UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

UK – The BBC has confirmed that its national selection programme, Eurovision: You Decide, has been dumped for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and an exciting new partnership with the record company BMG will help select the UK’s representative instead.

The BBC says that BMG share the vision of “selecting a song with broad international appeal and securing an artist who embodies the spirit and values of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Do you think this is a good approach for the UK?


618 comments on “UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

  1. WOW Stuttgart to Munich by train and only a 30 minutes delay. I guess this qualifies as on time for Deutsche Bahn.

  2. I spent the day in meetings and am catching up on the latest news.


    Mr. Trump is speaking again. It’s truly sad to see a person who could not care less abiut anything or anyone but himself being President of the USA. The founding fathers and Crèvecoeur must be fuming wherever they are.

    • Things just keep getting worse here everyday, and the population is just becoming even more divided.

      • I’ve to confess I’m a bit baffled that the impeachment train is suddenly picking up steam (if it doesn’t turn out to fizzle like so many others); this seems like a relatively minor scandal compared to e.g. the blatant profiteering and bribery; siding with Putin vs. allies, non-stop lies, and essentially admitting to obstruction of justice in, among other things, the firing of the self-righteous Comey. Hope dies last as the Germans say – after all Susan Collins is once nmore “concerned”. What a sad spectacle in both the USA and the UK,.Hpe you’re holding up – you’re relishing NYU, right?!!

        • I’d say the reason the Ukraine controversy is picking up more steam than the Russia controversy is because:

          1) The proof is right in front of our eyes, Trump can’t run away from it when it’s words he’s on record saying.
          2) A lot of Americans were not able to understand the Russia controversy and found it confusing, which allowed Trump to manipulate them into believing what he wanted them to believe. The Ukraine controversy is much more clear cut and easy to understand for people who may not have understood Russia.

          I don’t think Trump will ever be removed from office regardless of what he does though because of blind partisanship with the Republicans. If evidence comes out being too damning then maybe they might, but I don’t know, it’d take a lot considering how strong his base of supporters are (and how willing they are to believe whatever he says). My dad thinks the Republican elite might abandon Trump and start backing Pence for 2020, but I think that’s wishful thinking.

          But yes, at times like this I’m thankful to be in NYC and at NYU. It’s like an ultra-left enclave within a center-left enclave within an ultra-conservative nation. But then I go on social media and see all the white nationalists I left behind in high school spewing their nonsense again. Politics aside, NYU is great and I’ve been having a great time this semester. My class load is super light right now so I’ve been having a lot of time to have fun. Definitely love living in my own apartment too. Dorm life was horrible lol.

      • The Ukrainian affair is proving that facts matter very little; it’s all about partisan lines. Democracy is the big loser here.

  3. Lindita’s entry for Kenga Magjike this year:

    Sounds like a bad JLo remix…

    • It just sounds sterile and dead. I hope there are more ineteresting songs on offer.

      • It just started last weekend…usually there’s a couple good songs but the winner ends up being a likeable compromise winner since the competitors vote for the winner. Last year the best song won though. A lot of bad stuff too though every year.

  4. 19 years after coming third for Latvia in Eurovision, Brainstorm win VFoS with “Ogles”, a song brought by Arpatilaos! Well done :)

  5. Yianna’s new video:

  6. I am very torn about the impeachment proceedings in the US. Of course in this case the president is clearly caught in an impeachable offense with no ifs and buts (for anyone who cares about facts) but on the other hand for a rapid basis that cares little about facts, impeachment proceedings are very likely to boost his popularity as they did with Clinton.

    • That is my worry too (and the same worry many Democrats had). However, I will say that the reason Clinton was impeached was seen by many Americans as too minuscule, and many thought that it was actually a witch hunt against him. You cannot ignore what Trump did, and I’d say public support is much higher than it was for Clinton’s, so hopefully it won’t have the same effect.

    • Ms. Pelosi has to be very careful and not let the most radical wing of the Democratic Party take over the process. She is skating on very thin ice.

      • We disagree of course on the premise (I wish representatives like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez et al would be the norm in the democratic party so that US citizens had a real option between a right wing to far right party and an at least center left party). Pelosi is a pragmatist and does what the majority of her caucus wants.

        • Agreed, and this “radical wing” is not very radical at all. That is where the Democratic Party originally stood until the Clintons moved the mainstream to the center. They are just trying to revitalize the party to where it’s supposed to stand.

          • Exactly. It is the same with the labour party in the UK right now where they accuse Corbin of being “far left” and “radicalizing” the party. Corbin is simply re-positioning the party to where it was before Blair turned it into Tory-lite.

            • Remember how Labour fared in general elections before Blair? If they do that, the door is wide open for the Lib Dems to become the party of common sense. With Labour and the Tories living in fantasy land, the Lib Dems and the Greens will most likely see their share of the vote grow substantially.

        • I can see why you disagree. Ms. Cortez has a bright future and she represents her district well, but the rest of Amrica is very different. The main target is the White House. The Democrats have to win and to achieve that goal, they have to win the majority in the elctoral college. That is why democracy works in the USA. Ms. Pelosi knows how the game is played. Anyway, Mr. T. will most probably manage to get himself replaced by someone much worse – Mr. Pence. He will be harder to beat.

          • Winning to do what ? Apply a fiscally right-wing agenda ? Whats the point then ? Republicans can do that. AOC is a common sense politician but in a country such as the US this is hard to see for a large part of a population stuck in simple minded branding of “socialism” on anything not private and unregulated by the government.

