Junior Eurovision: All You Need to Know

Junior Eurovision – As rehearsals get underway for this weekend’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Times has put together a short guide on this year’s event…

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be the seventeenth edition of JESC and this year will take place in Poland after their win last year.  It will be held on 24th November 2019, at the Gliwice Arena in Gliwice, Poland.

This year’s slogan is Share the Joy.

The logo for the 17th Junior Eurovision Song Contest features a brightly coloured kite to symbolise freedom, light and shared joyous moments. TVP says that the creative concept represents how working together makes us better, stronger and can bring joy and happiness as we celebrate the beautiful things in life.

Nineteen countries will take part and the running order was revealed at this week’s opening ceremony as follows:

  1. Australia
  2. France
  3. Russia
  4. North Macedonia
  5. Spain
  6. Georgia
  7. Belarus
  8. Malta
  9. Wales
  10. Kazakhstan
  11. Poland
  12. Ireland
  13. Ukraine
  14. The Netherlands
  15. Armenia
  16. Portugal
  17. Italy
  18. Albania
  19. Serbia

Here’s a video showcasing all of the entries:

Polish TV presenters Ida Nowakowska, Aleksander Sikora and last year’s Junior Eurovision winner Roksana Węgiel will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

All tickets for the live final are now sold out. There are still some for he jury final on the 23rd November HERE.

Stage design:

The results of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 are determined by a combination of online audience votes and national juries that consist of 3 music industry professionals and 2 children. Each counts for 50% of the final result. More on the voting is explained HERE.

First Rehearsal videos are now online: HERE

Do you have a favourite?

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132 comments on “Junior Eurovision: All You Need to Know

  1. Unless this voting system changes this is a contested utterly hijacked by nationalist polish vote.

  2. Bravo the best two were top 2! :)

    Jury again recognized the best vocal! :)
    Congrats to all.

    Jury gave 0 to Portugal. :( but public didn’t place it the last! :)

  3. This song would have won whatever country it represnted, because the choreography, composition, outfit were the most modern…
    It is so clear..

  4. Oops I slept through the contest lol. I don’t like this Sunday evening time slot. I didn’t necessarily want Poland to win again just because that’s kinda underwhelming, but she had a good song and it screamed winner from the start. I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that I enjoyed Kazakhstan a lot too so I’m happy they got a great placement, and definitely happy North Macedonia got a great placement after being underrated three years in a row. 2019 was a good year for them. Of course Australia is overrated yet again.

    • Out of all the travesty we saw tonight Australia is to be blamed AGAIN ? Seriously ? We have a kid contest mercilessly hijacked by nationalist vote through a very flawed system and AGAIN Australia is to be blamed ?

      I cant even at this point. What a travesty. I hope jesc sees massive withdrawals and I hope EBU does not consider importing this voting system in esc.

      • If Poland’s song was sent by any other country it would have been a huge favorite and won. Why do you have to blame Poland for everything. They competed in 2017 and didn’t come anywhere close to winning you know. Superhero placed second in jury voting you know, were the juries all Polish nationalists too? I don’t know why this is so hard to believe is a legitimate win especially considering EVERYONE has been hyping that song?? Maybe last year, but not this year.

        Australia has continuously sent generic songs (honestly not even just generic, completely anonymous songs) and place at least top ten or even better with them. That is why I do not care for them.

        Also, calm down, these are kids.

        • If Poland’s song was sent by any other country it would receive a public score closer to the other pre-contest favourites it was virtually tied with on predictions – France and Spain. Yet it received double the points France did and almost one third more than Spain. Yet it received an extraordinarily high public score yet again that no jury vote could really prevent it from winning.

          I dont blame Poland – Poland is Poland. It is frantically nationalist and will keep doing this for as long as the EBU allows it because it obviously doesnt value its product enough.

          This is a huge travesty and as I said I see many withdrawals coming unless EBU does something soon.

          Exactly because they are kids the EBU should treat them better than that and give them an equal chance. They had something going in 2016 and then they changed it to this totally insane method.

          • I agree there are flaws in the system, but to imply that Poland’s win is just because of nationalists is just untrue – maybe it helped win them the massive televote support they got, but they were predicted to win from the start regardless of that. The hype Poland had was more than Spain, France, etc., and Kazakhstan was never going to be a televote winner. Since Poland got second in jury vote, they were destined to win regardless of what country their voters were from. It was simply the best cohesive package.

            • You will need to try very hard to convince me that the huge public vote difference Poland received was due to how all of Europe was at awe with Viki’s subpar vocals really. Same as last year. Lets not talk about the running order manipulation either btw.

              It could be considered acceptable if there was a 10p difference in public vote between Poland and Spain lets say. But 60 whole points means there is a problem. A big one. And JESC as an event had only started finding its footing after spending years struggling to find 11 participating countries even.

              And no the hype around Poland outside Polish people was not bigger than for France or Spain. Both were over Poland in many online polls etc, it was an expected statistical tie at best for the public vote. And, as I said, one needs to be very lenient to say tonight’s performance by Viki was anything but mediocre to bad vocally especially compared to other contestants.

              I see a similar situation as after esc 2008 forming here with countries threatening withdrawal unless the voting system changes. EBU uses jesc as an experimental ground for various voting systems and they have to admit that this one has failed gloriously (and as I said should not be brought to esc in any way possible).

