Junior Eurovision: All You Need to Know

Junior Eurovision – As rehearsals get underway for this weekend’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Times has put together a short guide on this year’s event…

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be the seventeenth edition of JESC and this year will take place in Poland after their win last year.  It will be held on 24th November 2019, at the Gliwice Arena in Gliwice, Poland.

This year’s slogan is Share the Joy.

The logo for the 17th Junior Eurovision Song Contest features a brightly coloured kite to symbolise freedom, light and shared joyous moments. TVP says that the creative concept represents how working together makes us better, stronger and can bring joy and happiness as we celebrate the beautiful things in life.

Nineteen countries will take part and the running order was revealed at this week’s opening ceremony as follows:

  1. Australia
  2. France
  3. Russia
  4. North Macedonia
  5. Spain
  6. Georgia
  7. Belarus
  8. Malta
  9. Wales
  10. Kazakhstan
  11. Poland
  12. Ireland
  13. Ukraine
  14. The Netherlands
  15. Armenia
  16. Portugal
  17. Italy
  18. Albania
  19. Serbia

Here’s a video showcasing all of the entries:

Polish TV presenters Ida Nowakowska, Aleksander Sikora and last year’s Junior Eurovision winner Roksana Węgiel will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

All tickets for the live final are now sold out. There are still some for he jury final on the 23rd November HERE.

Stage design:

The results of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 are determined by a combination of online audience votes and national juries that consist of 3 music industry professionals and 2 children. Each counts for 50% of the final result. More on the voting is explained HERE.

First Rehearsal videos are now online: HERE

Do you have a favourite?

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132 comments on “Junior Eurovision: All You Need to Know

  1. I don’t watch JESC but hope that all participants will enjoy their time in Gliwice.

  2. I don’t follow JESC anymore like I used to when I was 13/14, but I’ve given all the songs a listen. I enjoyed France, Russia, North Macedonia, Spain, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, and Albania. Poland clearly has a very strong entry but Wiktoria seems to struggle with her English and that makes it very hard to enjoy for me; I wish we’d stop forcing English on singers who struggle with the language. I think Spain would be my pick for the win, definitely a great return for them. Wouldn’t be surprised if Poland gets a two-in-a-row victory.

    Lanberry (writer of Poland’s winning entry, the entry this year, and some former Polish NF songs) should be internally selected to represent Poland in ESC this year; she’s a great pop singer-songwriter.

  3. My top choices would be :

    1. Serbia
    2. France
    3. Spain
    4. North Macedonia
    5. Malta

    It is a clear 3 horse race among France Spain and Poland for the victory but Serbia, Malta North Macedonia and Australia have a chance to cause an upset. I do hope Poland does not win especially after the running order manipulation – they have a huge advantage in the public vote already so it will take the jury vote in order for them not to win.

    • I don’t actually follow jesc but judging from the snippets, Poland has easily the best song. Spain and France follow

      • I disagree – it is slightly better than last year but thats not a high bar to go over anyway…Plus her live vocals are awkward to say the least imo. France has the most jesc appropriate song while being contemporary and an earworm at the same time imo. Spain has the best vocalist imo.

  4. Russia’s singer has been taken to hospital and needs to stay in overnight.

  5. Rehearsal impressions part 1:

    Australia: Might be my fav JESC entry from them. He looks great and the staging is vibrant and everchanging. I am not a fan of the piano-then-standing moment, but I enjoy how it is working visually and vocally

    France: Amazing. Her voice is a bit punchy in parts, but it looks incredible. Safe to say this contends.

    Russia: Too… plain jane. Simplistic. Nothing remarkable happening. While they look good, I feel this is too simple of an offering, even with Denbrel’s voice

    North Macedonia: LEDs look INCREDIBLE. I am not crazy about the outfit, but it has a lot of elements I enjoy. I worry about the last-minute lyric changes to Macedonian. It hears okay but it can come across as half-baked. Work more on it

    Spain: There is LITERALLY NOTHING wrong with this. Perfect. They won, k bye. The right level of styling, the right epic staging, the right presentation. Perfect. Put the emotion, and it’s in the bag.

