Congratulations to Junior Eurovision Winner Viki Gabor of Poland!

Junior Eurovision – The final of the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest saw a win for the second year in a row for Poland, with Viki Gabor singing ‘Superhero‘.

A record 3.77 million votes were cast and it came down to a nervous final reveal between Poland and Kazakhstan…

Congratulations to Viki, her team and Poland. Here’s the winning song…

33 comments on “Congratulations to Junior Eurovision Winner Viki Gabor of Poland!

  1. Congratulations to Melanie from Spain and also Yerzhan from Kazakhstan.

    Change this voting system asap – you will be forced to anyway due to withdrawals after the 10th time Poland wins due to an insurmountable online vote victory.

    As I said, even if we take nationalism out of the picture how can in a free-for-all public vote Malta with a population of under 500 thousand people compete with populations of 40 mil people ? There was a reason “voting for your own country” was never a thing in esc and we see why now. And it’s even worse they are doing it in a kids contest where such things should be handled with more care.

    P.S. Jesc has worked as a guinea pig for changes to esc itself sometimes so I hope EBU does not consider bringing such a system to esc.

    • If your theory was correct Russia should be scoring 3x whatever Poland gets.

      • Of course it depends on ratings as well and mentality, that is why the numbers above are just one factor as I said. Rabid nationalism and of course higher viewing figures in Poland were also a big part but none of those factors will change anytime soon so a different result should not be expected.

        We (not me but all of you who deny the reality of the situation) can keep clapping along that everything is fine and fair but the EBU will be faced with some choices soon if it wants to keep its second biggest event in the eurovision family alive. Because a tv product where year after year countries compete and Poland wins at end is not a very attractive contest. I suppose this is the only way it can be phrased for EBU to wake up and smell the coffee.

        In the end if the EBU wants to let this program go down the drain or end up a national polish “pat yourself in the back” celebration its their choice. As I said, they should not consider even for a second to bring something like that in eurovision.

        • Regardless of the competition here (since I don’t know the songs, their hype or lack there of in social media beforehand, the lives), I do think that voting for your own country is Pandora box that the EBU is insane for opening!

          • It didnt make sense from day 1 they introduced it to jesc and the fact they are sticking with it really has me worried they consider something like that as we transition in an era where online or app voting will inevitably be more prevalent and which is unfortunately more easily manipulated than a vote tied to a telephone line or SIM.

          • Agreed and signed.

          • What? JESC does that?! Are they crazy? I am glad I do not waste time with JESC.

            • Anyone from anywhere in the world can give 1 vote to up to 5 countries (must be at least 3) there’s no ranking, so for anyone to vote for Poland they have to give equal votes to at least 2 other countries.

              My 5 countries were Poland, France, Australia, Ireland and Wales.
              As the results show, Brits (one of the largest ESC fandoms) being able to vote for Wales didn’t help them get above 18th out of 19, they actually came last in the public vote.

            • Be that as it may, this choice is wrong and it will end up propping a song up, if it is ggod enough, even if there are others just as good coming from smaller countries.

          • Voting for your own country is a nonsense. I really hope this rule is dropped and not make it’s way into ESC.

      • Also not a “theory” – simple numbers.

        And again I dare the EBU to give us those figures for the online vote. I would be curious to see what excuses I would see written then.

      • It’s not just about the number of inhabitants, but also the interest a country has for the contest, and the power the nationalist ideology has in said country… saying “look at last year” as if last year, or two years ago, the politics (plus economy, sociology etc) of a country doesn’t change in a year or two, isn’t enough, I reckon…

        • the figures of this year and last are really similar as well.

        • Russia is far more nationalist than Poland. Plus the Russian government is actively interested in promoting itself in Eurovision and/or sporting events.

          Plus no one seems able to tell me how come this supposedly insurmountable Polish block that wins every year (literally twice) failed in 2017 under the same system when Poland came 8th out of 16?

          • Again it wasn’t the same thing two years ago I reckon. I also don’t think Russia is at the same place than Poland in terms of what is considered good political agenda. Let’s not forget that comparing Russia and Poland is ridiculous politically considering one is, for better or worse, in the E.U. and one isnt so their European relations wouldn’t be the same. More importantly, I don’t think conspiarcy theories are really what was implied here. Just some diasporas sometimes wake up, and sometimes they don’t. Some people on here said they believe the Polish diaspora, behind the 2016 huge esc success in televote, could be back in jesc, where you can even vote for your own country so it’s not just diaspora. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just saying that your two arguments (2016 was two years ago ; Russia is vastly different than Poland) are not valid to counter that position, not necessarily that I myself agree with it either.

            • You raise a good example of Poland 2016 in the main ESC, we were all told then to expect this Polish wave year after year. But in 2017 they came 22nd and in 2018 and 2019 when this block has supposedly been reawakened they couldn’t even qualify to the final.

              France in JESC has been 2nd and 3rd the same years (2018 and 2019) is there a French block? I’ve voted France and Poland both years and I’m neither French or Polish.

              If JESC 2020 is under the same system and Poland flops what would be the reasoning? 2 years isn’t really enough evidence to draw a pattern.

              Between 2009 and 2011 the UK came top 10 in the televote twice, so the 2010’s decade should have been Top 10 after Top 10 result for the UK based on this logic. Probably all those expats in Spain, Ireland, France, that remembered they could vote in 2009, forgot in 2010, remembered in 2011, then forgot ever since.

