Albania: FIK Line-Up Revealed?

Albania – A website claims to have listed this year’s entrants for FIK 58. Festivali i Këngës 2020 will be used once again to select Albania’s entrant for Rotterdam.

The Albanian web site Class Lifestyle,  which published the list, is owned by FiK 58 host Alketa Vejsiu and the show’s director Vera Grabocka. Further names seemed to have been suggested since.

The rumoured entrants are:


  • Alberie Hadergjonaj
  • Aldo Bardhi
  • Algert Salaj
  • Arilena Ara
  • Arjeta Palushaj
  • Aurora Kapo
  • Bojken Lako
  • Devis Xherahu
  • Eli Fara ft Stresi
  • Elvana Gjata
  • Era Rusi
  • Eugent Lito (GENA)
  • Genc Tukiqi
  • Genti Deda
  • Kamela Islamaj
  • Kanita Suma
  • Kastro Zizo
  • Nita Latifi
  • Olta Boka
  • Renis Gjoka
  • Robert Berisha
  • Sara Bajraktari
  • Tiri Gjoci
  • Valon Shehu
  • Wendy Mancaku


Albanians were instantly surprised to see a big star’s name on there, Elvana Gjata. Another well known name in the country is a winner of Albanian X Factor, Arilena Ara.

Watch this space to see if the list is officially confirmed by the Albania Head of Delegation….

62 comments on “Albania: FIK Line-Up Revealed?

  1. And the news keep coming. I am wating patiently for the songs. Good luck, Albania!

    P.S. – Our Albanian friends seem to very happy with these choices. :)

  2. It’s been officially confirmed since this evening by RTSH. The official list is shorter than that and is here:

  3. As I said in the Spain post it’s a very promising lineup. Arilena Ara, Elvana Gjata (both ETSC alumni), Eli Fara/Stresi, and Gena are huge modern names. Olta Boka and Alberie Hadergjonaj are previous winners. Tiri Gjoci and Wendi Mancaku were two of Jonida’s backing singers in Tel Aviv, and I’ve always liked Tiri’s work. Kanita is also a popular singer in the Albanian community in North Macedonia.

    The relative success of Bushpepa and Maliqi has saved FiK from obscurity and has attracted big names. There’s also rumours that foreign songwriters so that have played a part in this year’s lineup, as well as Soni Malaj’s involvement in the selection jury.

  4. I really liked Olta Boka and 2008 and I have enjoyed every song Bojken Lako submitted to FiK. Let’s hope that I will discover more artists I like this year.
    Good luck!

  5. Very nice to have the Festival i kangeroos back though I wish there were also a Festival i penguins.

  6. Era Rusi can be interesting too!

  7. FiK 58 Candidates

    Albërie Hadërgjonaj
    Aldo Bardhi
    Arilena Ara
    Bojken Lako
    Devis Xherahu
    Eli Fara & Stresi
    Elvana Gjata
    Era Rusi
    Genc Tukiqi
    Kanita Suma
    Kamela Islamaj
    Kastro Zizo
    Olta Boka
    Renis Gjoka
    Robert Berisha
    Sara Bajraktari
    Tiri Gjoci
    Valon Shehu
    Wendi Mancaku

  8. Kazakhstan’s official video for their jesc entry is all shades of cringy. lol:

  9. Duncan Laurence’s new single

  10. GoT actor Michiel Huisman is rumoured as possible Eurovision presenter by dutch media. Can we also have Carice van Houten please please please?

  11. The demoscopic jury is coming back in San Remo and will completely replace the expert jury in the final result. Also San Remo will be asking record companies to state from the beginning of the festival whether their artists intend to go to Eurovision in case they win.

    • More info for crazy fans like me :)

      -Demoscopic jury will vote during the first two days (first performance of every song).
      -The orchestra (musicians and backing singers) will vote during the third night (cover of a SR song from the 70 years of festival).
      -Sala Stampa (Press jury: newspapers, tv, radio and websites) will vote on the fourth night, which is the second performance of the songs.
      -On Saturday, last night, Demoscopic and Press jury will vote together with the addition of televote.
      -The top 3 will face the superfinal starting from zero, the winner will be chosen by a combination of Demoscopic and Press jury and televote.
      The 20 “Campioni” will be announced on January 6th.

      The winner will represent Italy in ESC if he/she/they want, if that is not the case, RAI will internally select another artist.

      Source: Rules from RAI :P

      • insane ahah hope it works and we don’t get last year’s polemics

      • I like what I am reading. :)

      • I am very much in favour of the orchestra and backings voting (they are the real experts, not the various celebrities who were being recruited for the “expert” jury) but I don’t think their vote should be included in the total since they will not be judging the competing song but the cover version of another song. I think this is highly bizarre and a bad idea.

        On the other hand, replacing the “experts” with the demoscopic jury means the public will have a much bigger say in the final result, as the demoscopic jury (a representative selection of music consumers) tends to be much closer to the televote. It is also the way to keep big and established names with a strong fan base interested in participating.

        As for ESC fans, they will know immediately whether the winner will go to Eurovision or not, as all artists will be required to state their intentions from the get-go. It seems the connection of the festival with Eurovision is getting stronger and stronger every year.

        • While on principle it’s good that the public has a greater say (the demoscopic jury theoretically another aspect of the public vote), it would have meant missing out on Soldi this year in favor of dreary Ultimo. Of course RAI can tweak the composition of the demo panel to an extent but 99% Mahmood wouldn’t have won.

    • Understanble ! guess

  12. Semifinals: December 19th and 20th
    Final: December 22nd

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