK, voted with televote, it’s irrelevant mathematically), the first but also last relevant “I used to be famous, let me get some of it back” entry, when the contest is usually “I’ll be famous thanks to the contest” (France Gall, ABBA, Céline Dion, Conchita), the shift to performance and the storytelling being more important than music or vocals (see the winner the year after that, who never hit a single note in her life, the end of the language rule in 98, the end of orchestra in 99)… So 1997’s got to feel special, no?

  8. About San Remo what i have found:

    On January 6 the names will be announced, currently the probable rumors, big name are these:
    – Francesco Gabbani
    – Elodie (with rapper)
    – Giordana Angi
    – Matteo Bocelli (Andrea Bocelli’s son)
    – Alberto Urso
    – The Kolors
    – Levante
    – Fred De Palma (with Ana Mena)
    – Irama
    – Marco Masini
    – Noemi
    – Anastasio (XF 2018 winner)
    – Achille Lauro
    – Irene Grandi
    – Arisa
    – Canova (band)
    – Giusy Ferreri
    – Pinguini Tattici Nucleari (band)
    – Michele Bravi
    – Samuele Bersani

    Other name: Tommaso Paradiso (past frontman of The Giornalisti), Chiara Galiazzo, Paolo Vallesi, Al Bano & Romina, Raphael Gualazzi, Gianluca Grignani, Federica Carta, Elettra Lamborghini, Rocco Hunt.

    Annalisa announced in various articles, but in many interviews she said that she will not be in Sanremo 2020, she will come out with a new album in spring 2020 but without going through the Festival.

    Francesca Michielin said a few weeks ago that the Festival is not in her programs for 2020.

  9. Do you know that Alma Cardzic who represented Bosnia ad Herzegovina twice at ESC (1994 and 1997) was the only person of all jurors that year who placed Serhat 1st in the first semi final at 2016 ESC?! ahahahaha :D

  10. KDAM Eurovision will make a comeback as the Israeli N.Final in 2021. Lucy Ayoub(yeah!) will host it,

  11. Damn, I posted a comment including the m*x word. It’s awaiting moderation. I am such a fool. Will I ever learn? LOL

  12. OK, here are my thoughts without the infamous word …

    I thought about posting this comment for some time but eventually decided to post it. I honestly do not understand what is wrong with a bit of politics now and then as long as the discussion remains respectful. I f. e.immensely enjoy Lina’s insights into the Democratic Party’s Presidential Beauty Contest and would miss her contributions if she decided to refrain from providing information in the future. And kudos to both Lina and Shevek, who agree on hardly anything but always kept the discussions polite and respectful. And yes, I have heavily criticized and sometimes mocked the British media because I think that their coverage of the political discourse in the UK is biased to an extent that brings it close to comedy. However, I have never criticized or insulted anyone who supports Brexit, even though I think that it is a terrible decision for the UK. I love the United Kingdom very much, and that is the precise reason why I am passionate about this issue. I even discussed Brexit without any bad words with M*x when he was still around. But then, all of a sudden and out of nowhere, we got comments that didn’t debate facts and opinions but attacked/mocked people for being left-wing populists and God knows what. That made me angry because I think that everyone should be allowed to express his or her opinion without being personally attacked. That made me very angry and led to a comment that I shouldn’t have phrased the way I did, and as a result of this insight I decided to keep quiet afterwards. I didn’t read the discussion that ensued thereafter either.

    None of us like all the topics discussed here but there should be room for everything and everyone as long as comments remain within the framework of ET’s rules imo. I for example do not like loads of pictures depicting half-naked men (at least not on ET …). I feel uncomfortable with porn and sex talk too because I am not interested in the sexual preferences of people I do not intend to become intimate with and because such comments make me feel voyeuristic, but that’s just me. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with talking about sex or that I would ask people to refrain from posting what they enjoy talking about. That would be a silly and condescending approach. I simply skip the passages of the comment section addressing the issues I am not interested in, and I think that this is a good strategy because it allows me to enjoy my time on ET more.

    • I agree. I enjoy the political discourse I have with you, Shevek, and the many others who I’ve discussed it with, and I have never felt attacked or offended by anyone’s comments, and I hope I never made anyone feel that way either. It is something a few of us enjoy talking about, and we cannot pretend that every other conversation on here is entirely on topic to Eurovision. I don’t think it’s exactly fair for one topic to become blacklisted for being off-topic, while we are very often off-topic with other things. I scroll past most discussions of sex and men just because I don’t think I’d be comfortable taking part in them, and if people do not want to talk about politics then they can do the same. As long as the conversations always stay civil and respectful (which the vast majority of them have been, apart from some isolated incidents), I do not see a problem. This is my one only real outlet to discuss topics I am interested in like politics, and I would be very disappointed to lose that.

