Australia: 2 More Entrants Revealed for Australia Decides

AustraliaMitch Tambo and IOTA have been revealed by national broadcaster SBS as the next two artists to be competing in this year’s Australia Decides. They join Casey Donovan and Vanessa Amorosi in the final which will pick Australia’s representative in Rotterdam.

Six more finalists are yet to be announced.

The Eurovision – Australia Decides national final will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on 7th and 8th February 2020, hosted by Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey.

43 comments on “Australia: 2 More Entrants Revealed for Australia Decides

  1. Eduardo Nascimento (1944-2019)

  2. Just got a notification that an associate of Giuliani is willing to testify that Nunes was meeting with a Ukrainian official as part of the plan to get dirt on Biden. Nice to know this isn’t just a Trump scandal, but Republicans unassociated with Trump are also involved. Makes sense now why he’s been trying to sabotage every hearing.

  3. Yaaaay, World indoor championships in Athletics 2022 will be in Belgrade Arena where ESC was in 2008!!! :D
    In 2016 was european indoor chapms, now I will have oportunity to see some world names! :)))

  4. So supposedly Tamara Todevska is taking part in Kenga Magjike this year with a song called “Monsters” and her first performance is tomorrow night. 😧😧

  5. Finally. The ridiculous pressure to get it right from the very first start needs to go. A rehearsal is a rehearsal for a reason.

    • This is a first step to the right direction. As you said, a rehearsal is a rehearsal for a reason, and that’s why I believe that this is not enough. Rehearsals should be 100% private and the press should not have access to them. The speculation regarding those rehearsals has been ridiculous especially the last few years.

    • I never watch rehearsals anyway because I want to stand in awe on the big night. :)
      Well, we’ll soon see who is in charge these days. After all, the betting industry won’t be happy because public rehearsals and the press (*cough*) reactions boost their business.

    • yes, just write articles like old times, let us read, let us hope, let us wonder, let us imagine

  6. Believe it or not, ‘The Sound of Silence” remains my fav Australian entry to date despite all its’ “plasticness”.

    • It’s “Tonight Again” for me. I really like that one.

      • thought about you seeing Kevin Aymoz clinching a second place in figure ice skating! do you like him? he reminds me a bit of Javier you love! I’m still team Hanyu, who is grace personified!

        • I like Kevin a lot but I haven’t seen his second place performance yet. I’ll do that tomorrow because it’s my dad’s birthday today. Guests will arrive soon and as always I am in charge of the kitchen. :)

        • Btw, my favourite male figure skater of all times is another Japanese: Daisuke Takahashi. <3

    • I agree. In all honesty I have never liked an Australian entry, but 2016 is just meh instead of the usual terrible imo.

    • Tonight Again for Me

    • Totally agree… I always interpret it as a song about depression so can totally relate to “my heart beatrs to the sound of silence.”

    • the song is well crafted, and the singer very likable and talented, so overall it’s no wonder it’s the only one that was a real contender

      • Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here before but the daughter of one of my best friends went to the same high school in Brisbane Dami did, a couple of years younger… she’d come by the school occasionally later and everyone was shocked when she won X-Factor (or Voice?) AUS because apparantly she was a very quiet girl known for playing the piano; she hadn’t been known for singing while at school at all.

    • Their first effort is the only one I still listen to. The remaining Australian entries are lifeless and hollow efforts, imo.

    • I may actually agree. None of their entries so far have been above 6/12 though, so that doesn’t say much. Also, I am still mad at them trivializing the title of a very deep song by Paul Simon.

      • Very good point, I always hate when people use titles of classic songs, when they can use something different (cf. Blackbird…)… But I think, in this particular case, they did that old famous trick of omitting the article from the title, thus the Australian entry is called «Sound of silence», whereas Simon’s classic is called «THE sound of silence» :)

    • That song is a 4/10 with a performance of 400/10

  7. Lol, the weirdest things come up as YouTube recommendations when you are a Eurovision fan:

  8. Wooow Yerzhan Maxim, Bravooo, what a vocal! :)

  9. Tamara’s entry in Kenga Magjike. I have a feeling she will win:

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