Bulgaria: They’re back!

Bulgaria – Great news today as Bulgaria confirms that it will return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020. With the loss of Hungary, but the return of Ukraine, it looks like we already have 40 countries taking part in Rotterdam.

The official statement said “We are delighted to announce that Bulgaria is set to take part at 2020. More exciting details will follow soon.”

bulgaria back


Bulgaria last took part in 2018. In 2016 and 2017 they came close to winning, finishing in 4th place with Poli Genova and 2nd place with Kristian Kostov.

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  1. RTCG’s relased the following statement:

    The Eurovision Song Contest participation costs around € 130,000 each year. Our representatives have mostly achieved modest results, hardly qualifying to the Grand Final.

    So this year we have decided to invest that money in the RTCG fleet renewal. The plan is to buy five new cars, whhich will significantly improve the safety of our crews, who exceed over 1,000 kilometers every day.

  2. My Top 20 of all winners from 2000 and on:

    1. Amar pelos dois
    2. Molitva
    3. Euphoria
    4. 1944
    5. Wild dances
    6. Fly on the wings of love
    7. Everybody
    8. Toy
    9. Hard rock hallelujah
    10. Fairytale
    11. I wanna
    12. Satellite
    13. Arcade
    14. Rise like a phoenix
    15. Heroes
    16. Believe
    17. Everyway that I can
    18. My number one
    19. Only teardrops
    20. Running scared

    • I agree with your top 4 but would put ‘Everybody’ in 5th place. And I have ‘Everyway that I can’ and ‘Arcade’ in my top 10 at the expense of ‘HRH’ and ‘Fairytale’. :)

    • 1. “1944”
      2. “Molitva”
      3. “Everyway That I Can”
      4. “Euphoria”
      5. “Only Teardrops”
      6. “Wild Dances”
      7. “Fly on the Wings of Love”
      8. “Arcade”
      9. “Satellite”
      10. “Believe”
      11. “Fairytale”
      12. “Running Scared”
      13. “Amar pelos dois”
      14. “Toy”
      15. “Heroes”
      16. “My Number One”
      17. “Rise Like a Phoenix”
      18. “Everybody”
      19. “I Wanna”
      20. “Hard Rock Hallelujah”

      For the most part

  3. And my Top 20 of the 2000’s overall (a terribly tough choice):

    1. Lejla (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2006)
    2. Lane moje (Serbia & Montenegro 2004)
    3. Et s’il fallait le faire (France 2009)
    4. Calm after the storm (Netherlands 2014)
    5. Oro (Serbia 2008)
    6. Senhora do mar (Portugal 2008)
    7. Amar pelos dois (Portugal 2017)
    8. Molitva (Serbia 2007)
    9. Euphoria (Sweden 2012)
    10. Rändajad (Estonia 2009)
    11. 1944 (Ukraine 2016)
    12. Taken by a stranger (Germany 2011)
    13. Visionary dream (Georgia 2007)
    14. Madness of love (Italy 2011)
    15. Suus (Albania 2012)
    16. Soldi (Italy 2019)
    17. Sanomi (Belgium 2003)
    18. Vukovi umiru sami (Croatia 2005)
    19. Forogj, világ (Hungary 2005)
    20. Gravity (Ukraine 2013)

  4. Everybody love Urban Trad – “Sanomi”!!! :D
    How not to love it!?

    • Belgium 2003 is still very popular with fans. :)

    • I enjoy “Sanomi” for what it is, but for someone who has been listening to pioneering bands such as Hedningarna (Sweden/Finland) or Sorten Muld (Denmark), it feels a bit primitive, or “basic” so to speak.

      For a comparison, here is a track by Sorten Muld which I think goes a bit deeper musically than “Sanomi” does (Sorten Muld was based on old Danish traditional songs – ‘folkeviser’ as they are called here – that were written down in the 16th and 19th centuries).

    • Wonderful!
      It even reminds me of Italian songs and Marco Mengoni! :o
      He should definitely try again for Armenia!
      1. Dorians
      2. Aram MP3
      3. Iveta Mukuchyan
      Top 3 Armenian entries! :)

      • I think he’ll never do it again. Though Gor Sujyan from Dorians and Iveta may be selected internationally again.

        • You know how much i loved his entry but i don’t think he should come back.He’s not a big live event performer.

          • Guys you judge him from one performance but being in his concerts I’d say he is fine live. Just Aram had big fails during his promos…. nervousness… He is a performer for smaller audiences like clubs etc. Anyways there are younger singers who deserve to try Eurovision.

            • Yes, that’s what i’m saying. He may be better for smaller stages. It has nothing to do with his artistry. It’s just some singers work better in big stages and some don’t.

            • He could be great music director for Eurovision. Nearly all his later singles used to become hits here.

      • Songwise I like Artsvik and Inga & Anush best but at the end of the day Aram MP3 was probably the most complete package.

