Eurovision 2020: Stage Design Revealed for Rotterdam

Eurovision 2020 – The host broadcaster for Rotterdam, AVROTROS, has today revealed the stage design that will be used for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The design is yet again signed by Florian Wieder and it’s supposed to showcase the “the typical Dutch flat landscape”.

So what do you think of this design?

338 comments on “Eurovision 2020: Stage Design Revealed for Rotterdam

  1. Edsilia’s 1998 entry is my 1998 winner so I’m excited for her, don’t know how good she is as a host though. Jan Smit was expected but meh and I don’t know Chantal, but that promo image they released of the three of them makes them look like a very cohesive and put together trio.

  2. These days, the news about Severina are shaking the music scene of ex Yugoslavia, she lost her child on court…
    The court has given him to the father, who is from Serbia..

    This is song she released about that…very interesting:

  3. So no Carice van Houten or Michael Huisman for hosts… I think it would be pretty cool for NLD to land it’s two GoT stars for the hosting part. Plus I would love to see especially her on that stage, she is iconic.

    When it comes to the hosts they did choose I don’t really have an opinion, except that the guy gives me some lameness vibes?

  4. The stage is a big no from me. Cold, clinical and uninviting. Why can we never have something cozy, warm, organic and intimate?

  5. I’ve just noticed Albanian NF is called something different 🙄 when are they choosing, this weekend?

    • Donny said yesterday that due to the recent earthquake they may move it to late January instead of December 21-23.

      • I saw some pictures and thought it would be happening this weekend, thanks

        • That’s Kenga Magjike, another music festival in Albania. Supposedly William/Deban are part of the jury this year for it even though it had no affiliation with ESC lol

  6. Sums up the world we are living in these days perfectly. Brilliant! :(

  7. Has anyone mentioned yet that last year’s Belarusian spokesman has been elected MP in Belarus?
    She is dating the president.

  8. Edsilia two weeks ago on Dutch radio

    This is still the best song we ever send to eurovision. Great lyrics also, great flow of words and unlike other songs (Amsterdam and De Troubadour I am looking at you) they also make sense.

  9. According to Spotify, my top artists listened to this year were:

    1. James Blake
    2. Drake
    3. Future
    4. Khalid
    5. Kanye West

    In case anyone doubts what my favourite genres are 😂😂

    • Soldi and Arcade cracked my Top 5 most listened songs this year as well!

    • 1. Anderson.Paak
      2. Chris Stapleton
      3. Kanye West
      4. Flying Lotus
      5. Willie Nelson

      A bit of a two trick pony here, but hey I got diversity compared to you 😃

    • Donny, according to ESC Portugal, the rehearsals have already started in Albania. Are the songs about to be released?

      • Yeah they started yesterday, and the dates are officially staying the same after they talked with the Albanian government.

        Today they started a preview show they’re having every night to interview the artists. I think songs will be released some point next week.

        Elvana Gjata and Arilena Ara are the obvious big favourites but I’d say those to watch out for are Kastro Zizo, Kanita, and Aldo Bardhi.

    • 1. Lana Del Rey
      2. Kate Bush
      3. Charli XCX
      4. Lily Allen
      5. Björk

      Very different from yours :P

      • Lana Del Ray is great, I always try to listen to more of her stuff.

      • Kate Bush is one of my all time favourites, glad to see her on your list. Lana we already talked about. F***ing Norman Rockewell is one my top albums this year.
        Hey, what’s your favourite Kate Bush album? Mine’s The Dreaming, The Kick Inside comes very close.

        • I adore Kate Bush. She’s such an influential artist that so many female alt-pop singers of the 2010s should be thankful for. Picking a favorite album of hers is so hard it’s like picking my favorite child lol. My love for 80s music loves Hounds of Love of love a lot because of all the synths, but recently I’ve stepped away from it. I’d say I’m torn between The Dreaming and The Kick Inside because they’re both such classic Kate, but I also love The Red Shoes so I think that’d be my top four.

          • Yes, Kate is such a trail blazer and god mother for all these fantastic female alt-pop artist/auteurs that came after her. It’s good to remember that she was anomaly in 70’s and 80’s writing and producing her music and having total artistic control of it starting from Never Forever. Hounds of Love is such a fantastic classic but also MTV classic that finally made her also in US market. Never Forever and Sensual World finalises my top 5. I think she only has done different shades of great albums.
            Special thanks here goes to EMI, who nurtured her for two years in her musical and perfornative skills after hearing her phenomenal demos before launching her.

