Bulgaria: It’s VICTORIA to Rotterdam!

Bulgaria – At a press conference this morning, Bulgarian broadcaster BNT has announced that Victoria Georgieva known as VICTORIA will represent them in Rotterdam.


VICTORIA shot to fame in Bulgaria when she took part in the 4th series of their XFactor.

She said,

“I am proud to be the Bulgarian artist in Rotterdam. I am privileged to be able to make music that I believe in and to have the freedom to be who I am. Being the Bulgarian ambassador on such a huge stage is a big responsibility, as the Eurovision Song Contest matters to so many people in Bulgaria.”

Here’s a taste of her recent work:

69 comments on “Bulgaria: It’s VICTORIA to Rotterdam!

  1. At least they’re not doing a late dramatic reveal but it could mean it was a “no better option available”

  2. Minor point but does anyone else find the artist’s name in ALL CAPS somewhat annoying?

  3. Good luck, neighbours!

  4. Good luck Bulgaria!
    And don’t forget the Eesti Laul 2020 songs will be presented on Saturday 20:35 CET

  5. Nanne Grönvall, Sonja Aldén και Dotter return to MF.

  6. It will depend on the entry of course, but it can be promising… :)

  7. Smells like a generic pop song in English but I hope that I am wrong.
    Good luck Bulgaria!

  8. Very interesting intro video and I really like what I hear. Bulgaria has set the bar high for itself and I do hope they deliver. This is definately a promising choice. Good luck !

  9. And the song is obviously Victorias secret…

  10. Victoria for Victory?
    Good Luck!

  11. Great! Now let’s have Wictoria from MF too 😜
    On another note, I expect the Bulgarian song revealed as late as possible as usually…

  12. Why do I have feeling that Malta 2021 is totally possible!?

  13. This is so promising. The intro video was very interesting and looks like she’s gonna be taking this seriously, and the song posted is so on trend it sounds like it could go #1 here in the US. Bulgaria is most definitely back, I’m looking forward to this one.

  14. Cool intro. The song below is boring for me.

  15. Good luck, Bugaria!

    P.S. – I hope that VICTORIA’s song is way better than that lifeless piece posted above.

  16. I just checked the short film they posted to introduce her. Quite pretentious for a simple promotion. It seems old habits die hard.

    “I wanna know” is a nondescript piece of international pop. Good enough for a local version of Rihanna perhaps.

  17. My previous VFoS contestants Kogekunst has a new album out. Here is the title track:

  18. With all the MF talk happening around I was wondering where this guy is :

    I like his recent stuff more. He has disappeared from MF for quite a few years now. A pity.

  19. Now Bloomberg has entered the race…yawn. It will never end will it?

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