    • Yes, primaries are like beauty contests in some ways. :) I am not a big fan of American-style primaries, because they take too long and can do more harm than good, imo.

      • You will like to learn that there was a portrait of Mr. Buttigieg on ARD’s main news site the other day.

      • I agree they are very drawn out but I do see some positives to that. Biden would have been an easy winner if the primaries only lasted a few months. I also enjoy that power is (for the most part) concentrated entirely within voters rather than party elites (apart from superdelegates which have mostly been done away this year).

        • I think the bigger problem is not as much the presidential primary being drawn out but the general 365/24-7 campaign esp in tRump „era“… and this really mainly is for us political junkies and people in IA and NH being bombarded with ads; vast majority of common voters will know Biden and Sanders max.
          Also it’s not a beauty contest or Booker would have this sewn up.

        • It has its advantages, yes. Portuguese primaries go on for 3 months which is more than enough.

    • One doesn’t have to check far to see what you are talking about here (comments mocking progressive people like we are on the daily mail or fox news comment section), they can see them on this very page.

  13. The official music video for Gena’s song in case anyone needed a good laugh:

  14. Tornike Kipiani keeps topping and topping every live show. Seems we got an artist.

  15. Finally listened to the Albanian hopefuls and I must say that I find the line-up so-so at best. That’ll probably change when I see the lives *fingers crossed*. Right now Valon Shehu, Sara Bajraktari and Era Rusi are the ones that stuck out to me.

    On another note these are the 10 most played songs of the past season according to my playlist:

    01. Saulės Kliošas – “Laiko mašina” (beautifully sung and catchy earworm)
    02. USNK – “Posztolj” (quite a surprise as I didn’t like them at first and rap’s not my genre)
    03. Acoustic Planet – “Nyári zápor” (huge grower, didn’t notice it until July/August)
    04. Conan Osiris – “Telemóveis”
    05. Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – “Sebi”
    06. The Sign – “Ő” (kinda monotonous, but I like the beat and the singer’s voice)
    07. Aysat – “Comme une grande” (the best French NF song, great choreography)
    08. Okustični – “Metulji plešejo” (very down-to-earth, reminds me of the band Texas)
    09. Yuko – “Galyna guliala” (this and their follow-up “Vesnianka” were my spring anthems)
    10. Raiven – “Kaos” (also grew on me with time as I didn’t like the live performance)

  16. Speaking of the discussion above, I think the main exercise is to reach “alt med måde”.

    This is a Eurovision related forum, but if only Eurovision is discussed, it would be boring (well, at least for my part since I don’t enjoy that contest very much anymore), so there should always be room for discussing other topics.

    But as with everything else, it’s about finding the right balance, and if there is too much of a particular thing (be it male hotties, British/American politics, the best ways to cook a lobster or – for my own part – celebration of classic rock anniversaries, and old rusty Toyotas), it can become a bit tiring. It is also clear, that not everyone can be interested in all discussions, and naturally I skip a lot of stuff. No big deal.

    There should be room for everything, including the above.

    • <3 <3 <3

    • Old, rusty Toyotas immediately made me think of this:

      And my favourite classic Toyota apart from the 5th gen Celica:

      • Yeah, 70’s Cressida Coupé rocks. Fantastic colour in this one!

        • It’s a shame these cars had lousy rustproofing – just like all cars from that era.

          • It is. Seems that only couple of Volvos, Saabs and MB’s survived from that era with heavy restoration. Such a great underrated decade in car designs.

            • Image is the watchword. Japanese cars never were desirable and considered worth saving from the scrapyard.
              As for the designs of that era I’m not that fond of Datsun’s baby steps to the European market, but in general I prefer 1970s design to the bulky appearance of today’s cars.

            • Image is the watch word and still hardly no Citroën CX’s survived. It’s always magical moment if you ever catch one.
              Rice paper and Tokyo by night were the catch phrases and there might have been some truth when it comes to materials used or tiny gadgets and lights included

            • 😄
              La beauté sauvage. Not so long ago I saw an early CX, chocolate brown with silver wheel caps. Choices, but still a magical moment.
              The thing with Citroëns and any French or Italian car in the executive segment that their relevance faded with every generation. Plus the CX always had been overshadowed by the DS although selling reasonably well.

