Estonia: Eesti Laul Songs Revealed

Estonia – The 24 songs that will take place in the two semi-finals of Eesti Laul have been revealed by ERR, the Estonian broadcaster. The winner will present Estonia in Rotterdam at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

178 entires were received by the broadcaster. The actual running order will be released later, but the 24 acts are as follows:

Semi-final 1 – 13th February

  • Anett x Fredi – ‘Write About Me
  • Egert Milder – ‘Georgia (On My Mind)
  • INGA – ‘Right Time
  • Jennifer Cohen – ‘Ping Pong
  • Kruuv – ‘Leelo
  • Laura – ‘Break Me
  • Little Mess – ‘Without a Reason
  • Rasmus Rändvee – ‘Young
  • Renate – ‘Videomäng
  • Revals – ‘Kirjutan Romaani
  • Stefan – ‘By My Side
  • Synne Valtri ft. Väliharf – ‘Majakad

Semi-final 2 – 15th February

  • German & Violina – ‘Heart Winder
  • Inger – ‘Only Dream
  • Jaagup Tuisk – ‘Beautiful Lie
  • Janet – ‘Hingeland
  • Mariliis Jõgev – ‘Unistustes
  • Merilin Mälk – ‘Milkon Sammu
  • SHIRA – ‘Out in Space
  • Traffic – ‘Üks kord veel
  • Uku Suviste – ‘Where Love Is
  • Uudo Sepp – ‘I’m Sorry. I Messed Up
  • Viinerid – ‘Kapa Kohi-LA
  • Ziggy Wild – ‘Lean on Me

The grand final of Eesti Laul will be held on 29th February 2020.

All of the songs can be listened to HERE.

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133 comments on “Estonia: Eesti Laul Songs Revealed

  1. OMG, Zdravko Colic (Yugoslavia 1983), sold out 4 concerts in Belgrade Arena in December, now the 5th concert is on sale.. :O
    The biggest star of Ex Yugoslavia WITH NO DOUBTS!

  2. Anddd I just found out that the song I was planning so eagerly and had high hopes for the next ETSC edition has already been at VFoS… *Sigh*

  3. Reading through the comments I am not exatly highly motivated to check them out.

  4. Not being able to find ONE song among 24 is worrying…Victor! I miss you!

  5. Rotterdam stage:

    • I couldn’t listen to them yet, except “Beautiful Lie” because everyone kept mentioning it, and it’s great and he’s hot!

      • Well there’s a great sense of opportunism in it that I just don’t appreciate at all, but then the backing voices do make it sound stronger and more dramatic at some key points than Arcade does. So it’s still among my 6 favourites from EL this year.

  6. EL 2020 song review (finally) : Part 1

    – Anett x Fredi – ‘Write About Me’ : Lyrics are pretty mediocre but the voice colour is interesting. Could work live if the vocals can be delivered. No winning material though – 6/10
    – Egert Milder – ‘Georgia (On My Mind)’ : Nice video. He is very likable and the song is really up my alley. I wish it was a bit more upbeat at the chorus – but it has that indie quality I expect from EL – 7.5/10
    – INGA – ‘Right Time’ : I feel I kind of hear the same song 3 times in a row in a way tbh. Quirky, mid tempo and with nice vocals but I hope there is ome variation from now on. Inga is as likable as the last time but this song is definately worse than her previous effort. – 5.5/10
    – Uku Suviste – ‘Where Love Is’ : I can see the Kontopoulos rumours having some validity here tbh, it does have that feel. That said, I do like the song, I love the honest delivery at the verses mostly, there is a charming simplicity to them. Chorus is not that great though and video is pretentious. – 7/10
    – Synne Valtri ft. Väliharf – ‘Majakad‘ : Definately a more memorable effort compared to her song last year. It is kind of dated and pompous but it will have an audience and can stand out. Nice build up and the vocal blend is interesting. – 7+/10
    – Stefan – ‘By My Side’ : We are back to the mood of the first 3 songs but I love the orchestration in this one. Just a simple yet enticing guitar melody. The song is not groundbreaking but it is touching to me (unlike Inga’s) – but then I am a sucker for such songs. – 7.5/10
    – Jennifer Cohen – ‘Ping Pong’ : Well the concept is as cheesy as they go. Some allegories work (see “Arcade”) and some just make you cringe (this one). It’s a very catchy song and I like the layed back attitude but the lyrics really dont help it. Hope she tries again with another song cause I like her though – 6/10
    – Kruuv – ‘Leelo’ : That really put a smile on my face :) Goofy but such a cosy tune and self aware of its lightness. It’s not gonna win or anything but it has a nice layed back country feel to it and doesn’t pretend to be anything more (plus the video has kittens in it). Lovely. – 7+/10
    – Viinerid – ‘Kapa Kohi-LA’ : Ok…Well it got my attention but we are at this very left field territory of EL I do not always enjoy or get. This is one of those I don’t get and I would need to read the lyrics probably. Not my cup of tea musically and sausages are not my favourite food either – 3/10
    – Janet – ‘Hingeland’ : Well back to more mainstream stuff. I like how the estonian sound (as almost always) but little more here. Nothing memorable. Her voice is ok but this feels like little more than filler. Enjoyable while it lasts but mediocre in every way – 5/10

