Eurovision 2020: 41 Countries Will Participate

Eurovision 2020 – It was announced a week ago that 41 countries will try to “open up” (the official slogan, pun intended) in Rotterdam for this year’s contest. Ukraine and Bulgaria return, while Hungary and Montenegro withdraw.

  • Albania (RTSH)
  • Armenia (AMPTV)
  • Australia (SBS)
  • Austria (ORF)
  • Azerbaijan (İctimai TV)
  • Belarus (BTRC)
  • Belgium (VRT)
  • Bulgaria (BNT)
  • Croatia (HRT)
  • Cyprus (CYBC)
  • Czech Republic (ČT)
  • Denmark (DR)
  • Estonia (ERR)
  • Finland (YLE)
  • France (FT)
  • Germany (ARD/NDR)
  • Georgia (GPB)
  • Greece (ERT)
  • Iceland (RÚV)
  • Ireland (RTÉ)
  • Israel (IPBC/KAN)
  • Italy (RAI)
  • Latvia (LTV)
  • Lithuania (LRT)
  • Malta (PBS)
  • Moldova (TRM)
  • The Netherlands (AVROTROS)
  • North Macedonia (MKRTV)
  • Norway (NRK)
  • Poland (TVP)
  • Portugal (RTP)
  • Romania (TVR)
  • Russia (Channel One)
  • San Marino (SMRTV)
  • Serbia (RTS)
  • Slovenia (RTVSLO)
  • Spain (RTVE)
  • Sweden (SVT)
  • Switzerland (SRG/SSR)
  • Ukraine (UA:PBC)
  • United Kingdom (BBC)

EBU announces 41 countries for Rotterdam

24 comments on “Eurovision 2020: 41 Countries Will Participate

  1. RIP Montenegro. They were so out of touch with the contest, it was adorable and very often genuine. I still think that No Name and Highway were the best, “The Real Thing” was very underrated!

    Time for some controversy: don’t feel as sad for Hungary, their awful A Dal format was already a sign of how much the administration wanted full power over what to send (often heartbreaking us with great songs out too soon, like USNK last year), and while one could think Origo genuine, in 2019 it was a campfest to “feature” “traditional” music, in a way no one bought, luckily for us, neither did they get beyond too much the Polish fake act. Time for nationalists to stop shoving their stuff down our throat and get off the contest with political agenda disguised as music.

  2. Not the most important point, but I just have to say that I find 41 to be an extremely awkward number of participants. 40 is a nice round number, 42 can also divide a couple times, and 43 I don’t mind either, even if it too is prime. 41 for some reason just sticks out as an ugly number of final participants and I can’t figure out why.

    /rant over, I know I’m weird

  3. Sad for Montenegro and on Hungary Morgan has covered me 100 %. As controversial as it is I personally am ok with them being out for the foreseeable future. Poland should follow.

    • And of course very excited Bulgaria is back. Their 2017 and 2018 have gone in my all time Pantheon of entries. Especially “Bones” is ageing very well for me and it is a song I find myself listening to very often. It is a very captivating song.

  4. Very sad for Montenegro, although I don’t expect them to be gone forever. Hungary I feel less sad for. I don’t take a country’s government into consideration in a contest that is supposed to make people come together regardless of politics, but the way they’ve handled this reeks of being a sore loser. They didn’t qualify once so instead of reformatting their dying national final they bow out of the competition because “those annoying Europeans don’t understand us or our music, A Dal is fine how it is and Hungarians love it.” Can’t wait to see those viewing figures decline again this year. A real shame though because I’ve consistently loved Hungary’s entries since A Dal was created. I just wish they’d reformat it the way people want them to and take away the massive power of that small four-person jury.

  5. Hungary out can only be devastating news for me since they were, along with Portugal, my favourite country in the ESC for the last three years.

    And I agree with Morgan regarding “The Real Thing”.

    • The Real Thing AND Igranka are very good entries imo! And Montenegro kept trying despite constant bad results. On the other hand, Hungary just once misses the Final and they decide to quit…

  6. So many new articles available this evening! 41 countries, so be it. Good luck to all of them.

  7. I already had my little rant with Hungary, but in extra information, Hungary wasn’t always my favorite country. But when I liked them, I wanted to be taken to Budapest. Running and Viszlat Nyar are incredible. Ironic since Running came after Kedvesem, which is my most despised entry of all time. AWS is a grower since with the A Dal system, I see the as “busting the system”, blindsiding the judges who conditioned for other much weaker acts, but the public shone in the end.

    Montenegro I’m sad on, they had some quirky acts and a fun outlook, but I get it might have not been enough. 2018 was average, but Andrea REALLY shoulda gone to Tel Aviv. The fact she got last place in public was a shock.

  8. Im sad for all countries which left! :(
    I want to be closer to the “FULL HOUSE” each year, but… It is impossible, Im afriad more Eastern European countries will leave if the trend countinues. :(
    Thankfully, Macedonia winning jury voting in 2019 stopped that trend a bit.. :)
    Im sure Macedonia and Serbia stayed in the contest because of that fact, of course not only cause of that, but it was very important…

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