    • Thx for sharing! One of her weaker efforts – unlike Siren sing, which IMO would have been this year’s strongest contender besides Soldi.

  5. Evridiki’s entry at the Cypriot N.F of 1991. It finish second. It was her first attempt to go solo in esc. She would come back in 1992 to win with “Teriazoume”

  6. Hattari are popular in Russia, had concert in Peter yesterday, today they have in Moscow!
    I still don’t like ’em… :P

  7. Oslo (10/nov./2019)
    Amar pelos dois/La det swinge :)

  8. OGAE Greece reports that Cybc received 120 songs. They will choose the song according their criteria. For reasons they only know they have already decided they want a male artist for Rotterdam.

  9. Morgan’s darlings released a new video:

  10. I had a dream that Selena Gomez represented Azerbaijan in Rotterdam! :P :D

  11. For the first time ever Andorra did not come last in its qualification group. Felicitació!

  12. Bella Santiago as Freddie Mercury in “Your face sounds familiar”!

    And as Beyonce! Woow! :o


  13. LOL #Eurodesperate

  14. My ranking of 21st century winners:

    1. Molitva
    2. 1944
    3. Amor pelos dois
    4. Euphoria
    5. Satellite
    6. Rise like a phoenix
    7. Everyway that I can
    8. Toy
    9. Fairytale
    10. Only teardrops
    11. Arcade
    12. Wild dances
    13. My number one
    14. Heroes
    15. Hard rock hallelujah
    16. Believe
    17. I wanna
    18. Fly on the wings of love
    19. Running scared
    20. Everybody

    • Mine looks like this:
      1. Toy
      2. Amar pelos dois
      3. Molitva
      4. 1944
      5. Running scared
      6. Arcade
      7. Euphoria
      8. Fly on the wings of love
      9. Heroes
      10. Satellite
      11. Hard rock halellujah
      12. Believe
      13. Wild dances
      14. Everybody
      15. My Number one
      16. Everyway that I can
      17. I wanna
      18. Rise like a phoenix
      19. Fairytale
      20. Only teardrops

  15. Dublin has been invaded by the Danes!!

  16. 1 Amor pelos dois
    2 Euphoria
    3 1944
    4 Satellite
    5 Hard rock hallelujah
    6 Fairytale
    7 Wild dances
    8 Only teardrops
    9 Heroes
    10 Arcade
    11 Molitva
    12 Fly on the wings of love
    13 Everybody
    14 My number one
    15 Rise like a phoenix
    16 I wanna
    17 Running scared
    18 Toy
    19 Everyway that I can
    20 Believe

  17. 1 Every way that I can
    2 Molitva
    3 Satellite
    4 Euphoria
    5 Rise like a Phoenix
    6 Fairytale
    7 Wild dances
    8 Heroes
    9 My number one
    10 Amor pelos dois
    11 Only teardrops
    12 I wanna
    13 1944
    14 Arcade
    15 Toy
    16 Hard rock hallelujah
    17 Running scared
    18 Believe
    19 Everybody
    20 Fly on the wings of love

  18. You all write AmOr pelos dois, isn’t it AmAr pelos dois!? :P :D

  19. I want Iceland to host in 2021, because I want to visit it! :P
    Yeah it is so expensive, but esc would be perfect reason to go there, and now at least air ticket can be purchased for cca 200 eur from Budapest (wizzair)…
    The same goes for Armenia or Georgia, plus accommodation is much cheaper there than in Iceland. :)))

    • So if it is West, pick Iceland, if it is East pick Armenia or Georgia! :D
      Moscow or St Petersburg would be great too, but I think air tickets are expensive.. :P

    • Iceland is my favorite country in the world. I’ve been there a few times and am going back this summer with my best friend, can’t wait. If I choose what country I was born in I’d pick Iceland.

      • Lucky you! I have to go there! :))

      • Moldova could be interesting pick for esc winner and then traveling there! :P lol

        • One of my close friends is from Moldova and she hates it there lol. Said Chisinau is an ugly city with nothing to do lol. I’d still like to visit though.

          • Yeah I know, it is the last European capital city with true comunist architecture… I was very close to Moldova Republic few weeks ago, in Iasi, Moldova province for Romania. :) it is really good, different to Moldova…
            I wanna go to Albania too… :)

            • Romania is one of my top travel dream destinations. I’ve always adored Romanian castles since I was a young child (I was big into vampire stories as a little kid) so I’d love to be able to finally visit some of them. I also love the beautiful mountainous forests and those Transylvanian villages with wooden buildings that look straight out of a storybook. Definitely a top choice for me.

              I definitely recommend visiting Albania. I took one of my ex-boyfriends (a non-Albanian) there when I was 16 to visit my Albanian family and he said that it reminded him of Greece without the tourists :P

        • My former French flatmate (back in my Munich days) travelled in Moldova for almost a year in 2003/2004. He even published a book on his experience, and one of the photographs he took (two old farmers leaning on a fence in a tiny village) is still decorating my library.

