Bulgaria: They’re back!

Bulgaria – Great news today as Bulgaria confirms that it will return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020. With the loss of Hungary, but the return of Ukraine, it looks like we already have 40 countries taking part in Rotterdam.

The official statement said “We are delighted to announce that Bulgaria is set to take part at 2020. More exciting details will follow soon.”

bulgaria back


Bulgaria last took part in 2018. In 2016 and 2017 they came close to winning, finishing in 4th place with Poli Genova and 2nd place with Kristian Kostov.

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I was going to get into some esc related stuff again by reviewing the jesc entries of this year but after seeing the way the polish broadcaster has blatantly manipulated the running order this year in favour of the polish entry and how the EBU allowed it in an unprecedented way we havent seen in esc or jesc previously I just feel utterly disgusted. I am not even sure I can watch this event with a straight face anymore – a pity because musically it is a very strong year.

    It would be best for Poland to follow Hungary and take a break from international activities such as esc as long as they are under the regimes they are. Hungary’s withdrawal has little to nothing to do with esc itself – Orban started losing some of his grip in recent local elections in big urban centers and will double down on isolationism and nationalism – the esc withdrawal is a purely political decision imo.

    I am really losing my patience with the EBU allowing these regimes to participate in first place. Esc and its sister contests were created in an era where music was used to unite Europe – it deserves better than the level it has fallen to now – serving as a propaganda machine for whatever sickening authoritarian regime wants to project a fake image to the world out there. Do away with the Hungarys, Polands and Russia please – and soon.

    And yes I am being harsh but I am losing my patience. You dont offer anything beneficial to the people of these countries by allowing these regimes to continue promoting themselves through such contests. And we end up with scandals such as the one before us in jesc now. Enough is enough.

    • Good to have you back, guitar. As much as I agree with what you say, I’d suggest to focus on the fun side of things. The terrible regimes we have in some countries at the moment won’t be able to do damage to ESC in the long run imo. ESC is a very resilient thing, and a good thing it is. :)
      You know that I don’t follow JESC but I have read on several fan sites that North Macedonia has a very strong entry.

      • With the voting system as is, the running order has much less impact as it normally may have in ESC. I do find it weird in the cases of France and Spain, but Poland had a luck of the draw deal.

        The first word that comes in mind for the Macedonian entry is Melfest. It’s VERY well produced and there is enough grit to make it feel real, but not overdone, real good song with a strong hook.

        1) France
        2) Poland
        3) North Macedonia
        4) Spain
        5) Armenia

    • Poland had their position chosen by random draw at the opening ceremony, they’re just lucky, their position had nothing to do with producer interference. Also let’s not pretend running order has that much of an effect. If a song is going to win it will when no matter when they perform it.

      • But as I said the positions of those around them was not. Also the positions of other favourites was not.

        We ll see how much of an effect it has I guess. It has proven it does matter as e.g. Imri from Israel can attest or even Barzilai (see televoting score in semi Vs televoting score in the final – taking into account the number of countries voting and compare it to Cesar’s as well). Truth is TVP did everything possible to put the rest of the favourites at a disadvantage at a blatantly obvious way.

  2. And my top20 of the 21st century:

    1. Molitva
    2. 1944
    3. Amar pelos dois
    4. Rändajad
    5. Et s’il fallait le faire
    6. Lane moje
    7. Euphoria
    8. Senhora do mar
    9. Taken by a stranger
    10. Die for you
    11. Occidentali’s karma
    12. Satellite
    13. Rise like a phoenix
    14. Calm after the storm
    15. Grande amore
    16. Everyway that I can
    17. Rhythm inside
    18. Forogj világ
    19. Watch my dance
    20. L’ essenziale

    • Wow, we do have quite similar taste – you even have Grande amore! I thought I was trhe only one who liked HUN 2005… only one song on your list I don’t like and I actually don’t actively dislike Lane moje, it just doesn’t stay in my head at all.

  3. It’s VERY hard to put the top anything of the millenium, but I can say I can give songs that really marked me since I started watching (around 2009) and have stayed with me until today

    -Be My Valentine
    -La Noche Es Para Mi
    -Et s’il fallait le faire
    *Playing With Fire
    -La La Love
    -Crno I Belo
    -Not Alone
    *Rhythm Inside
    -J’ai Cherche
    -Alter Ego
    -Lion D’ici
    *Occidentali’s Karma
    *City Lights
    -Lie to Me
    -Viszlat Nyar
    *She Got Me

    • Love how diverse this list is <3

      • Lots of these are back from when I discovered it, my first were indeed Loboda and Soraya. They carry a sentimental weight :P
        Nowadays, while happy with Alexander, I’d put Patricia as my winner then.

        If I had to determine the best of the best of these right now?
        Paula and Ovi, Anouk, Mahmood, Duncan and a tie between the 2018 ones (those two were the only 10/10s I can give that year, and I ain’t that easy with those :) )

    • Hey, really dig your style 😃

  4. I’ll do it this way as no point to rank the winner’s bin.

    12 pts Euphoria
    10 pts Rise like a phoenix
    8 pts Everyway that I can
    7 pts Amor pelos dois
    6 pts Heroes
    5 pts My Number One
    4 pts Wild Dances
    3 points Arcade
    2 points Molitva
    1 point Believe

  5. I actually do decade-long rankings for the periods like 2001-2010, 2011-2020 etc but since we have 21st century and decade reviews I will post my top 20 for the decade 2010-2019 :

    1. Ukraine 2016 : Jamala – “1944”
    2. Norway 2014 : Carl Espen – “Silent Storm”
    3. Denmark 2013 : Emmelie De Forest – “Only Teardrops”
    4. Latvia 2015 : Aminata – “Love Injected”
    5. Belgium 2015 : Loic Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”
    6. Belgium 2010 : Tom Dice – “Me And My Guitar”
    7. Netherlands 2019 : Duncan Laurence – “Arcade”
    8. Belgium 2018 : Sennek – “A Matter Of Time”
    9. Bulgaria 2018 : Equinox – “Bones”
    10. Italy 2019 : Mahmood – “Soldi”

    11. Belgium 2017 : Blanche – “City Lights”
    12. Sweden 2012 : Loreen – “Euphoria”
    13. Netherlands 2014 : The Common Linnets – “Calm After The Storm”
    14. Slovenia 2019 : Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – “Sebi”
    15. Bulgaria 2017 : Kristian Kostov – “Beautiful Mess”
    16. Germany 2011 : Lena – “Taken By A Stranger”
    17. Italy 2011 : Raphael Gualazzi – “Madness of Love”
    18. Netherlands 2013 : Anouk – “Birds”
    19. Sweden 2018 : Benjamin Ingrosso – “Dance You Off”
    20. Estonia 2011 : Getter Jaani – “Rockefeller Street”

    Tbh I even feel surprised by some of those placings as I realized them.

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