    Georgia: Too awkward. He’s solo on stage with 20 different LED styles that do not match. Sorry Georgia but this might not be the best of your placings.

    Belarus: This is fun, and I enjoy the led and styling, but it doesn’t totally fit. It feels random and not as engaging, despite looking urban and cool.

    Malta: She sounds great, but that outfit… I really hope she got alternates because it does not look good. I hope something more happens on stage at the key moments, but for now, it seems to have potential that they don’t live to.

    Wales: It all feels too catatonic. The LEDs are nice, but there is very little movement and when it is, it feels awkward. Very clinical.

  6. Rehearsal impressions part 2:

    Kazakhstan: He sounds the part and is going to be a big impact. But I feel they went overboard with the outfits and too conservative with the background when it should have been the opposite. There seems to be some shadow effects that could be cool, but it needs to survive the song’s first not as good English part

    Poland: She sounds better than I thought, but the elements do not combine. Her outfit, her backings outfits and the eco LED don’t work together. It needs to be colorful and vibrant and it feels too muted.

    Ireland: Looks nice, sound good, but it not engaging. It feels like it can pass without making an impression.

    Ukraine: Sort of same. The elements are not entertaining, and the LED seems mismatched. Just short of everything at the moment.

    Netherlands: The Dutch can put on a show. This is an elevated version of their NF and it is great. Good leds and colors and show, perfect for the TV.

    Armenia: It seems to have interesting elements, but the outfits I feel are a setback. Karins’s wearing pink and fluffy that doesn’t really make her stand out, something stark and white would be perfect, like the NF. Vocally’s great

    Portugal: Candidate for last, sorry. LEDs are too simple, outfit is not enough, and it all feels not as high quality as it can be.

    Italy: Such a missed chance. This one needed the staging to elevate it, and it brings it down so much by being too vague and not connecting to the song. There’s no major momentum or buildup, and the outfit I’m not crazy on. Just not up to par to what it could be.

    Albania: Looks nice and I enjoy the visuals, unfortunately, the song does not transmit anything as is, it fades to the background

    Serbia: The staging is stunning and her vocal is good. I’m not all for her outfit, but is not bad. She apparently interacts with 3d elements, which if done correctly can work. This is Serbia’s best in years and could do really well.

  7. So the fifth debate is now over and in all honesty I found this one to be a bit uneventful. I don’t think we had any big movers (maybe one) and don’t really think this will change much about the primaries so far. I think the biggest winner of the night was Klobuchar. She seemed to have some problem with uncontrollable shaking (to the point where my friend said she looked like she just did a line of coke lol), but besides that she has continued to successfully position herself as an alternative to the controversial Buttigieg and Biden and a conservative option to Warren and Sanders. She gave good moments, and I think her point about how a woman of Buttigieg’s experience would never have gotten as far as he has was especially valid.

    I don’t think anyone else performed that spectacularly, it was all just decently mediocre. Warren was decent, Sanders was decent, Buttigieg was decent (he got off pretty easy, they were setting him up for an attack for Harris but she decided to campaign to be his VP instead of taking the bait), Booker was decent, and even Harris was decent after several major slip-ups. None of them crumbled but none of them had any real winning moments where the audience would look up and say “that’s my president.” I enjoyed Gabbard’s performance but I don’t think the general public will like her, while Yang and Steyer were non-entities (why is Steyer even still here?). I guess my biggest criticism would be how robotic Buttigieg seemed, as if he was reading off a script? But even that I don’t think his performance was that different from any of his others, and the only real change in performances from his group would be Harris who didn’t completely crumble again tonight like she had the past three debates.

