Albania: FiK 58 Songs Revealed!

logoAlbania – After revealing the list of this year’s 20 entrants for FIK 58, the songs have now been published as well. Festivali i Këngës will be used once again to select Albania’s entrant for Rotterdam, though it is unclear if it’s the winner that will go to the contest or another one selected specifically for Eurovision.

We thought that maybe the tragic events would push FiK to early 2020 but it has been reported that the contest will take place as scheduled originally, on the 19th, 20th and 22nd of December 2019. It’s often the case that Albania is the first to pick, since their Festivali i Këngës is older than their esc participation and takes place around Christmas. In 2019, the 58th edition of the contest will select their 2020 entry to Rotterdam, though it’s still unclear whether it’ll be the winner or if another entry will be selected insted, as it was the case for San Remo in the early years of Italy’s return to the contest in 2011, or as it happened in 2015 when the winner went with a different song to Vienna. Moreover, we could get a revamp, or a move to English, as it happened before; however, the fact that Albania qualified twice in a row in Albanian could prevent them from making that move.

  • Albërie Hadërgjonaj – “Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua” (Where To Find Someone To Love)
  • Aldo Bardhi – “Melodi” (Melody)
  • Arilena Ara – “Shaj” (Shout)
  • Bojken Lako – “Malaseen” (You Left It Seen)
  • Devis Xherahu – “Bisedoj me serenatën” (Talking With Serenade)
  • Eli Fara & Stresi – “Bohemë” (Bohemian)
  • Elvana Gjata – “Me tana” (Me Tana)
  • Era Rusi – “Eja merre” (Come And Get It)
  • Gena – “Shqiponja e lirë” (Free Eagle)
  • Kamela Islamaj – “Më ngjyros” (Colour Me)
  • Kanita Suma – “Ankth” (Anxiety)
  • Kastro Zizo – “Asaj” (Her)
  • Nadia & Genc Tukiçi – “Ju flet Tirana” (Tirana Calling)
  • Olta Boka – “Botë për dy” (Writings On The Wall)
  • Renis Gjoka – “Loja” (The Game)
  • Robert Berisha – “Ajo nuk është unë” (She Is Not Me)
  • Sara Bajraktari – “Ajër” (Air)
  • Tiri Gjoci – “Me gotën bosh” (With Empty Glass)
  • Valon Shehu – “Kutia e Pandorës” (Pandora’s Box)
  • Wendi Mancaku – “Ende” (Still)

You can read more about the entries on FiK’s official site here. You can check the songs on RTSH’s official YouTube page, here’s the playlist:

So what do you think of this year’s line-up? Whom do you want to see in Rotterdam? Who will win?

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699 comments on “Albania: FiK 58 Songs Revealed!

  1. There are rumors in Ukraine, Verka’s new hit “Make it rain Champagne” will be contestant of Vidbir 2020!

  2. We can almost already say that we have representative of Georgia in Rotterdam!

    Tornike won 5 shows in a row in Georgian Idol.

    He tried to represent Georgia in 2017 already with this song,a nd was 16th in the final (out of 25):

  3. 4 artists to complete the Australian line-up have been revealed. I think the entry of one of them is this one:

  4. Who will be watching FiK?

  5. If anyone is interested this profile has all rehearsal videos of FiK performances: https://instagram.com/euroshqip?igshid=1kacp0cljcxbl

  6. OGAE Serbia forum voted 80% for Elvana Gjata in FiK 2020 poll! LOL :D
    ESC United poll, she also won, but in points, because it is voting from 1 to 12 Eurovision style..

  7. FiK jury will be s jury of 5: 2 Albanian, 3 International. The 3 internationals are:

    Dimitris Kontopolous
    Christer Bjorkman
    Felix Bergsson (Iceland HoD)

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