            • No Morgan, the key is that diaspora wakes up when the song is good and when is not they vote less, also the popularity of representative is very important… ;) I know from our own experience, Im from huge diaspora country..

            • Yeah that makes sense but then the win still depends on diaspora not on Europe choosing a winner

      • Just to address some final misconceptions.

        Brits are not a big fan base for jesc (especially compared to Poland) so why Wales would benefit ?

        Yes everyone has to vote for 3 countries but that system can also be exploited (e.g. I suspect many of the polish voters who consist the overwhelming majority of votes Poland received may have voted for outsiders in order not to spoil it for Poland by voting for other favourites – that would explain for example Portugal’s high online score as well to a degree).

        Anyway if the EBU does not reconsider, next year Poland will again be the winner due to a high artifically boosted online voting score as this year and you will probably still be here telling is it was deserved scraping to find some reason.

        My final point : One can go to the video of the polish performance from tonight’s final and look at the comments below, try making some statistics of polish vs non polish comments – and do the same for last year as well. It is really telling.

        Other than that I rest my case and hope for the EBU to final wake up and realize this insanity cannot continue if they want jesc to stay around.

        • Yes if next year Poland send a song that could win the main ESC and is a fan favourite in the run up then wins, I will continue to say it was deserved. Question is, what will you say if next year we have the same system and Poland flops?

          You don’t need to worry about JESC, it’s the strongest it’s been both in terms of participating countries and viewers than it has ever been. Not too long ago there were only 12 countries competing. We now have 19/20 (Portugal will probably withdraw next year regardless)

          • I am not talking about main esc – for now main esc seems safe from this insanity (and I hope it is kept that way).

            It is obvious to me that I am very certain this scenario will play out next year. Unless they change the voting system or Poland is placed REALLY low with juries Poland will be the winner of jesc for the foreseeable future and for as long as the contest can sign up enough broadcasters to even continue. We are talking a surreal 62 points difference between two of the major pre contest favourites – let’s take a break and think that for a second – 62 points. In JESC. There is a problem.

            I don’t worry about JESC, if EBU does not care about its product and wants to see it spiralling down like that it’s their own choice. Just don’t think that other broadcasters are going to be throwing money to a yearly glorification of Poland due to a flawed voting system for much longer really. Portugal will withdraw, Albania also, Serbia may as well, Malta may as well, Armenia was already iffy about it so no reason for them to stay either and I don’t see why France or Spain will stick around for much longer especially after last night’s travesty. I am willing to bet the contest will struggle to find 10-11 participants in the near future if it continues down that path. I will start worrying if EBU ever thinks to bring this over to the adult contest.
            Personally I am not watching this again if the voting system is not changed, as I guess many people will do. Even from a TV product point of view having an X number of countries competing just as filler for a polish victory it is boring and predictable. I do hope the EBU at least sees that aspect.

  2. Best JESC winner ever.
    Only JESC winner which could also win the main ESC.

  3. I don’t know anything about JESC but congratulations to the winner. :)

  4. So, while I love the winner and agree with it, the voting system needs to shake up.

    Viki really improved on the night, but it had to be Melani’s, Spain was PERFECT and deserves to go down as one of the most iconic JESC songs ever. Super happy for France and N. Macedonia too. Kazakhstan… really shouldn’t have been 2nd, there were better sung entries.

    Serbia 10th is a SHOCK. they were amazing.

    But overall, for JESC, it feels like they are letting the kids go off easier. Less stress for them and less work (see the easy postcard filming they did). Whatever happens is more on the individual teams than whatnot.

    In short, great edition, super happy for Spain, France and N. Macedonia and the winner, but the voting needs to be revised. I wouldn’t worry this will catch up to the contest, not after 50something years of doing the exact opposite.

  5. Off-topic: I have just had a look at the Conservative manifesto for the 2019 GE and it seems that the Tories are afraid of the effects of their Brexit plans. ROFL

    Tories: The Manifesto of Fear
    Labour: The Manifesto of Unicorns

    What a choice … :(

  6. Congrats dear Viki and Poland!! :))

  7. I ADORE Viki Gabor – “Superhero”, this entry is simply marvelous.. The best JESC entry EVER! <3

    Im sure it would be big conteneder to win ESC if took part there… :)

  8. Lorena García
    Congrats Poland.I’m Spanish, not all but many Spanish eurofans are rude. We don’t have to take part here. If someone reads me pay attention. For the polite people it’s disgusting to be compared to these idiots.

    Thankfully ppl like this exist! <3

  9. Tamara Todevska premiered “Monster” this evening, as a competing song in Albanian festival Kenga Magjike!!

    Brilliant! <3

  10. I listened to the songs for the first time watching the show, I’m just going to post my top 5 so there won’t be “bad intentions” behind it:

    1. Spain
    2. Netherlands
    3. Armenia
    4. Georgia
    5. Ukraine

    The stage looked nice, I didn’t like the hosting (Roxana was the best by far, and she is only 14 years old) and I’ve heard better songs in previous years. Checking the studio versions before writing something about the winner :)

  11. After listening to the studio versions I can say most of them are great! For the future I’ll keep in mind to check the videos before the live show :P
    About the winner, I guess it’s one of those pop songs a lot of people like and expect me to like it but I don’t :/ In any case, it seems the contest is “growing up”.

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