    Biden had to be the biggest loser. This was one of his biggest nights for slip-ups. He legitimately said that “the only black woman ever elected to the Senate” endorsed him, to the point where Harris and Booker both had to correct him by saying not the *only*, as Harris was right on stage with him. I think we should be genuinely concerned for his mental capabilities. It is one thing if he’s forgetting one thing here and there, but this is non-stop mistake after mistake, and this is something we should all be concerned with. Booker also came for Biden about Biden’s comments about marijuana “being a gateway drug.” Not only does this reek of 1980s Nancy Reagan “just say no” ignorance, Biden is losing every shroud of respect young voters have left for him. He really just doesn’t get modern American politics, does he?

    All in all I wish I had more to say about this debate, I just kinda found it a bit boring to be honest. Most candidates refused to take direct shots at each other and instead just attacked Trump which is not what I want to hear – we get it, we’re Democrats, none of us like Trump, now why should we like YOU – and all the attacks that were played seemed to be forgotten by the end of the night. A two-hour format when there are 10 candidates debating is just not a good plan. They very rarely gave candidates enough time for strong debates with each other, and they didn’t allow candidates to jump into conversations if they weren’t directly referenced because they didn’t have enough time. Not to mention they didn’t even have enough time for opening statements. I don’t understand why this debate got cut down to two hours (and it ran over!!) when the others have been three or at least two-and-a-half. It just makes no sense. Hopefully these issues will be ironed out for the December debate, which also will be the first debate on a public broadcaster so we can avoid any sort of private corporation bias because of the interests of the elites that own these private broadcasters!!!

    • I did hear of all the bashing of Tulsi, which kind of is now shown as a decoy for the GOP, and someone like that it just shaping to be another Jill Stein/Bernie in 2016 leech of support and votes of the main one.

      TBH? Warren’s the only one I feel could give a shot. I find her more composed and more presidential with a worldlier view, yet progressive with social issues enough. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

      Biden for me, I see all the slipups and just not feeling anything for him at the moment. I do favor him beyond others, but he is coming shorter and shorter.

      Sanders is basically the other side of the same Trump coin. He hasn’t changed since 2016, and his strawmanning (left is good and woke, regardless of actual facts) just doesn’t sit well with me. Venezuelan, so I saw what populist people can mess something good up big time. Better than Trump? Sure, but I’m not happy to give him any more time.

      I like the rest, but I feel those are “the big 3” of sorts, even if Pete is apparently rising.

      • I agree with you on Warren. As you can probably tell, I’m a huge supporter of hers and have been since I first began paying attention to politics. She just seems presidential to me, and would be an absolutely inspirational president. Whether it be about her being the first woman president, the most progressive president since FDR, or a public school alum and former single mother who’s daughter of a janitor rising to the top, she’s an inspiration.

        I was a Sanders supporter in 2016 and I do genuinely respect him a lot, but I think there are numerous concerns with his 2020 candidacy. His age, his health, and the fact that Warren is clearly a compromise candidate who can take Sanders’s policies but make them appeal to those previously opposed to him all make him pale in comparison to others. I have never been a fan of Biden and never will be. He is far too right-wing and that’s not something I support. Buttigieg is in the same boat as Biden for me, and with his highly pro-militarization/military intervention stances and concerning racist record as being mayor of a city with a large POC population, he is disqualified from holding a position like president in my book.

        As for the others, most of them are more or less the same. Be it Harris, Booker, Steyer (who’s so irrelevant), all boring and uninspiring. I think Klobuchar is on an upward spiral though and I’ll be watching her closely. I do not support most of her political positions, as like Biden and Buttigieg, she is quite right-wing for a Democrat, but I admire what she’s said about women in places of power and can respect her for that. Feminism and women’s rights have been an issue very dear to me so I love when powerful women can speak about it (instead of tearing other women down), and especially when powerful men can act as allies in helping women reach positions of power (I believe only Sanders and Booker have publicly spoken about selecting a female VP, which is something I believe all the male candidates should be doing).

        I have been a Gabbard fan for years so I disagree with you on her. She is not running to cause disruptions, she is running because for years she has been unafraid of calling out the massive corruption within the Democratic Party (there is mass corruption in both parties but most left-wing Americans refuse to acknowledge it) and she wants to reform the party. I don’t think she’ll win, but I do like her and my views on foreign policy align very closely with hers.

