Portugal: FdC Composers Revealed

Portugal – RTP, the national broadcaster in charge of the national final, has revealed the 16 composers who will take part in Festival da Canção 2020. It is still not revealed who will perform the songs.

While 14 composers were approached by RTP to take part, Cláudio Francisco António was selected through the Master Class radio program of Antena 1 and the last spot was determined by a public submissions process, which was won by Dubio ft. +351. So the full 16 composers are:

  • António Avelar Pinho
  • Blasted Mechanism
  • Cláudio Francisco António
  • Dino D’Santiago
  • Dubio ft. +351
  • Eliza Rodrigues
  • Filipe Sambado
  • Hélio Morais
  • Jimmy P
  • João Cabrita
  • Marta Carvalho
  • Pedro Jóia
  • Rui Pregal da Cunha
  • Throes + The Shine
  • Tiago Nacarato

8 comments on “Portugal: FdC Composers Revealed

  1. It’s an effective method because it gave us a very different NF than the very formulated ones we get through Europe. And it can give us very personal and rather unique entries (Salvador, Janeiro, Claudia, Conan, Surma which were all great entries of their years).

  2. After last year’s highlight will Portugal be able to top the hilarious comedy of Telemóvil? Asking for a friend.

  3. I wish that my home country could hold some day a NF like FdC and present gems like “Telemoveis”.

  4. I am curious to see what these composers will bring to the table.

  5. Color me… intrigued

  6. I am especially curious to hear what these guys have composed:

    Throes + The Sine

    Hélio Morais

    Filipe Sambado

    Marta Carvalho (She will not be singing her own song, according to ESC Portugal)

  7. This sounds extremely promising… :)))

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