UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

UK – The BBC has confirmed that its national selection programme, Eurovision: You Decide, has been dumped for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and an exciting new partnership with the record company BMG will help select the UK’s representative instead.

The BBC says that BMG share the vision of “selecting a song with broad international appeal and securing an artist who embodies the spirit and values of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Do you think this is a good approach for the UK?


618 comments on “UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

  1. I’ve just bought air ticket on Transavia, Belgrade – Amsterdam Schiphol – Belgrade for 12.-17.05.2020.! :)
    They opened selling for May next year and I decided not to wait for Wizzair to do so.. I bought ticket for 96 eur.. Air SERBIA is 176 eur, Wizz flies to Eindhoven so I think Transavia is better choice.. :)

  2. Total change of topic – J-Lo still looks f… amazing in that Versace dress! Can’t believe we first saw it 19 years ago.

  3. A map the french will not like: Train speed in Europe.

    • I’m guessing these are maximum speeds since German trains very rarely reach anywhere near that speed except a few select routes. More often than that they’ll stand on the tracks in the middle of nowhere with the driver announcing some problem that I assume is part of an extensive problem bingo compiled by their PR agency. I used to love going by train but it’s becoming a mess and unfortunately totally unusable if you have some work-related meeting unless you plan to stay overnight ;-(.

      • I was in a train that took a 2 hour break in Bensheim Station the other day. We got no information whatsoever. It’s as if they stopped caring …

        • Their lack of communication is one of the worst things to my mind; I’ver had the same thing – sitting on the tracks with no attempt at an explanation or clue when the journey might go on.

          • And then people wonder why people take flights … Btw, what a farce that climate package we are being offered by the Merkel Troupe is. :(

            • I was thinking the same thing lately – quite a joke to tell people to take the train instead of plane or car. Unfortunately currently only a good option for all the chipper retirees who keep telling everyone that they have lots of time and it’s bizarre that others actually have to get to work. Ironically the same people, when in a metro will be in a constant panic in case one of their group misses the stop. So basically the current state of our railroads makes you hate old people ;-).

            • My father coined the term ‘Dieselrentner’ for a certain segment of the older population some time ago. :)

    • I love Spanish trains. :)

    • The French dont like their trains anymore

    • In Belgium (especially Brussels) one should be happy if the train comes to the station you are waiting in first place with a reasonable delay (aka less than 15 Min), then everything will be fine, speed won’t matter…

  4. Cezar (Romania) won televoting in semi 2 in 2013
    Rassmusen (Denmark) won televoting in semi 2 in 2018
    KEIINO (Norway) won televoting in semi 2 and in final!!! in 2019

    Gooosh that ESC audience.. :/ :D

    What we can expect next year? :P

    • Televoters will be televoters …

    • Loreen won the televoting as well 😜

      • And Salvador …

      • “Opa” and “Watch my dance” won semis with televoting, too… :O Horror!

        • Molitva as well!

        • I agree. It is a travesty that “Watch my dance” did not win the juries as well. They preferred cruise-ship jazz to cajole Italy’s comeback that year.

        • It is also very weird to single out ” Watch my dance” when the two performances that beat it in televoting points in the final were “Running scared” and “Popular”!

          • Michos in Greek patriot mode … ;)

          • I like esc 2011 actually more than I want to admit (it is a very weird year), but my oh my I don’t really agreed on televote that year (except Jedwards doing ok since I have them like 8th or so, but in 2012 their song was horribly dull)… Bosnia and Germany are my huge stand outs though, with a soft spot for Serbia, Estonia and Georgia. It was a bit different back then, but now I only really relisten to these 5! I get “Popular” (but prefer “Manboy” lol), but I never got “Running scared” at all. And I don’t like Greece 2011 at all either. Italy worn out to me, think the juries hugely overrated it. Glad “Soldi” is now better ranked than it is in Italian esc history.

            • I’ve always enjoyed the 2011 contest; it’s quite varied. I also think that 2010 has aged quite well, at least in studio version (I don’t watch the live perfomances that much after the show)

            • yes lots of great songs but with some rather weak lives (Serbia, Israel…) Estonia and Turkey are my two standouts that year

          • My top 10 from 2011:

            1. Italy
            2. Serbia
            3. Belgium
            4. Germany
            5. Georgia
            6. B&H
            7. Cyprus
            8. Lithuania
            9. Iceland
            10. Estonia

            • And mine :)

              01 Serbia
              02 Slovenia
              03 Germany
              04 Bosnia & Herzegovina
              05 Hungary
              06 Bulgaria
              07 Georgia
              08 Ireland
              09 Latvia
              10 Switzerland

              I’m really torn on how I feel about 2011. The bad: The top 5 result was a disaster imo with one of the worst winners in ESC history. Italy’s comeback was a bold choice, but Jan Delay as the interval act is even more questionnable. I remember liking Getter Jaani’s song before the contest, but boy was that live awful. The song didn’t age that well either.