        • NGL, I was at first confused by the icon, it also could pass for a Loredana Berte one, haha.

          But yeah like, the main thing I’d say is to keep down-to-earth (was gonna say “centered”, but found a better word). Not in a “don’t go this way or that way”, but making sure to not fall in a populism trap. That it is not a matter of left/right, but a matter of wanting to actually improve and do better. Don’t say you will give, but wait until you tell me what’s your plan, and above all, Liz shines on that aspect. I was worried she’d fall in the “wrestling” role against Trump, but she shrugged it off early. Many just seem to just fall for it, and on an ego clash, anyone loses vs Trump.

          Talking from a Hispanic standpoint of the diaspora of many pushed aside by leftist regimes, seeing people fawn over Trump cuz he said (not even done) a thing, instead of doing it easier for us, leaves me dazed and so done. Liz at least has seen open to take a stance against injustice or at least not jump with an opinion. (comparing her and Bernie’s of their reactions re: Bolivia for example, he totally misses the point while she’s more “stay safe”). Fairness vs Oligarchism instead of ideology lines, which might not even be in the end.

          Just know I’m hoping the US gets better soon enough, cuz man, truly hoping.

          • Morales has given public support to Bernie so I was not surprised there. Thank you for humoring my political talks, I don’t believe we’ve ever really spoken much before with each other. Are you American?

            • Yeah, because Morales and other South American despots know they can count on Sanders to at least get the US off their backs while they go on with their deeds.

              And no worries! I saw the talks, but never had the chance to at least get some thoughts in. Venezuelan, but residing in the US atm, so I’ve seen my fair share of crazy politic shenanigans, and always wary when something even hints of populism without any aim, cuz been there, done that, now it’s done for.

    • Thanks for the detailed report, Lina. They were smart and focused on what the positive stuff. All the few articles I read say that Buttigieg and Klobuchar were very effective. Warren was intelligent and tried to look less revolutionary. Now I have to go.

  8. Relevant to JESC (kinda), Krisia Todorova (for those jesc fans who remember) turned 15 earlier this year and will be eligible for esc 2021 – BNT take note ;-)

    • Bulgaria is gonna jump on this the first minute they can. That country is in love with this girl. She’s very talented but we’ll see how well she can do in the adult contest once her time inevitably comes.

  9. Viki Gabor was good vocally on rehearsal yaaaay, I was afraid because she used to be a bit shaky earlier…
    OMG, OMG, OMG Tamara Todevska – “Monster” teaser is OUT!! This is AWESOME, this sounds EPIC!!

    Tamara Todevska go to Rotterdam! <3

    The full song will be availale soon.. And the whole new album! :)))

  10. OMG!!!

    Group Hurricane has confirmed in local TV show that they have sent song for Beovizija.

    So Beovizija will be senseless this year, I dont see anyone on Serbian music scene that can compete with them at the moment. They are stars no1 at the moment.

    They have potential to return us to top 10, or maybe even higher. I personally dont like that kind of music, but it would be productive for Serbian result.

    They also have ESC experience, 2 of them competed. Sanja Vucic for Serbia 3 years ago, and Ksenija, daughter of Knez, was also bakcing vocal for him 4 years ago.

    @ Donnie, read this!!!! :P :D

    • Rito rito ♩ ♪

    • I have just checked some of their songs, and those aren’t for me. :(
      I hope that there is some irony in the lyrics at least.

      • Im afraid there is no irony in these lyrics. Here are lyrics of “Favorito” in english (not a great translation, but you can get impression):

        I’m shining like a million (dollars), but you’re in the darkness with her,
        Admit what you did wrong, what have you done now?
        Via a direct line, come and get me, be mine,
        so that you don’t choose others when you settle beside me.

        You’re my favourite,
        With you all is forgiven.
        I love you, but, can’t you just tone down this experience for me a little bit.*
        You’re my favourite,
        You electrify my nervous system.*
        Hold up a bit, you’ll be sorry if you throw away love.