              And no I dont approve of this ridiculous jury score for a subpar at best performance.

              Poland won because its Poland and for no other reason. If this song represented any other country it may have gotten an ok place but it would not have won in any case.

          • Also I never “blamed” Australia for anything. Am I not allowed to dislike what a country has done?

            • Of course you are and so am I. But Australia is an easy horse to beat down always while we ignore the real issues here.

              And you are right again that this is a kids contest so there needs to be extra care on how evaluation of any kind is done. In 2016 they had a very “protected” system of proffesional jury vote and kid jury vote. Online vote free for all offers nothing really. Even if we take nationalism out of the picture how can a maltese entry compete in public vote with a polish or spanish entry in a free for all online vote if you compare populations.

  5. BRAVOOO Vicky Gabor and Poland, AMAZING JOB! :))

    @ Lina

    You are so right, everything ypu wrote! :)

    In online voting I voted 5 countries (max possible) – Kazakhstan, Albania, Poland, Ukraine and Portugal! :)

  6. The show was an excellent example of how important hosts are. Despite the impressive production values, stage, postcards, etc, the cringe worthy hosts spoiled it all. Compare that with the very modest contest that was Malmö 2013.

    • And I think it is rather disturbing what they are trying to do with Roksana Węgiel. Is she really only 14?

      • I thought the same thing. I think she’s a cute talented girl so I’ve tried to catch up on some of her new releases and it’s honestly disturbing. I remember when I was 14 and to think of grown adults trying to pimp me out like they’re doing with her is disturbing. Sure she might think it’s cool and fun to act all grown up, but I hope she realizes how this is not okay when she’s older.

        I remember seeing this video awhile ago and being shocked. The video itself isn’t as bad as some things I’ve seen elsewhere, but the lyrics??

        “When your body knows
        Yeah, your body knows
        Yeah, you do (Wanna put it on you)
        Yeah, you do (I wanna put it on you)”

        That’s so not okay for a 14 year old to be singing.

  7. Missed the contest entirely. Agree with the above its such an awkward timeslot. Don’t those kids have school tomorrow morning?

    The best song easily won!
    First time I remember where a JESC song could actually be an ESC winner.

  8. Haven’t watched the show and haven’t checked the entries but
    1. Polands victory seems to be predictable with this voting systems.
    2. Maxim Yerzhan is again 2nd and again it could be the result of voting system. Last time he was 2nd in Russian Voice – Kids. And there was big scandal there as it got known that voting was cheated so the daughter of Alsou and her oligarch husband could win.
    3. We make the history in ESC project having the worst results.

    • It’s the same voting system as 2017 where Poland came 8th out of 16.
      There are countries in this contest with far larger total populations than Poland.
      Diaspora is not an issue as anyone can vote for their own country.

  9. Is Viki the first Romani person to ever win a Eurovision event? I can’t remember any in recent years.

  10. If we’re on the hunt for suspicious voting patterns, the difference between Poland’s televote and jury vote score is 54 points. This however is only the 2nd biggest difference.

    The most striking difference is Kazakhstan’s over inflated Jury vote, 69 points higher than it’s televote score. Suggests to me some jury bias towards Kazakhstan, perhaps the EBU looking for an excuse to invite Kazakhstan to 2020?

    • Counter point : Kazakhstan debuted last year where it received a much lower jury scored compared to its televote. If the EBU needed an “excuse” to invite Kazakhstan to esc (and it doesn’t need one imo) it was a year late implementing this jury conspiracy.

      Poland, Spain and France were virtually tied on online polls and rankings. Yet today Poland received double the points France did and 62 more points than Spain did in the online vote. If we try to find an excuse for that in the live performance I think Poland had arguably some of the worst vocals of the night (and it was a night of strong vocals) so that doesn’t add anything.

      I said this last year and I will say it this year : Let’s see the detailed online vote results from the EBU – let’s see where those 160+ points for Poland came from. My prediction is if they keed this system and if they have enough participants to even host a contest under this system next year that Poland will win again and people will be scrambling again to find an excuse on why Poland won again due to a humongous public vote advantage.

      There is a reason the EBU has kept the “not voting for your own country” rule in the main contest since its creation and in the last couple of editions of jesc we see why it is not a good idea.

      • Kazakhstan was the favourite to win last year, so no need.

        The televote breakdown has been released. Poland got 15% Spain 9.5% France 7.6% so while you’re correct Poland got nearly twice as many as France, in real terms its only a difference of about 7%, difference between Poland and Spain is even smaller, only 5.5%.

        Meanwhile Russia which has 3x the population of Poland scored 5.2% only slightly above 1/3rd what Poland got.

        • It was one of the favourites not the favourite and, again, if the EBU wanted them to win according to your claim they set up the whole thing too messy and too late.

          The figures you site mean what ? 15 % for Poland sure but from where ? Origins of this votes a complete break down. There were almost 3.5 mil votes so about 530.000 of those were for Poland. Give us analytically what percentage of those votes were from polish IPs – My bet is in the area of 70-80 %, same as last year.

  11. A quick reminder of the rules…

    – Respect Your Counterpart: The discussion should be founded on mutual respect. You can disagree, but never get personal! Disagree without being disagreeable.


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