              The good: The Ex-Yu’s proved to be very strong that year (except for Daria and Vlatko), “Čaroban” is my favourite Serbian entry of all time, “Love In Rewind” my 2nd favourite only to be beaten by “Korake ti znam”. Lena 2.0 was one of the finest three minutes of Germany in ESC. It’s a shame she didn’t follow that musical direction any further. Her songs sound very disposable.

            • It was not a good year. Italy and Serbia are in a class of their own when it comes to 2011, imo.

            • Definitely inferior to 2012, I’d say the same level as 2011. Opinion is deeply divided on Italy 2011. Different strokes for different folks. Up until 2018 Italy never impressed me with their male artists.
              Serbia’s Nina was literally magical. A cheerful retro song that got hurt by the performance, but still enjoyable.

            • *the same level as 2010*

          • Loukas was so good that I basically forgot the rap part – which actually was ahead of its time so another plus there.

          • Hands off Loukas as well! Just like you said, it’s one of the strongest performances ever of very difficult song. He lifted up and yes, it’s still goose pumps.

  5. Off topic: we have a fascinating next few months coming our way whenit comes to elections:

    Portugal – regional elections today (Madeira) and national elections two weeks from today;

    Canada – national elections on October 21st;

    UK – national elections God knows when;

    Spain – national elections on November 10th (Sanchez got his wish while playing the victim card).

    • And the October American debate, of course. There we have left wing populism trying to beat right wing populism. The Dems will never learn.

      • Sanders isn’t going to get the nomination anyway and arguably even his positions are pretty mainstream in Europe.

        • Sanders will eventually leave the race. I was alluding to Warren, the nicer version of the same brand of populism. If she gets the nomination, the GOP will be very happy. The popular vote is less important in America. The USA are very different from Europe; Warren will be branded as a ‘dangerous socialist’ and too many voters will be scared to vote for her.

          • I think Warren’s problem (tho she is my fave right now) is more that she comes across as technocratic and “elitist”. While I’ve had concerns about her electability because of that, fact is whoever the Dems nominate will be demonized as Stalin by the RepubliConmen. I think Warren will actually hit back which, let’s face it, is the only thing that will work.

            • She does sound ‘professorial’ here and there, but she knows how to use her personal life story to soften her image. Her main problem stems form her populist stance, imo. It’ll be a hard choice, but I think that going all the way to the left will hurt the Democrats. They should choose someone who can attract independents and moderate Republicans who dislike Trump.

            • They tried centrist last time (albeit with lots of baggage and Russian interference) and it didn’t work. There’s the myth that Biden could attract the elusive Obama-Trump voters, if they exist but sadly he seems out of it and would be a repeat of Dole or McCain. Running against what’s essentially a cult, you need someone to get people excited about voting and not just rational arguments; Warren comes closest to combining both. Who do you think would be the best choice to defeat the discount Duce?

            • I know what you mean. At this point, I do not know.

            • We tried a moderate and she lost. And in all honesty, no matter who gets the nomination Trump will try to brand them as a ‘dangerous socialist’ so it doesn’t even matter. Moderates and independents are not the sole group we should be courting. One of the most important demographics who will decide the election is women (specifically white women): white women came out for Trump in 2016, but there was a major switch amongst them to Democrats in 2018, which is why the Dems took back the House, and this is a demographic Warren does well with.

              I agree with exactly what Porcelli is saying too – “Running against what’s essentially a cult, you need someone to get people excited about voting and not just rational arguments.” This is exactly what many pundits are saying is needed. Biden will inspire low turnout and there are already many Democrats and independents who are doing a #NeverBiden pledge. A Warren/Sanders politician would have beaten Trump in 2016, and it is the only hope for 2020.

            • On top of the political arguments against Biden, he just seems worryingly out of it and confused. If he were the nominee I could see him wandering forlornly around the debate stage like McCain or fall of a stage like Dole. Sad but a fact.

            • Not to mention the era of Clintonite conservative Democrats like Obama, Biden, obviously the Clintons, etc. is what created Trump. Formerly Democratic working-class people felt abandoned by these conservative Democrats and felt like they were finally being heard with far-right politicians like Trump. Going back to what pushed them away will solve nothing, we need the same tactics but coming from the other side.