    • Part 2 :

      – Ziggy Wild – ‘Lean on Me’ : rofl. Ok going 80s is not bad but this is hilariously bad in how hard it tries. Aesthetics, music, lyrics everything tries too hard to be this retro. Back in the days it was probably revolutionary, now in a more liberal social context it feels unnecessary especially when not done well and ends up that cringry – 3.5/10
      – Rasmus Rändvee – ‘Young’ : It’s Rasmus so expectations are big. It’s not on the level of his excellent 2017 entry but he is so charismatic he lifts up the song as well. His voice is very distinct and I really like its robustness. The song is country-ish with decent lyrics. He could really lift it live. Overall I am satisfied. Kind of reminds me of the ETSC 4 winner as well – 7.5+/10
      – Uudo Sepp – ‘I’m Sorry. I Messed Up’ : Well..he is very cute :p The song follows a similar tempo as many this year in EL I think. It’s one of the better ones but the chorus is weird, kind of doesn’t flow well melodically. Stefan did it better but this is a decent enough affort as well. – 7-/10
      – Mariliis Jõgev – ‘Unistustes’ : Quite dated but jolly and she is likable. Not too memorable but this is another artist that I hope tries with something better later. Her presence and voice are promising – 6/10
      – Merilin Mälk – ‘Milkon Sammu’ : A similar feel to the previous one and Janet’s. The chorus is more memorable but overal nothing too exciting or creative. She also tries too hard to push the sexy thing, it’s not natural to her imo – 5/10
      – Renate – ‘Videomäng’ : She looks like Evanescence’s Amy Lee a bit. The concept of the video is interesting and overall not a bad effort musically either. I am not sure it manages to stand out but her velvet voice just elevates it. Conveys a nice ethereal feel overall. – 7/10
      – Revals – ‘Kirjutan Romaani’ : That voice is very interesting. Raspy, memorable. And the girl doing the backing vocals is good as well. The song is not great but I enjoy the feeling and energy they as artists convey – I feel the investment and it really feels like their song – 6.5/10
      – SHIRA – ‘Out in Space’ : Very interesting. Atmospheric and imposing. Her voice colour while not unique for sure really adds to the feeling especially at the verses. The song in terms of lyrics is not excellent but it has its quirkyness and the overall impression is very very solid. A big yesr from me – 8/10
      – Traffic – ‘Üks kord veel’ : Another favourite returning artist.And I am not dissapointed. This has the feel “Für Elise” had. The verses are refined and simple and the chorus adds the extra punch needed. Very country-like as well in a good way. Traffic deliver yet again. – 7.5+/10
      – Jaagup Tuisk – ‘Beautiful Lie’ : The one everyone talks about online. I can see why. Maybe its the video as well which is excellent in everyway that adds something. Unusual build up, no discernable chorus imo and the verses feel so intimate and are very well delivered. The bridge with the chorus-like vocals adds this extra element needed. Yes all the way, this can win this easily with the right presentation – 8.5/10

    • Part 3 (I forgot each semi has 12 songs so I have 4 more apparently !) :

      – Little Mess – ‘Without a Reason’ : The verses are good but the chorus is very girl band in not a great, generic way. Keep the red haired girl and give her a good song – solo please. The overall result here is..not good I am afraid. – 5.5-/10
      – Laura – ‘Break Me’ : What…? Laura’s english accent remains annoying imo. She tries to be quirky in the clip I guess ? It has a catchy chorus I will give her that and she delivers it pretty decently. And it gets better as it goes on. I wouldn’t pick it for esc though. – 6.5/10
      – INGA – ‘Right Time’ (*made a mistake in Part 1 where I reviewed Inger – ‘Only Dream’ and mixed up the names of the acts) : Another returnee, a song about growing up, remembering of childhood, motivating yourself to grow etc. It’s ok, not sure it can work live and even then set the scoreboard on fire. Pretty forgettable and gets very boring after a while. Meh – 5.5/10
      – German & Violina – ‘Heart Winder’ : He is very cute as well lol. His energy is great but his accent is kind of funny. It is a bit of a cringy act overall but it adds some variety the show needs for sure. Cute overall – 6+/10

      Overall this is not an amazing EL year but it has some songs that stand out for sure. Jaagup Tuisk, SHIRA , Rasmus Rändvee, Traffic, Stefan and Egert Milder in that order are my top 6 – Jaagup could do well in esc.

      • same favorites, Jaagup with a good live is the easy winner, Rasmus is my runner-up!

        • With Rasmus we know we are going to get a very good live which will make it a real contender. This guy is the bomb on stage. Jaagup seems more of an introvert but this may be exactly what his song needs I don’t know. Plus he will need really good backing vocals to make that bridge sound great live.

        • Same for me!

          Still in love with Rasmus’ ‘This love’ though. Sadly ‘Young’ doesn’t quite catch up.

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