Estonia: Line-up Revealed!

Estonia – Eesti Laul’s full line up has been revealed by ERR, the national broadcaster in charge of the contest. Many returnees in what most fans hope will be a return to form of the once best national final eac year. There will be two semifinals of 12 artists each and one final of 12 again, 6 from each semi, on February 29th.

The format hasn’t changed all that much through the years: two semi-finals, half of the entries in each qualify to the final and that’s about it. Sure, we moved from 10 songs in each semi to 12, meaning 6 qualify instead of 5. People hoped it would mean more diversity and fun entries, the way only EL provided through the years, but it didn’t. We also got a move from prerecorded shows (and vocals) in semi to all three shows being live TV. But nothing helped: the level of interest has therefore plummeted along with the qualify of the contest. It’s still wacky fun, excellent hosting throughout, a rather cozy atmosphere: something familiar still we all wish would return to form. Because the songs weren’t all that. However, Estonia did break the 3 year spell (2009, the year EL replaced Eurolaul, 2012, 2015, 2018), qualifying in 2019 with a Stig Rasta penned song and a vanishing guitar.

So what will it be this year? Tomi Rahula, the producer of the show, is confident the level of songs submitted is high. However, it went down from 216 in 2019 to only 178 this year. Foreign songwriters were eligible to submit songs; a fee was imposed on songs being submitted to the contest, with 25 Euros for Estonian language songs and 50 Euros for songs in other languages. The selection jury consisted of Andres Puusepp, Anu Varusk, Birgit Sarrap, Daniel Levi, Eda-Ines Etti, Hendrik Sal-Saller, Jüri Makarov, Kaupo Karelson, Lauri Hermann, Madis Aesma, Maiken, Owe Petersell, Sten Teppan and Vaido Pannel.

Semi-Final 1, University of Tartu Sports Hal, February 13th

  • Beautiful Lie – Jaagup Tuisk (Jaagup Tuisk)
  • Break Me – Laura Põldvere (Janne Hyöty, Jessica Hyöty & Laura Põldvere)
  • By My Side – STEFAN (Karl-Ander Reismann & Stefan Airapetjan)
  • Lean On Me – Ziggy Wild (Laura Prits, Valdur Viiklepp, Sander Nõmmistu & Henri-Hannes Sell)
  • Leelo – Kruuv (Allan Kasuk)
  • Out In Space – SHIRA (SHIRA & Karl-Ander Reismann)
  • Unistustes – Mariliis Jõgeva (Mariliis Jõgeva & Oliver Mazurtšak)
  • Videomäng – Renate (Renate Saluste)
  • What Love Is – Uku Suviste (Uku Suviste & Sharon Vaugh)
  • Without a Reason – Little Mess (Ebbe Ravn, Timo Vendt, Mihkel Mattisen & Tanja Mihhailova-Saar)
  • Üks kord veel – Traffic (Victor Crone, Fred Krieger, Vallo Kikas & Stig Rästa)
  • Young – Rasmus Rändvee (Karl-Ander Reismann & Rasmus Rändvee)


Semi-Final 2, University of Tartu Sports Hal, February 15th

  • I’m Sorry. I Messed Up – Uudo Sepp (Andrei Zevakin)
  • Georgia (On My Mind) – Egert Milder (Kaspar Kalluste, Matteo Capreoli & Egert Milder)
  • Heart Winder – German & Violina (Timo Vendt, Ebbe Ravn, Carine-Jessica Kostla & Liis-Marii Vendt)
  • Hingelind – Janet (Marek Rosenberg, Lauri Lembinen, Kadri Lepik & Janet Vavilov)
  • Kapa Kohi-LA – Viinerid (Peter Põder, Hardo Hansar & Martti Kask)
  • Kirjutan romaani – Revals (Jaanus Saago)
  • Majakad – Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf (Synne Valtri, Jaanus Viskar, Toomas Laur, Gert Gregor Källo & Aapo Ilves)
  • Miljon sammu – Merilin Mälk (Jonas Olsson, Neea Jokinen, Jana Hallas & Merilin Mälk)
  • Only Dream – INGER (Inger Fridolin & Karl-Ander Reismann)
  • Ping Pong – Jennifer Cohen (Jennifer Cohen & Luisa Lõhmus)
  • Right Time – INGA (Peter Põder, Allan Kasuk, Raul Krebs & Inga Tislar)
  • Write About Me – Anett x Fredi (Frederik Küüts & Anett Kulbin)

The final will take place in Tallinn’s Saku Suurhall on February 29th.

