Belgium: Hooverphonic to Rotterdam!

Belgium – VRT, the Flemish broadcaster in charge of the country’s participation in Eurovision 2020, has revealed tonight that they have internally chosen Hooverphonic to represent them in Rotterdam!


The band is a trio shaped around Alex Callier (producer/songwriter) & Raymond Geerts (guitar player) with different vocalists. Currently it’s Luka Cruysberghs, who won The Voice with Alex as her coach, before joining the band. The song is at the demo stage and the reveal is announced for early 2020.

Of course it’s an exciting news for the ET community, since the band won the bronze medal (3rd place) in ETSC 4 with “Amalfi“:

What do you think of this internal choice? Can it spin things around for Belgium, which has chosen two interesting internally songs in a row that got disappointed results, arguably because of very poor live performances? Tell us what you think below.

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263 comments on “Belgium: Hooverphonic to Rotterdam!

  1. Cyprus will pick a guy for 2020. According to a TV report, the two names they are looking for are pop star Vangelis Kakouriotis and X-Factor winner Ian Stratis. Neither of them is cypriot by the way :-P

  2. Greeks?

    • Mainlanders yes. Most cypriots are greeks as well :)

    • For entertainment value check out article on EK’s latest Second Chance Song Contest – epic meltdown. Partly caused by my song (which you likely hate ;-)) advancing!

      • LOL :(
        I don’t hate your song (I try to avoid the feeling of hate in general because I don’t think that hating is a healthy thing to do). However, the live performance left a lot to be desired imo.

        • Totally – a mess. While Germany has the problem of no performance, Spain tends to do too much. Notice Maria’s Fokasesque box, which they then did on steroids in Tel Aviv.

  3. @ Togravus, 4porcelli and Dominik (and whoever elese :) ),
    what’s your opinion on this?

    • *else

    • I like Böhmermann as a comic/satirist so you have to wonder/worry what his game is here – risk is that this drags down politics in Germany even more as we have seen with tv/social media stars e.g. in US, Italy. I doubt he’d actually go through with this; in the US Stephen Colbert (who I like a lot!) teased a run for office in South Carolina (where he probably hasn’t lives insce his school days) and in the end didn’t follow through on it.
      That said SocDem in Germany are in a sad state. They have lost any sort of purpose or identity and have become sort of a tragic joke already. The current leadership election makes them seem pathetic; it looks more like an election for student government. Thank God the Greens have ditched their period of misanthropic elitism so one can once again support them (Left Party has some good ideas but most of them are fantasyland).

  4. Politics lovers took over this site please post hot men pics for a fair play😛

  5. Danish public to determine 3 acts via P4
    DR is going out of the box for the forthcoming edition of DMGP, enabling the Danish public to select 3 of the 10 competing acts in the national final via radio station P4. Music experts from nine districts will select a total of 9 entries out of the submitted songs for the public selection.

    The nine songs will be released on the radio in Janauary and the Danish listeners will vote and select three songs for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix final in March.

    A total of 10 acts will battle for the golden ticket to Rotterdam at DMGP 2020.

    Hence three songs will be selected via P4 (public voting) and the remaining seven via DR (internal selection) out of all the submitted entries.

    The 2020 DMGP is set to be held at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen on Saturday 7 March.

    Source: Esctoday

  6. Sakis Rouvas and Eleni Foureira medley live in Athens on September 22:

  7. I didn’t know Djibouti is Franchophone country! :O

    • I miss the Mimicry era in EL :(

      Speaking of hosts…
      Have you, by any chance, watched the “Football Stories” show on Ant1 earlier this week? This guy is the co-host ;)

      • They’ve gone from left field and indie to mainstream pop but they need more variety. Now, it’s all too bland.

      • I hadn’t noticed him. :P I just saw the bit in which Yiorgos, the other sexy guy visited the Manchester gay and bi football team.

        • They are both hot. But apart from their sexiness, the show per se is quite interesting. Next week they’ll be in Rio De Janeiro where they’ll have former Aris FC’s Darsi Neto as a special guest :)

  8. The first authentic, gloomy, rainy October morning is here!
    Glad I took the day off today :P

  9. I LUUUUUUV “Duemila volite”!

    Please Marco Mengoni go to Rotterdam!!

    And my Senhit for San Marino!
    The year when I attend ESC! :P

  10. Loreen’s new single:

    • MUCH better than what she peddled last time she was in MF. And even further away from what MF wants. I’d suggest she sends a letter to San Marino as well. Perhaps someone with sense still resides in the Serenissima Repubblica :-)

    • I just listened to it and it’s really good. It seems she chooses less mainstream sounds as she goes and i like that. Her previous album was very good too, imo:

  11. She sent letter to San Marino for participation…
    Fingers crossed she had the best song in the selection

  12. Apparently SuRie has a younger brother. And he is Duncan’s support act in the Dutch part of the tour. Not only the same sound as Duncan, but also the same aesthetic.

  13. Eurovisionfun.com now reports that Cyprus is also considering a girl apart from the two guys we know already. I am betting it is Charis Savva, the new Panic girl who also took part in Cyprus’ NF back in 2015:

  14. Spain’s first JESC entry in 13 years is fully released today :

    I think they still have the jesc vibe sorted out.

  15. I hope Erick Barrondo from Guatemala will take medal this night in 20 km race walk. He took silver in Rio, the first medal for Guatemala at Olympics ever!

  16. Spain have picked Blas Canto for ESC…

  17. Nice song. It seems most Spanish fans are really happy with the choice

    • He’s a good performer judging by his 2004 jesc bid:

    • I think spanish fans can finally start hoping that the curse will be broken. It seems that Salvador and Foureira did wonders for Eurovision in Spain and that’s reflected in the seriousness TVE is finally exhibiting. He had a #1 album there last year and a song with 65 million views. He is a big, current choice. And this is a catchy song!

      Let’s now hope that ERT will now come knocking on Argiros’ door. I guess they will ask Foureira again though as the “safer” choice…

  18. […] broadcaster in charge of the country’s participation in Eurovision 2020, revealed that they had internally chosen Hooverphonic to represent them in Rotterdam, they revealed their song “Release Me” this […]

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