            • It has but CX still the true master piece of futuristic car designs. Simply stunning. I saw bright blue one last summer in Stockholm.
              There is a story about Maserati Biturbo that wives always got them in the divorce. There is a good reason why fortunes of Italian and French cars faded in executive segment. Quality never matched the price tag and design magic started to erode too.

            • Sad, but true.
              It surely is and kept Citroëns avantgarde image alive back then. Curiously enough the Brits were a bit ahead of the French when British Leyland released the 1800 Berlina-Aerodinamica in the late 60s (with a little help from Pininfarina) or the Triumph SD2. These cars were only built for showroom purpose. British car industry is just another tragic story.

      • The one below is not rusty enough ;)

        • Probably got rusty by 1980 already…
          Have you ever heard of Horopito Motors before? If I ever get to pick New Zealand for VFoS, it’ll be the HQ 😉

          • I haven’t.

            In truth, I am not very much into cars. It was just that I played Japan in the last edition of FdlC, and my spokespersons were Yoko Ono and this nice old feller:

            And really it was just an excuse for sharing one of my favourite Tv-2 songs:

            • Poor thing.
              I knew only one album by TV-2: Slaraffenland and I like the song “Aldrig gi mig chancen igen” on it. I didn’t know they did new wave, too.

            • They originally started in the 70’s as a progressive rock band called Taurus, but in 1980 they changed name to Tv-2 and changed style completely, under the influence of new wave. This song is the title track from their first album as Tv-2.

              Slaraffenland is not one of their best imo., but they are very much an institution in Denmark, especially due to Steffen Brandt’s intelligent lyrics.

            • What’s Fantastiske Toyota about? Has it something to do with the Yellow Peril?

              I’ve had no other point of reference other than Slaraffenland. That’s the album my Danish friend gave me to listen to. It’s ok, but it didn’t raise my interest for the band, either.

            • Well, in their early years no one really knew what they were doing. Probably not even themselves. This is the lyrics:

              “Monday morning, off-school
              We go to the beach holding hands
              Out by the stream, by the fisherman’s house you know
              There is a yellow Morris Sinca Escort

              No, as we get closer, I can see
              it is a grey-green Japanese of the Toyota brand
              with good driving abilities, forwards and backwards
              parked in the sand, gazing at the water

              A bottle of Port wine, a hand grabbing it
              I look out from my eyballs, look away and get frightened
              behind toned windows, sedated eyes
              that see nothing, apart from/across the sea

              Fantastic Toyota, that it is possible
              to be sitting all alone on a Monday before noon
              I grab the hand more tightly, and we leave the beach
              Hold each others hands when you go to the beach

              Fantastic Toyota
              Fantastic Toyota
              Fantastic Toyota
              Fantastic Toyo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo

              Fantastic Toyota…

            • Tak for den oversættelse!
              It’s a cool song I must say, I like the intro. Not so much the repetitiveness. And concerning the lyrics I can’t figure them out, either 😌 But I like the part with the Morris Simca Escort. Total nonsense as there’s no such car. The Simca brand was dead by 1981, Morris got stamped a few years later. And then he realizes it’s a Toyota. So I guess it kinda has to do something with the technological lead of the Japanese back then. Or maybe they just liked the name Toyota,

            • The album even includes a song partly in German: “Dazu eisgekühltes Coca Cola” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnoQHRzOPyo

            • “Durst macht Spaß mit Fanta”
              Yes, I’ve seen that one when reading the tracklst of “Fantastiske Toyota”. I’m listening to the full album now :)

    • wait, there are WRONG ways to cook a lobster?

  17. 28 songs procede to the auditions phase of Supernova. The final will take place on February 8.

  18. Really Labour? Rebecca Long Bailey? Angela Rayner? Lisa Nandy? Then you can just keep Mr. Corbyn. They all seem to be so tight and unrelatable, like people who would support the idea of taxing laughing and having fun.

    You need someone who is likeable, relatable and non-ideological now. Jess Philips or Keir Starmer f. e.

    • Nobody wants to lead Labour atm. They’ve gone too far to the left and the Tories have already started to sound more moderate.