      • Also was huge fan of Björk’s up end of last decade. We separeted amicably 😃

        • I do love electronic music but Björk’s recent music is just a bit too electronic for me lol. Her 90s albums like Debut and Post are some of my favorite albums ever though. I think “Venus as a Boy” and “Hyperballad” are two of my favorite songs of all time. Also love her work with The Sugarcubes a lot.

          • Debut and Post for me too. I also love Medúlla and Vespertine. And yeah, The Sugarcubes were great too. Highly talented, influential and wonderfully weird, what’s not to love?
            Here’s little nod to our beloved Greek Mafia. Excellent choice!

    • I mostly use Spotify for music I don’t have on a physical media (LP or CD – my tape recorder hasn’t been working properly for some time), despite paying a minor monthly fee to avoid commercials between songs. My most recently played album on Spotify was Slowhand by Eric Clapton.

  10. I like it a lot from what we see. Reminds me of Ireland’s stagings in the 90s. Millstreet vibes.

  11. Fik dates will not change

  12. An interesting artist joining “Australia Decides” line-up:

  13. I am finally done exams this semester and before I go home for the holidays I am visiting Paris for the first time tomorrow! Just my luck there is a national strike going on now haha

  14. FiK songs officially out December 9.

    Arilena Ara revealed her song is a RnB ballad in the same vein as “Nentori”, and is composed by Darko Dimitrov.

  15. I LUV Fifi’s song – “Marova” at this year Kenga Magjike!

    If Fifi is good live I’d like to see her at ESC! :)

    • She’s so-so live. She’s had interest in doing FiK before but nothing has resulted so far. She wrote the lyrics for Robert Berisha’s song this year in FiK.

      • She’s from Kosovo or Albania?
        I saw her video of “Oj Zogo” recorded at Tirana central square…
        That song “Oj zogo” is that some traditional Albanian song, I see many different singers perform it in traditional costumes… What it is about?

    • Yeap, that’s good!

  16. I really like what I see on pictures:)

  17. Congratulations to Tom Waits who turns 70 today :)

  18. Eneda Tarifa who took part at 2016 FIK won Kenga Magjike…
    Fifi is 2nd.. :( I wanted her to win..
    Tamara Todevska won for International artist..

  19. I still can’t believe San Marino was 10th with televoting in 2019!
    I wonder what will be their next entry..

  20. This sounds intriguing to me (from FiK):

    Nadia & Genc Tukiçi – “Ju flet Tirana” (Tirana Calling)

    :) :D

  21. One more interesting thing is Elvana Gjata’s song title – “Me tana” is in Gheg dialect which is spoken in Kosovo..
    She wrote her entry and is definitely one of huge faves to win FiK 2020..

    • Gheg is not just spoken in Kosovo. The Tosk dialect is what standard Albanian is based on, but more people natively speak Gheg than Tosk. Tosk is confined to southern Albania, while Gheg is spoken in central and northern Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania but still is Gheg-speaking.

      • Thank you Lina..
        What I wrote, this is what an ESC fan from Kosovo on escunited told me.. :)

        You speak Gheg or Tosk?
        Your parents are from which part? :)

        Will you listen to FiK songs now?
        I can’t wait to see your opinion..
        My top 5 is:
        1) Albërie Hadërgjonaj – “Ku ta gjej dikë ta dua”
        2) Devis Xherahu “Bisedoj me serenatën”
        3) Sara Bajraktari “Ajër”
        4) Kanita Suma – “Ankth”
        5) Arilena Ara – “Shaj”

        close behind them:

        6) Olta Boka – “Shkrime në mur”

        • My dad’s from Tirana so it’s the Tirana dialect which is like Southern Gheg (or Central Gheg I’ve heard both terms to describe it I believe). But I like went through a rebellious phase when I was young and basically wanted to stop being Albanian lol so I’d only ever speak in English and so my proficiency decreased a lot, but I’ve relearned a bit using standard Albanian; I’m kind of a total mix and you can tell I’m not a native when I speak which is embarrassing lol. My mom is Polish/Lithuanian but when she was dating my dad she tried to learn Albanian (his parents speak English but his grandparents did not), and she’s not completely fluent or anything but she learned using just standard Albanian.

          I’ll listen to the songs now :)

      • Also here in Serbia, Bujanovac, Preshevo and Medvedja municipalities, I suppose it is Gheg..

      • I did not know that. One is always learning around here. :)

  22. For those who don’t know him yet, Kevin Aymoz, 22, snatched the bronze medal of the Grand Prix Finale behind the two current biggest stars in figure skating (2x World Champion Nathan Chen, and 2x Olympic winner Yuzuru Hanyu):

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