            Trump wont be impeached as the senate does not have a simple majority let alone a 2/3s majority to do that.

            • Winning to do what the American voters want them to do. If American voters lean to the right wing, they get what they wished for. AOC does wonders in her environment. A general election reflects the will of the whole country. Trump will keep doing illegal stuff, because he thinks the world revolves around him. The Republicans will ditch him when they realise he will hurt them more than they are expecting.

            • I agree that Trump likely won’t be removed from office, but apparently as many as 30 Republican Senators agreed in private that they would vote to remove him if the vote was anonymous. It still probably won’t happen, but I haven’t given up all my hope.

          • *That is how….

          • I understand your point, but I think this more so is just pinpointing how problematic our two-party system is. Yes, there are conservative Democrats and independent centrists who do not support AOC or other progressive Democrats’ vision for the country. However, the same goes the other way. Like myself, there are many progressive Democrats who will never support conservative Democrats or independent centrists. The same goes for the center-right and right-wing factions of the Republicans.

            Basically, it is impossible to contain the population into a broadly left and broadly right coalition when the political spectrum is so much more complex than that. You will not receive the votes of progressive Democrats if you are playing a Bidenesque game (and yes, this will happen, just like how progressive Democrats refused to vote for Clinton). Everyday I wish that our two-party system would split up.

  7. Guess who’s doing the Doha world Athletics championship stage. Yes,it’s Florian Wieder and he’s not half bad to look at, tbh:

  8. Shout out to my favourite (out of those I have chosen) ETSC and FDLC artist and her new single :

    This girl deserves much more worldwide recognition and attention than what she gets imo.

  9. the “strongest man” on Earth is also one of the sexiest, no?

  10. I saw “Bangkok” and automatically liked the video 😅

  11. *25 songs of the Norwegian preselection have been chosen. 5 weeks will produce 5 winners. Those winners alongside 5 songs chosen by the juries will compete at the Norwegian final.
    * There’s going to be a televised final for Czech Republic this year:

  12. “Only” six shows for the Lithuanian NF, no televised jury (they will vote but they won’t be talking) and only one song for each artist will be allowed.

  13. Good game, French volley team. It was close in the first two sets, but the team seemed tired afterwards – of course having 1 day less than Poland to take a rest. Another schedule and who knows what could’ve been?

    • I’m still quite shocked Poland did not win against Slovenia, which is therefore the favorite for the title!

      • True. Poland has always been a volleyball nation and it’s actually my favourite sport, so I was very disappointed they did not make it to the final.
        They’ve won 3:1 against Slovenia in August and qualified for Tokyo, but Poland seems to struggle with Slovenia in sports lately. Their latest defeat (0:2) in the Euro Qualifiers was actually against them.

        • Slovenia was very impressive in the tournament, and my favorite to win it! I think Serbia was only slightly better than France, when both Poland and Slovenia were better: probably the true final! France is not a volley nation at all, it was almost anonymous here and you could tell not a lot of passion in the audience, sorry about that! We’re more into handball!

          • Same here in Germany. It’s a niche.
            Slovenia lost two matches in their pool (one against the strong Russians), Serbia did not lose any. The Serbians are definitely deserved winners.

    • Are you joining next VFoS?

  14. Srbuk’s first single after Eurovision

  15. Is anyone else following that insane pole vault competition?! :o

  16. Damn, I wanted Morris to win Gold in case Stefanidi couldn’t but Sidorova got it. :(

  17. I managed to watch the 100 meters final (ladies). Very colourful winner who won easily.

  18. Togravus, how are the German media alluding to the Austrian elections? The local Popular Party won comfortably. Will they make a coalition with the Greens? The Freedom Party has lost many voters.

  19. Jon Ola Sand will step down as #Eurovision Executive Supervisor & Head of Live Events for the European Broadcasting Union – EBU next May‬

    • Yes!

    • Very sad news. He has been the man who got a contest from the brink of extinction and build it up to something much more credible today. He hasnt always made the best decisions recently (see new voting presentation and increased privileges for televoting) but when it comes to his overall contribution since 2009 it cannot be stated enough how much he has done. I hope his successor follows his steps for the most part but renounces some of the aforementioned recent mistakes.

      • the return of the juries was a huge boost for the contest credibility, and anchored a lot of new and interesting acts to the contest! I just think a decade is long enough indeed and am curious what’s coming up next

    • So I am guessing that will be after the Rotterdam contest is over. 11 years is a long time, oh my. I wonder who will replace him.

    • That’s good news; regardless what one thinks of his approach to the contest, it’s been a while and we need someone new (and nost just someone sneaking around already)

    • It was time to move to the next stage.

  20. And of course the Björkman rumours have already begun ;)

    • After 20 years of Scandi domination I think that the post should go to a different region. The mellofication of ESC needs to stop imo.

    • This would be the best case scenario for the future of the contest but only thinking about the pages upon pages of whining we will have to endure here for years is enough to make me wish secretly this is not the case. As long as there aren’t any people handling selections like FdC and FiK I will be content.

  21. Very Nina Zilli this

  22. Rumour has it that VRT will announce Belgium’s 2020 representative tomorrow :-o They say they are close to their number one pick saying yes. According to some media reports, that’s Milow who had a worldwide hit with this song back in 2009:

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