            • Agree on we need the same tactics; I think besides the economic arguments (incoherent and delusional as they were), tRump succeeded because of his overt racism and leveraging us vs. them . So Dems likewise need to rally the base, especially women and minorities (as they did in the Alabama senate race).
              I’m hyper-curious who Warren would pick as VP. There’s a strong case for Midwestern white guy but you could also argue she needs to go for a minority (guy?) since they’re key to rallying the base. So I’d say one of the Castro brothers (who will then be labelled as Fidel’s illegitimate grandson or some such idiocy).

            • I am extremely worried if Biden becomes the nominee to see him in the debates against Trump. In the Democratic debates he rambles like an old man and looks extremely weak and feeble. Most Democrats haven’t outright attacked him on that, but we all know Trump will go in on him completely. Regardless though, I am not comfortable with having a president who is clearly showing signs of early dementia. His age and health should be a real concern for absolutely every American.

            • Yes he seems like my dad who is almost 10 years older than Biden, which is quite alarming. Trump spouts gibberish when he opens his mouth but he would manage to seize this opportunity.
              It’s weird how this wide-open race seems to have crystalllzed into Biden vs Warren months ahead of Iowa. Sanders? Steamrolled by Warren. Harris – who? Buttigieg? Jesus and the military don’t excite anyone. Beto? Flake.

            • A gigantic field can only stay gigantic for so long. Once a select few build up some traction, the rest of the population starts to get behind whoever’s already winning. I can imagine a future where Warren wins Iowa, Sanders wins New Hampshire, and then Biden’s campaign is over because all his supporters will flock to Warren who they’ll begin to view as the new frontrunner.

  6. A deputy from Turkey’s kemalist opposition puts forward a parliamentary question on whether the government is pressuring TRT not to return to Eurovision despite popular demand:


  7. Agreed, when you have a leader like that isolation will only make things worse. They need interaction with more progressive nations.

  8. @ Michos

    I agree for “Popular” it is horrible.. :/
    I like “Running scared” :) Vocals are ok, not pitch perfect, but much better than Greece, Sweden..
    My fave was Slovenia – Maja Keuc…

  9. I Will never understand such hate on this! :/

    LUV this entry, traditional music, costumes, choreography and vocals not bad at all.. I really do like tone of female vocals.. :)

  10. Keiino release their cover of swedish ’80s hit “Vill ha dig”. The Scandipop site reports they have hired swedish managers and have been seen participating in Melodifestivalen songwriting camps, leading to feverish speculation about whether they will re-introduce themselves an MF act in 2020!

  11. This Trump-Ukraine situation is really something else… if any other politician did half the things he’s done they’d be banned for life from seeking public office at best or in prison at worst.

  12. 2011:
    01. Italy
    02. Germany
    03. Georgia
    04. Serbia
    05. Bosnia & Herzegovina

    01. Georgia
    02. Montenegro
    03. Ukraine
    04. Armenia
    05. Cyprus

  13. Yeah. The applause for Brienne of Tarth:

  14. Oh my Labour … what a mess. :(

    • Grotesque indeed; also parties in such chaos usually then go on to lose the election because they look chaotic with incompetent leadership. It’s a tragic accident of history that in this important time Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the opposition.

      • I agree. At this point in time walking into 10 Downing Street should be an easy 5 minute walk for any Labour Leader. Even my cat could do this if she was leading the Labour Party.
        Unfortunately, Mr Corbyn compensates with conviction for what he is lacking in intelligence. What a silly and slightly comical old man he is.

      • Jeremy Corbyn is actually the best (= the most left-wing) leader the Labour has had since Neil Kinnock. That’s exactly why all the establishment, Blairist scums within his own party included, have declared a war on him (cough, cough The Guardian) for years now.

        • Whilst I agree with many of Mr. Corbyn’s social and economic policies, I wouldn’t call him a good Labour leader because, at the end of the day, a good leader is someone who gets the majority s/he needs to implement his/her policies. Mr Corbyn seems to be lacking any strategic intelligence imo. By insisting on sitting on the fence regarding Brexit (which makes sense if you look at it from an academic or intellectual abstract perspective but not when it comes to elections) he has only given the LibDems a boost imo. And that’s the precise reason I am so angry at Mr. Corbyn. I do not agree with much of what the LibDems think about social and economic issues. I want to see Labour policies implemented, but I do not see that happening while Mr. Corbyn is leading the Labour Party.

          • OK should have read first; you’re making the point I made below much more well-founded.