        Kiss me and it’ll all be ok,
        Keep kissing me, I haven’t had enough,
        Let your poisons flow (in me)
        because my body hurts without you.
        Via a direct line, come and get me, be mine,
        so that you don’t choose others when you settle beside me.

        You’re my favourite,
        With you all is forgiven.
        I love you, but, can’t you just tone down this experience for me a little bit.
        You’re my favourite,
        You electrify my nervous system.
        Hold up a bit, you’ll be sorry if you throw away love.
        You’re my favourite,
        With you all is forgiven.
        I love you, but, can’t you just tone down this experience for me a little bit.
        You’re my favourite,
        You electrify my nervous system.
        Hold up a bit, you’ll be sorry if you throw away love.

        You’re my favourite,
        With you all is forgiven.
        I love you, but, can’t you just tone down this experience for me a little bit.
        You’re my favourite,
        You electrify my nervous system.
        You electrify my nervous system.
        You electrify my nervous system.
        Hold up a bit, you’ll be sorry if you throw away love.

        • Thanks for the translation, Marko. Those lyrics are even worse than I had feared.
          The feminist in me is running for the bucket …

      • And I suppose they will sing in Engliyh if go to Rotterdam… At least vocals are good, especially Sanja Vučić and Knez’s dauhter Ksenija..
        Here is in English from Belgrade arena:

  11. I had time to kill and decided to give a go to the snipet video. One more year when kids are trying too much; they sound like adults singing about cliche topics. That’s quite awkward. France and Poland are my favourite followed by Spain and N. Macedonia.

  12. Not sure I’m gonna watch this. Tbh I really liked our last year’s entry and the song. Just checked Armenia’s entry of this year I’d say I prefer our last year’s entry.
    Absentmindedly saw the video of our former entrant Levon. It seems children grow too fast. In one year he changed a lot . Such impression he will soon be in ESC.

  13. In the 3rd quarter of 2019 Stuttgart has passed Munich and is the most expensive major city in Germany now.
    LuBu has made it into the top 10 of all cities and towns. I can tell on a daily basis … :(

  14. Everyone here knows that am no fan of Mr. Corbyn but I think that his stance on Brexit is a reasonable and grown-up one. Can you hear me, Ms Swinson?

  15. I ve been watching the rehearsal videos and honestly the song quality and vocal talent we will see on Sunday is some of the best jesc has offered. The level of tackyness when it comes to outfits is also unmatchable though. Apart from Spain, France and maybe The Netherlands everyone is awfully dressed.

    • Also voting is open :


      After watching the recap video from the second rehearsal one can vote for 3-5 songs.

      I voted for France, North Macedonia, Spain, Ireland and Serbia (in order of appearance). Malta lost some ground live imo so Ireland got my 5th vote. Others that are very improved are Ukraine (loved the staging and aesthetics and should have added her to the well dressed ones before) and Netherlands.

  16. My favorites are:
    Spain(Winner Alert)

    The Netherlands

  17. I watched the recap video and voted in Junior Eurovision. I liked…nothing? France was kind of fun. The Kazakh kid looked like a good entertainer. What’s the point of Junior ESC if it’s just kids playing pretend adult?

    North Macedonia screams jury winner, televote to Netherlands or Poland? Could be a Poland double…

  18. Starting :)

  19. The male host’s accent is a bit incomprehensible. lol

  20. Oh yes please dont forget to say you can vote for your own country *eye roll*

  21. Sightseeing postcards. Silesia was first.

  22. Australia : He is very likable and talented and this is a good entry from Australia this year. Dancers are a bit awkward. But early running order + strong competition may hinder it result-wise – 7/10

  23. Australia: Middle-of-the road pop. Their usual stuff. Likeable performer but the vocals weren’t always on spot. A bit repetitve.

  24. France: More jesc-appropriate song and performance. i like what she wears but the song is just irritating,imo

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