Malta: Destiny Chukunyere Auditions on XFactor Malta Tonight

Malta – The representative for Malta in Rotterdam will again be chosen via the country’s XFactor tv show, which airs tonight from Gozo. A familiar Eurovision face, and one of the hot favourites to win, auditions tonight…

Destiny Chukunyere, winner of Junior Eurovision 4 years ago, has confirmed on Instagram that she is taking part and her audition will be shown tonight.

As well as winning JESC in 2015, Destiny made it to the semi-finals of Britains Got Talent, and performed as a backing singer with Michela Pace earlier this year in Israel.

The show airs at 20.50 Maltese time (also 20.50 CET), on Television Malta.

36 comments on “Malta: Destiny Chukunyere Auditions on XFactor Malta Tonight

  1. we all knew she’d represent Malta in esc; hope they give her a really credible song

  2. Aren’t these kind of shows meant for unknowns? Do the judges have to pretend they don’t know the competing singers?

    • They usually ignore the fact.
      No mention when Slavko, Saara or even our own Brendan Murray took part after Eurovision.

  3. That’s absurd. If they want to send Desitiny, just pick her internally.
    Destiny is a fine singer but then vocals have rarely been Malta’s problem. Song quality and presentation are.

  4. Off-topic, the Eurovision Grand Final is officially the most watched programme in Greece of the 2018-2019 TV season, hitting 50.9% share and 17.8% rating. This transates to 1,847,000 viewers:

    • That’s why i’m dumbfounded by how(especially under the previous administration) they did everything to ruin it as a tv-product. Not that everyone else treated it as the gold mine that it is. At some point, watching some discussions i thought eurovision is what caused the financial crisis.

  5. We all know she will be Maltese representative one Day! :P

  6. New single-“Filithy Boy” :

  7. Dates for FiK: 19,20 & the final on December 22.

  8. Another general election in the UK. I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry …

  9. Fun Aside: lots of controversy around Kenga Magjike this year as a lot of artists/stage producers have been accused of cooying/stealing stagings from ESC/NFs. A couple examples I’ll link here for interest’s sake:

  10. MTV Hungary:
    Instead of taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, we will support the valuable productions created by the talents of Hungarian pop music directly.

    Duna Television will support the winner of A Dal 2020 with numerous promotional opportunities and a chance to perform on the stages of the most prestigious Hungarian festivals.

    Additionally, the winner will be rewarded with a special promotion on Petőfi Radio and will receive support for the development of their music career.

    Source: Esctoday

  11. Happy National Cats day:

  12. Hungary may be out, but it seems that Bulgaria is returning (not sure that this is the most reliable source)


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