142 comments on “Estonia: Line-up Revealed!

  1. A bit too many returnees for me, but I’m excited for Rasmus… also who is this Karl-Ander Reismann who has three songs, he’s like the new Sven Lõhmus (speaking of, there’s Laura in the competition and a Luisa Lõhmus is a writer of a song…) also not a year without Stig, even though I loved Traffic in the past…

  2. Quite a few returnees : Uku, Laura (why ?), Traffic (yeah !), Rasmus (yeah !), Synne Valtri, Inga. I expect the usual mix of indie pop, more left field entries, some more mainstream ones and I hope for a better level overall compared to the last couple of years. EL remains one of the highlights of the season regardless.

  3. I wish there were more songs in Estonian :(

    EL used to be my favorite national final because of how experimental and edgy it was, but the past 2 or so years it has become quite tame and boring. I hope this year is better. Excited for Uku, Traffic (I still listen to “Für Elise”), Rasmus, Inger, and Jennifer.

    • The Angel should return every year. Give her multiple entries as well.

    • But I do agree with you; The competition should be 100% Estonian.

      The native language rule should be brought back in my opinion.

      Too many countries are just sending English language entries that are copies of mainstream acts.

      And too many countries care way too much about placings and positions. Should be sending acts that represent the nation.

      And I know all of the above will never happen. Pandora’s Box is fully open now.

  4. ESC song titles hit the rock bottom with Georgia (on my mind). It really can’t get any lazier than this. Seriously guys, irony also died about decade and half ago.

  5. “Tomi Rahula, the producer of the show, is confident the level of songs submitted is high.”. I hope so.

  6. two years in a row we had weak-ish Esti Lauls with the right winners, so let’s see how it continues.

    Inger is a name that I’m interested in because while talented, I hated her song then. It does seem she is of the kind Estonia wants to send eventually, so hoping she got a better song.

    Hoping the Estonian songs are of a higher level, having one win in their language would be cool.

  7. My my, I’m such a fan of Laura, I’m happy…:-)

    • I used to be huge on Laura. I remember you loving “Moonwalk” like me in 2005, sadly she lost to her own group and “Let’s get loud” is imo Estonia’s worst entry ever

      • Yes, Moonwalk was so much better than this ludicrous Suntribe song… sadly, Laura never dared starting with her Estonian songs… the Ultra album is simply great IMO…

          • Of course, I love it even more than Moonwalk… my favourite of Laura’s Eesti Laul contributions is Destiny, but it started in an extremely strong field…
            My overall favourites are probably Kiviliin, 2020, Ultra and Südasuve Rohtunud Teed…

            • Mine is “Supersonic”: I liked all except 2 (the atrocious “Let’s Get Loud” and the ridiculous “Verona”)… Her two esc entries :'(

            • I liked Verona for what it was – a live banger to keep the whole venue in party atmosphere (à la Stella Mwangi’s Haba Haba which did similarly bad)…
              But it was her weakest effort and did not represent her music style at all. It’s really a pity she never got the chance with her typical music…

  8. In the early years (2009-2012) Eesti laul was my favourite NF hands down, regarding both musical content and presentation. I still fondly remember the ‘Japanese’ reporter of the 2011 edition. Unfortunately it has been a downhill ride in my books ever since. I find less songs I enjoy every year (am I growing old and grumpy?) Moreover, they picked 3 songs I found dull at best (Victor) and tacky at worst (the other 2).
    Well, hope dies last. Good luck Estonia!

  9. Viewers in the UK apparently thought that Mr. Johnson came across as more prime ministerial tonight. Really? Do the add drugs to the water in the UK?

    • ITV who were hosting the debate ran an online snap poll straight after the debate. Almost 30,000 voted. That’s a huge sample. It was a win for Corbyn 78%–22%. All of the mainstream media are reporting a YouGov poll (Yougov was started by 2 Tories and has lost all credibility as pollsters) which has Johnson slightly ahead. Media ignoring the ITV poll… including ITV itself.