          • I see where you are coming from regarding Corbyn and his Brexit stance . But, for me at least, Togravus, that is of minor importance. What counts for me is that he sticks firm to his, left, values even if that means that he won’t be able to become PM. We don’t need another “Third Way” guy.
            As for the LibDems, well, if a voter has as a criterion for voting for a particular party just the fact that it is pro-Brexit or not, then I rest my case. Personally I would never vote for them. I always found them right wingers in elitist disguise :P :D

            • As I said, we agree on the policies but not on the way forward. What’s the point of sticking to your convictions if you can’t implement them? And I think that we need a 3rd way. There is no other way to overcome the polarization we see in many countries atm. The winner takes it all is the wrong approach imo.

            • A Third Way, like the one that Blair initiated? No, thank you ;) :P

            • Not a Blair boy either but I need to askone question:
              Do you prefer for people to keep shouting angrily at each other? Such a scenario would eventually lead to civil unrest or even civil war imo. :(
              We need a 3rd way that restores social justice imo.

            • I know many “Third Way” followers (extreme centrists as I call them) here in Greece who shout angrily at their political opponents too :)

              Social justice can only be restored by the Left, imho ;)

              As for Mr Blair, I bear him and his “Third Way” responsible for turning Socialdemocracy to the right the last 20 years in Europe. That’s why right wing ideas have prevailed :(

              Anyway, celebrate, political, diversity! :)

            • I don’t shout at anyone. Shouting is the signature of bad manners.
              Now and then I make an exception for my dad though …

            • Come to think of it, I often lose my temper when it comes to politics. Ugh, I need to stop doing this :P

            • Well, politics can be quite frustrating at times.

            • Btw, when are you flying to Rhodes?

            • Not at all. :(
              Too much work. I was on several short trips over the past month. Later this week I will be in Munich on business.

            • Those short trips can also be fun :)

            • I am listening to Mr. Corbyn speaking in Brighton. Once he got Brexit out of the way, what he says started to make a lot of sense. :)

            • :)

        • He just seems totally incompetent to me; it seems by now Labour should have been able to come up with some sort of position on Brexit. At the same time there seems to be a rather alarming trend of purging the party leadership (and some consituencies) of people who don’t agree with him. Above all he is simply not electable.

          • Well, he was considered not electable back in 2017 as well, but he got more than 40% of the votes in the end :)

            • He did – which made him the leader of the second largest party and unable to form a government. LibDems, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens are unlikely to enter electoral pacts with Labour to get a majority together while Corbyn is leader and the party does not take a clear stand on Brexit (which IMHO they are partly avoiding because Corbyn also wants some form of Brexit while the other opposition parties have all come out as remain).

            • And who do all these parties want to pact with? The Tories?

            • They dont have to pact with anyone – then in coalition talks of course they could insist that Corbyn not being PM is a condition to join a coalition or sone short of toleration agreement. If all that fails there would have to be new elections.

      • In the next elections in UK you can choose between getting rabies or leprosy. Quite an achievement on both sides.

    • Yes I have to agree I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Greta Thunberg and her omnipresence. A lot of what she says is right but one cannot help the feeling there are puppetmasters behind here; it seems like something from a scifi film where she will turn out to be a robot. One also wonders how loong she will be able to stand the pressure put on her.

    • more cringey than this? :P

    • While I agree with a lot of what Greta Thunberg said this wasn’t the most fortunate way to present her concerns. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget that she is a 16 year old girl. I was pretty awkward on many occasions too when I was her age.

      • Awkward and cringeworthy are not the same 😊

        • As you know I do not agree with the tribal politics we see now and I wish that people would leave Greta Thunberg alone and engage in a debate based on scientific facts instead. I was at the Fridays for Future march last Friday and Greta is the heroine of so many young people. This won’t go away no matter how much people try to degrade this important movement and its representatives.

      • I agree the presentation was awkward and hindered her messaged from being received as clearly as it could have been.

        On top of only being 16, she is also speaking her second language and has Asperger’s, which I think in part explains her “roboticness” that Porcelli mentioned, though it most certainly shouldn’t be used as an argument against her activism, as some Swedish political commentators tried to do a few months ago.

    • It was not eloquent but she is a 16 year old girl with autism. I appreciate what she does and of course she has financial and PR backing for what she does (why that has to be held against her is beyond me) and I like the raw deliveries she makes. That said, she has made an impact and needs to take some time off, this whole situation is a lot of pressure.

