Eurovision Tickets On Sale 12th December

Eurovision 2020 – The tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 go on sale next week, on 12th December from 12.00 (CET). Prices will cost between €18.50 and €248.50.

No ticketing agency has been announced as yet for international fans although Dutch fans can buy from http://www.tickets.songfestival.nl. International customers must join a virtual queueing system via the main Eurovision website before 12.00(CET). At 12.00(CET) they will be allocated randomly into the queue. Anyone joining after 12.00 (CET) goes to the back of the queue.

There will be standing and seated tickets. Some nearer the stage have restricted views due to the LED screens. You can only buy 4 tickets per person and tickets must be personalised. A second batch will be released in January, and a third batch in March.

Once your order has been paid, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic. To receive your tickets, you must first personalise your tickets, and this is possible from December 16th. For this you will receive a separate email with a link. To name you, you need this information for all persons: first name, last name, gender and date of birth. After personalisation of all tickets you will receive an email to download your tickets. ID could then be requested at the show to check your name matches the ticket.

Executive Producer, Sietse Bakker, told Dutch newspaper AD, “We want to keep the event accessible. It should not be something for the happy few.”

Prices are as follows:

  • Semi-final family shows: €18.50 – €58.50
  • Grand final family show:  €48.50 – €98.50
  • Jury shows: €28.50 – €108.50
  • Semi-finals:  €68.50 – €158.50
  • Grand final: €88.50 – €248.50

esc prices

You can pay for your tickets through, among others, the following, known payment methods:
iDEAL, Paypal, Credit card (Mastercard & Visa), Sofortuberweisung and Bancontact.

2000 ticket packages are available for the OGAE fan clubs and cost €799 for three live shows and three rehearsals. The Dutch fan club, which has one of the biggest memberships, has been allocated 400 packages.

500 tickets for the grand final and 1000 tickets for every other show will be given away free to some lucky low-income Rotterdam residents.

A total of 9 shows are open to the public.

1st Semi-Final
1st Semi-Final Jury show, Monday evening 11 May, show start at 9 p.m.
1st Semi-Final Family show, Tuesday afternoon, May 12, start show 3:00 PM
1st Semi-Final LIVE show, Tuesday evening May 12, show start at 9:00 PM

2nd Semi-Final
2nd Semi-Final Jury show, Wednesday evening May 13, start show at 9:00 PM
2nd Semi-Final Family show, Thursday afternoon May 14, show start at 3:00 PM
2nd Semi-Final LIVE show, Thursday evening May 14, show start at 9 p.m.

GRAND Final:
GRAND Final Jury show, Friday evening May 15, start show at 9:00 PM
GRAND Final Family show, Saturday afternoon, May 16, show start at 1:30 PM
GRAND Final LIVE show, Saturday evening May 16, show start at 9:00 PM

Good luck everyone trying to buy tickets next week!

8 comments on “Eurovision Tickets On Sale 12th December

  1. Ok, the chase for the ticket for the final begins again! :P

    Limited view for me, I will be satisfied with budget ticket.. “D

    They should introduce budget category for us, NON EU countries’ residents.. :P

    • Be happy that Iceland or Norway didn’t win.

      • Yeah I know :P :D
        If Iceland won I’d go to Iceland, but instead of ESC ticket I’d go to 3 X day trips (tours)…I wouldn’t waste money for esc ticket then.. :D

        What do you think those: “Beperkt zicht plekken” are all right, not that bad?

        • How I understand it those spots are close to the stage but you won’t experience the big LED effects and so on.

          • Hmmmm, I don’t mind that much for LED effects live…I think I’ll try to buy that one..
            For the difference between these two I can go to Brussels <3 one whole day with train for example! :)
            If I manage to book the ticket I will try for the final only, for 2nd semi I will go to Eurovision village, I have a feelin' it will be organized great! :)

      • Last year I paid cca 270 eur for esc final ticket, and it was upper part.. :O :/

  2. I’ll probably get the 88.50

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