      • This is just pathetic.
        And it definitely reminds me of the situation regarding the media here in Greece as well. They are kissassing the conservative government 24/7 almost en bloc, and they are allergic to anything related to the left.

        • Sky News:

          Conservative bozo (Mr. Cleverly f. e.) waffling about getting Brexit done and unleashing the UK’s potential. – interviewer: no reaction to those empty slogans

          Labour MP explaining Labour’s ideas – interviewer: “But in all honesty, you won’t be able to find the money to do that.”

          • Ughh Exactly! :(
            Exactly the same in Greece. This is borderline undemocratic, imho. You can’t imagine the brainwashing we undergo every evening by the News on Greek tv.

      • I heard about the Yougov poll on Sky News, which is the only UK news channel I can watch live online here. (They have some awful people on borad like Tory propaganda machine Sophie Ridge or Adam Boulton, who strikes me as intellectually limited … On the other hand, Lewis Goodall is all right.) I have wondered for a long time because I thought that the Yougov polls were always skewed in favour of anything Conservative. Good to learn that the British manage tostay sane in all this mess.

    • The Twitter polls will prob favour Corbyn more due to the use of social media of younger people of course, but even the Yougov poll with all its weightings had to admit the following:

      #ITVDebate: on how well or badly do you think [X] performed in tonight’s debate:

      Boris Johnson:
      Well: 59%
      Badly: 41%

      Jeremy Corbyn:
      Well: 67%
      Badly 32%

  10. I am at my parents’ house tonight. While my parents were watching football, I watched a documentary on children growing up in nazi families on arte. When I was in the kitchen in order to make tea, the sliding door which leads into the kitchen opened. I asked: “How is the match going?” When I did not get an answer, I turned round and realised that my parents’ cat had finally learned how to open the door. Let’s hope that she doesn’t learn how to open the fridge door as well …

  11. @Morgan: Mourinho at Tottenham how do you feel haha

    • Nope nope nope: Carlo or Allegri

      • Poor Poch, deserved better.

        • Sadly looks like he lost the locker room: if you watched all the matches this season (last domestic win was 28th of September), you’d see they were awful, without any passion, except for the big ones (draws to City and at Arsenal, sad and dumb losses that could have gone either way to Liverpool and Leicester) but losing to Brighton, getting sad draws to Sheffield or Watford… anyway, it’s sad because Tottenham is still only 3pts from top 4 and almost through the knockout stages in C1… But the 2-7 loss to Bayern and all the stupid results at home were too much for Levy, who mostly cares for money… it’s the new stadium / no transfers in 18 months that finally caught up… I wish we’d have seen how Poch would have gotten us out of this mess (or not)… instead, he’s gone at the first dry spell. But remember, Spurs were in C1 quarterfinals in 2010 before he arrived, so they feel like he hasn’t done all that much (we were out in a group stage with Monaco and Leverkusen one year in C1 for instance, and we didn’t win a single trophee, with only 2 finals in 5 years… Poch openly disregarded the cups, when some silverware would have helped his case).

          • It’s true, they’ve been bad domestically since last January, masked by the CL run. But I do think given what he’s done for the club, it would have been fair to see him stay until the end of the season and go from there. Really the decline of Alderweireld/Vertonghen and Sanchez not being as good has really hurt them…along with Eriksen at this point not interested in staying.

  12. Wild testimony from Sondland today….

    • I watched it live. What do you think will happen now?

      • Well he’s painted a damning picture of Trump now. I’ve completely lost faith in the Republicans to maintain any sense of impartialness; they argue and say the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate because there was no vote, now that there was a vote they say they’re not watching the hearings because there’s no need – they are disgusting.

        This has definitely given some fire to the Democrats though, and right now the key we need to hope for is that public opinion goes even more against Trump. This was definitely the most important hearing so far and if any is going to contribute to swaying public opinion majorly so far it’s this one. Once that happens the Republicans may open up, but only time will tell.

        • Thanks for providing some context, Lina. Speaking of Republicans, I want to slap Mr. Nunes everytime he opens his mouth. The US Republicans (just like the UK conservatives, just watched Ms Braverman on BBC …) seem to have lost all decency. Facts and truth seem to have lost all relevance to what they are saying in public. And they don’t even blush. How do they do that?

          • They perfectly represent the crowd of people that voted them in – a crowd who also has a very troubled relation with the reality and facts.