    • When I visited Iceland 2 years ago, one of my colleagues, who is a heavy smoker, went to buy cigarettes. When the cashier said ‘2000 íslenskar krónur’ – € 20) all the colour went from his face. At the end of the day he was too proud not to pay and bought the cigarettes. LOL

      • Great for smokera to quit smoking! :D I checked tours there to book, they are not too expensive, almost the same level of price like in Israel…

        • A bottle of mediocre Spanish wine was € 100 and for a regular lunch we were charged € 50. Luckily everything was paid for by the company which invited me to Reykjavík. :)
          What struck me as most unusual was that you could only pay by credit card if you wanted to visit a public toilet. At least those were very clean. :)

  20. Ellen Benediktson reportedly confirmed for Melodifestivalen, and this is definitely the confirmation that has most excited me. Sure Songbird was nice enough but her releases after that in her new style are so my speed. I don’t know too much about what she’s been up to recently, but she released this song after her second Melfest attempt and I still love it.

    • Shevek and Toggie could like this. :)

    • I’ve been missing the most recent news, but I caught this piece on ESC Portugal. I am very curious too see what this lady brings to the table. She is most probably doomed though.

    • Lina, the coming debate is going to very interesting. Imagine this scenario: white educated voters (Buttigieg), non-white voters (Biden) , liberal voters (Sanders). Warren must be flawless next Wednesday.

      • I am quite excited for it. I think Buttigieg is gonna see what it’s like to be attacked for the first time, and he has quite a lot in his record that deserves that. Also, I think Warren has a bigger grasp on liberal voters than Sanders does. His is more exclusive to uneducated liberals, while Warren appeals to more educated white liberals and Buttigieg is more to educated white moderates.

        My favorite part of all this though is how much Biden has been slipping. At this point he’ll probably lose both Iowa and New Hampshire, and could come as low as 4th. Back in June he was winning every primary with 30% of the vote.

        • Yes, those scenarios are also very plausible. There is one thing that is intriguing me as well: who will the Repblicans that feel abandoned by their former party support? Everything is still very fluid. I shall be reading your comments next Thursday as usual. I must go now. I have to get up very early tomorrow morning: :)

          • That was a point brought up by SE Cupp. She is a conservative commentator and NeverTrumper who works for CNN. She was talking about the possibility of NeverTrumpers leaving the Republican Party and turning to Democrats. She herself felt like it was something she’d might do, but she said that after watching the debates she was reminded why she was a Republican and not a Democrat. I don’t think there’s any real realistic situation of NeverTrumpers en masse going out to support the Democrats. We can’t forget that in the end they are conservatives still, and they do not support the ideas that are very popular in the Democratic Party right now. No matter what, one side will be losing out. Even the “moderate” Democrats à la Buttigieg and Biden are still advocating for “Medicare for All Who Want It” or a continuation of Obamacare, which are not in line with Republican values.

            I think the most realistic scenario is NeverTrumpers continue what they did in 2016 by either voting third party or doing a write-in vote. Cupp added that she believes once Trump is out of office the older Republican values will come back into play. I don’t know if I necessarily agree, especially assuming a former Trumpian doesn’t become the new Republican leader (Nikki Haley really wants to be that leader), but we shall see. We can’t predict what will happen when we’re in an unprecedented era.

            Have a good night :)

          • Just thought I’d add this is one of the many issues with having a two-party system. It’s very “this or that” with no room for compromise. Until Bernie Sanders popularized progressivism in the 2016 primaries, there were really no well-known Democrats with a chance at gaining real power that I felt like represented me or my values, and obviously there were no Republicans who did either. I don’t think there’s true democracy unless you have multiple viable parties.

  21. One more option for me could be Portugal to win and host at Madeira! <3 :P

  22. 21st century winners for me :

    1. Euphoria
    2. Fairytale
    3. Amar pelos dois
    4. Molitva
    5. Everyway that I can
    6. 1944
    7. Arcade
    8. Wild dances
    9. Satellite
    10. Toy
    11. Rise like a phoenix
    12. Heroes
    13. Hard rock halellujah
    14. Only teardrops
    15. My Number one
    16. Fly on the wings of love
    17. Believe
    18. I wanna
    19. Running scared
    20. Everybody

  23. And personal favourites post-2000

    1 Birds
    2 Calm After the Storm
    3 Amar pelos dois
    4 Et s’il fallait le faire
    5 Lejla
    6 Taken By a Stranger
    7 Madness of Love
    8 Telemoveis
    9 Rändajad
    10 Lane moje
    11 Euphoria
    12 1944
    13 Unsubstantial Blues
    14 Visionary Dream
    15 Todas as ruas do amor
    16 City Lights
    17 Bonika bate toba
    18 The Worrying Kind
    19 Senhora do mar
    20 Forogj, Világ

    It seems I am the only one not to have Molitva among my ten favourite winners.

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