      • Johnson had quite a few references to Blair in his speeches, not just the visit to his old seat in Sedgefield.
        Moderate labour big wigs are campaigning heavily in social media to get new moderate members to join and old ones to come back. It’s the only way to turn the tables. Still defeat was so big that they probably won’t recover fast especially as the fractions of the party are much wider apart at tje moment. It took them four elections to get back on their feet after ’79. But maybe start looking outside Islington this time around.

        • They’ve probably lost the next election as well. They have to get their act together and learn to read the voters better.

          • Oh yes, being attached to affluent metropolitan middle class, fixated on promoting real or imagined victimhood, OTTing in political correctness and in infantile leftie agit prop might have done the job for the next election too. Like I said before, Labour has only won by being moderate. Momentum and Manifesto have to go if they want to get their head above the water. It’s sad to see Corbyn’s and his allies sorry not sorry attitude towards the lost. It makes things only worse,

      • I don’t think that ‘too far left’ is the issue here. Mr Corbyn was. Someone like Jess P. could have sold the Labour manifesto successfully imo.

        • We’ll never know, but I am convinced that the Labour manifesto was a big mistake. I hope the Democrats in the USA draw the obvious conclusions, imo.

          • Do you like Arilena Ara’s entry from 2020 FiK – “Shaj”?
            Wold you prefer her to Elvana Gjata in Rotterdam for Albania?

            • I do. I would, but I haven’t listened to the lives yet.

            • Here is the snippet of Elvana Gjata’s rehearsal! With orchestra.. :O

              I have to admit I liked it, it sounds exotic and vocals are really good..
              But when that “Eleni Foureira” music kicks in,.. arrrgh..
              Arilena Ara is usually very good live..she had opportunity to sing in front of 100 000 persons in moscow this summer! :O She is popular in Russia and Eastern Europe..
              I personally think she would be better option for Albania, but who asks me.. :P
              I hope they won’t argue about results later.. ;)

            • Thanks, Marko. The vocals seem to be good.

        • Exactly. Labour payed their unclear and unstable position on brexit. But it makes sense the tory-lite factions will try to put that on the overall agenda of the party as “too far left”. All that happened is that the Labour party returned to its roots of being an actual Labour party and not Tories in everything but party colour and seating in parliament as they were under Blair. If they attempt to “moderate” (also become again tory-lite) they will lose even worse next time around – why vote for the invitation instead of the real right wing thing (aka Tories) ?
          I hope Labour resist the call to become what they were under Blair. Voters must have a choice when the Johnson administration collapses under the burden of its lies and brexit deceptions.

        • Also if they abandon their social progressive stance and start using the far right mantras repeated a lot in this thread (“political correctness”, “victimhood” etc) they can kiss urban voters goodbye. The Greens are ready to welcome these voters.

          • Interesting times lie ahead for sure …

            • Always remember, “may you live in interesting times” is meant as a curse rather than a blessing. How times change – remember how when the Wall and European communism fell along with it, there was talk of “the end of history”?!

            • That’s the precise reason I used this phrase. I don’t have much hope for a bright future atm. And all that talk of “the end of history” was scandalously naive. Everyone with a working brain knew that back then because globalization and digitalization had already begun. In all of human history … history has never ended. It only took a rest for 200 years once, when Augustus became Roman emperor.

              I would give my right hand and my left eye if I got the chance to talk to Augustus …

            • Well it all seems to run in cycles – which are bound to escalate and collapse more quickly with digitalization.
              Got a new laptop and this digital set-up is moving more slowly than I want because I always customize so much grrrr.

            • “Well it all seems to run in cycles – which are bound to escalate and collapse”

              That doesn’t sound good to me … sounds a bit like BSE.

  19. Night 1:
    Nadia/Genc Tukici
    Sara Bajraktari
    Devis Xherahu
    Kamela Islamaj
    Bojken Lako
    Elvana Gjata
    Aldo Bardhi
    Renis Gjoka
    Albërie Hadërgjonaj

    Night 2:
    Kastro Zizo
    Tiri Gjoci
    Olta Boka
    Era Rusi
    Wendi Mancaku
    Robert Berisha
    Eli Fara/Stresi
    Arilena Ara
    Valon Shehu

  20. Guys, neither Hulluna nor I want to spend our entire Sunday deleting comments, so now grow a pair and understand when I say nicely to be quiet, else I have to ask not so nicely to shut the hell up already

  21. Since we’re in this time of the year, what does the younger generation think of the holiday season?

  22. @ Hjallis

    :O SHE is in Amsterdam! <3

    And with Edsilia Rombley!! :O <3


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