          • Nunes along with the repugnant Jim Jordan have become my two least favorite members of the House. They simply have no interest in finding the truth, just protecting their dear leader from any scrutiny. Jordan has his own separate problems too like how he ignored sexual assault accusations against the team doctor while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State, and has been named in a number of lawsuits about it now. They are gross.

            • People like the 2 you mention shouldn’t have a place in the parliament of any self-respecting democracy imo.

            • Elise Stefanik also turned out to be scary; she used to be moderate but seems all-in on the tRump cult, too, now.

            • That is because she’s scared of losing her seat in 2020. Might as while rile up the Trump base because her moderate supporters may not want to vote Republican again. I get more ads for her opponent’s campaign than any other congressional campaign, they are gunning for her seat hard.

            • Well, I guess it makes sense re Stefanik – though I personally woudln’t want to shred my principles, limited as they may be for Republicans, like that: It will be a base election after all so all the more important Dems nominate a real progressive and not an unexciting mealy-mouthed moderate.

            • If only the party would listen to that advice….

            • We shall see… though the steady numbers for Biden plus the surge for Mr “I’m gay and don’t know any PoC but I was in the military and love Jeee-sus” is worrying. I don’t know why people think we need to play it safe; no matter who the Dems nominate they will be demonized a

            • Exactly what I’ve been saying. And thank you for being another one who sees what Buttigieg really is. Buttigieg’s support does not go any farther than the states that are 90+% white and Biden has been slipping and slipping so my optimistic side is telling me not to worry too much.

    • Its not like he has been the most credible witness thus far but he literally threw everyone under the bus today. Republicans must feel numb if not awkward. All they have been doing for days is attacking every witness on their credibility and loyalty. This is unlikely to get them far.

    • I am finally home (wet and cold weather outside)! My sad conclusion is that the public interest, the good of nation, democracy, whatever you want to call it is/are the big loser(s) of this impeachment process. Sanity and rational thought no longer matter. It is truly sad.

      • It’s a grueling process but it must be done. These hearings have proved Trump has abused his power and needs to be removed. It is just sad how even more divided this will make us.

        • Indeed. However people are reacting along party lines and this comes across as tribalism and even fundamentalism.

          Moving on, Buttigieg is going to take a beating this evening. I am curious to see how he deals with it.

          • I am also very excited. Ever since I’ve moved back for school, my best friend has come over for each debate and we break out some drinks for the occasion and order a pizza. Always a fun night. I think Buttigieg will be hit hard for his issues with race, especially since he just recently claimed false endorsements from black voters and pretended white supporters were black. Booker has already been in the press criticizing him for it and for also using a Kenyan woman’s stock photo image as the cover of this release. Expect Booker to come for him, and maybe this could be the big comeback Harris needs?

            • We’ll see. Buttigieg is the best person for the job, imo, but he is not perfect and now that he is surging again, anything goes. The plot thickens.

            • As much as I don’t agree with Klobuchar, she does remind me of a nice enough woman who is reminiscent of your middle school friend’s mom who’d make you snacks after school. The stories of her abusing her employees still scare me a bit even though they’ve seemed to generally dissipate, but I haven’t forgotten them. I wouldn’t vote for her in the primaries, but she’s nice enough where I wouldn’t feel the need to vote Green in the general if she’s the nominee.

              I agree she should attack Buttigieg tonight but I don’t know if she will. She’s very Minnesotan in culture and they don’t like getting into conflict; she refused to attack other candidates for the first few debates until going for Warren last debate, but even then it was less of an attack and more of an “I don’t agree with you.” Booker, Harris, Gabbard are more aggressive debaters who could come for him hard.

            • I did hear a story of Klobuchar earmarking funding to an anti-LGBT church or some other sort of establishment earlier in her senatorial career that did concern me a bit though.

            • There will be stories about everyone.

            • And it is our duty as voters to determine which are dealbreakers, just trying to give you what has been said about each candidate since I am on the ground here in the US. She has a very good record for LGBT rights so I don’t think I can fault her for this. The verbally abusing employees thing though was very big and controversial news when she announced her candidacy and she has never denied the reports, in fact she basically confirmed them :/

      • Send us a bit of rain pleaseee, we have a problem with draugh these weeks… :/

    • I’d love to see them back but with stronger entries.

      2004 meh
      2005 interesting song, messy live performance (both vocally and visually). It is still in my playlist :)
      2006 pleasant ballad, but the performance was all wrong – didn’t deserve to come last
      2007 energetic school boy rock, deserved to qualify imo
      2008 oh my, a really bad schlager
      2009 cute song, awful live once again

      Anyway, microstates rock!

      • Andorra 2007 is one of the biggest robberies ever. It had a major impact though – one of the catalysts for the juries (partial) intro in 2008.

        • that and the two semis system that would have lead to Portugal or Andorra easily qualifying in the final in 2007, when the old system had terrible songs straight to the final (Switzerland, Malta, Israel, Moldova 2006) and only the “friendly votes give us 50pts boost straight away” countries Q to the final every year (compare FYR Macedonia’s results in the one semi system to the two semis system)…

  13. Mr. Gove’s interview with Ciaran Jenkins on Channel 4. ROFL :(

    • Please can someone come and stage an intervention? The UK needs help. I’m not sure how much more of this we can take!

    • Did you see Home Secretary Priti Patel yesterday say “You can’t blame the Government for poverty.” Apparently it’s education’s and public services’ fault…

      No words.

      • All those people are either very stupid or extremely evil. Let’s hope that the GE will clear their ranks. Unfortunately, I have my doubts that will happen.

      • And then of course that ‘oven-ready deal’. That is infantile language. Don’t people feel insulted when they are told to believe that. There is no oven yet.

        • Oven-ready doesn’t even sound appealing; it’s like some crap from Tesco’s frozen section (then rung up by surly clerks who clearly hate working there).

  14. Jamala’s new song which is a soundtrack for a new movie:

  15. Sandro Nicolas rumored to be the Cypriot choice for Rotterdam:

  16. France barely ahead of Somalia on economic level? LOL what an odd classification.

    • From ESCK:
      “Außerdem hat der zyprische Sender RIK bereits aus den 100 eingereichten Beiträgen drei ausgewählt: „Mucho Calor“ (Dance-Titel), „Can’t Look Away“ (Mid-Tempo)und „Never Let You Down“ (moderner Pop-Song).”

      Why bother with this selection when it is obvious they will choose the first song with the Spanish title.

      • LOL that was my first thought, too! Bound to be my guilty pleasure I will relentlessly campaign for in 2020!

        • The Welsh guy with the Islanders was my mother’s winner in 2010. I had him in 3rd place and the song is still in my playlist. :)

          • I’ve always hated guys with guitar types… there always seemed to be one in every class at school or uni lol

            • Don’t you know that I attended music school and learned playing the guitar for 15 years? LOL
              I specialized in Spanish guitar and did a lot of Baroque music too. I have never been the ‘Country Roaoaoaods, take me HOOOOME’ and campfire type.

            • You sound like you could be a worthy successor to s!stärZ.

          • “I have never been the ‘Country Roaoaoaods, take me HOOOOME’ and campfire type.”

            I have, and still am. Except, there is not much country in the songs I use to play. We are mostly talking about classic rock songs, both Danish and foreign. I’ve been playing a lot of Dylan, Beatles, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Sebastian, Gasolin’, Tv-2 etc.

            • I don’t dislike the music you mention. In fact, I love Bob Dylan’s work. :)
              But I am still suffering from a campfire with guitar trauma because, against my parents’ advice, I joined the boy scouts when I was 10 years old. I hated it there but remained a boy scout for 5 years because I did not like the idea that my parents had known better. LOL

            • I have never been a scout (despite there being a scout’s hut just beside my parents’ house), so I don’t associate it so much with that. But I have always liked the social aspect of singing songs together; it doesn’t necessarily have to be at a campfire, or with an acoustic guitar for the matter. At bording school we always started the day with a song from the Folk High School Songbook :)

            • I have a terrible singing voice but I enjoy listening to others singing together, f. e. the family on Xmas Eve or the guests at my parents’ ESC party. :)

            • Do you walk around the Christmas tree while singing too?

            • No, my aunt is at the piano and everyone else is either sitting or standing.
              At school we had to learn 2 instruments and take exams in both every year. And then we had a 3rd exam which was singing but luckily you could opt out of the last one if you studied a 3rd instrument, which I eventually decided to do.

  17. Mans new video:

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