    • Maybe it is a generational difference. She is only three years younger than me, and myself and everyone else I know around my age find her to be inspiring. Our future’s are being taken away from us at the hands of politicians and wealthy corporations and we can’t do anything about it. She’s saying everything we’re thinking but have no platform to say. Sure, her language is very strong and she’s very emotive when she speaks, but this is a serious issue affecting my generation that terrifies all of us.

  15. I read that FB has censored the official video of my VFoS entry for Greece.

    • Any idea why they censored it? I couldn’t really see a problem with the video.

      • According to Marina Danezi, the director of the video, it was because of the female breasts’ shots :(

        • 😝😝😝. If there had been swastikas painted on the breasts on the other hand I’m sure FB wouldn’t have had a problem since the breaststroke were “covered”, sigh.

    • Yes, you briefly seem some female breasts in a completely non-sexual context *the horror*

      On a related note, I’ve been able to listen to all the songs of the current VFoS edition a couple of times. It’s a fantastic group of songs! :D

      • Yes Americans often do seem terrified by such things. Still from whaT I gather (never used FB myself) far worse things such as ruling people up w conspiracy theories and horribly racist content seems to be a staple of the site. Odd.

        • Riling people up not “ruling” obviously.

        • I think it has to do with religious values that have manifested themselves into a code in and of themselves (as in, the social norm has little to do with people’s religous views today). I sometimes react when certain conversations come up here in Sweden, because they’re things that would be considered socially unacceptable to say in public in the States and that mindset is still within me somewhere. Plus, I’m a quite a bit of what would be considered an innocent person. :)

          • Oooh innocent that’s cute 😜!
            What I always find so odd is this fear of nudity or swear words while on the other hand there’s v little debate about violence outside of maybe gaming. I remember when I did uni radio at Tulane there was this list of “bad words” you were t allowed to play or say on air per the FCC. Quite challenging as we were regularly interviewing indie / alternative musicians!

            • Culture is weird sometimes :)

            • Which sometimes can be a great thing 😜

            • I love discussing weird cultural quirks when I meet people from other places. For example, my senior year of High School, we had an exchange student from Brazil, and I recall one conversation where we were comparing how both Swedes and Brazilians tend to eat pizza with a fork and knife, while Americans eat with their hands 😂

            • American priorities are absolutely backwards. A split second on television showing a nipple is unacceptable but entire television programs about making meth or murdering people are completely fine. I’m totally against censorship when it comes to things like that, if you think your kid can’t handle seeing a breast then don’t let your kid watch TV, simple as that. I guess we’re just a very conservative and religious culture, but I don’t know why this religious conservatism allows for violence but not even non-sexual nudity.

              But as you said, it’s even more sad that we get so worked up over stuff like nudity while we continue to make excuses regarding our major issues such as gun violence.

      • Exactly.
        See my reply to 4porcelli.
        You would be more than welcome to VFoS ;)

  16. Theresa May must be loving watching this all go down. Everyone thought she was the worst ever but then Johnson came along and things are even more messed up and chaotic.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Ms May must be having a ball, robotically shaking it to ‘Dancing Queen’ while having good shots of gin. :)

  17. Ding dong BoJo slapped again. And unanimously. It’s good that some countries have supreme courts willing to keep checks and balances. Of course in such courts unqualified theocrats like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh would have no place.

    • Let’s hope that people won’t fall for the inevitable the people vs parliament and the judiciary rhetoric that will be the next chapter of this mess.
      Btw, have you listened to the shameful speech Mr Trump gave in NYC, praising nationalism and fossile fuels.

      • Of course they will, the electorate that bought the brexit lies will fall for such a narrative big time. The only thing that can divide them is which divisive liar they like better between Farage and Johnson. Johnson will likely be triumphant in the next election – but, as I said, at least there are some checks and balances in place even he won’t be able to get over. Government sources have already started to question the motives of the judiciary and scorn the decision with the rhetoric they use.

        No I haven’t mostly because I refuse to listen to this individual speak. It’s not about his ideas (whatever those are). I just cannot stand the tone of his voice and I have a vast intolerance for incoherent, poorly worded speech. I prefer to read transcripts (and with Trump even those are hard to read some times). All I saw is him making fun of Greta Thunberg and FOX News calling her “mentally ill”. Dare I say I am hardly surprised anymore ?

        • I find it very difficult to listen to Mr. Trump speak. He always sounds so maudlin.

        • In my senior year of high school I had an assignment to watch and react to Trump’s State of the Union speech. No one in my class was able to listen to the sound of his voice, so our teacher let us just base our responses on a transcript. He is truly an atrocious person just all around.

  18. I’ve just watched Lady Vale read the verdict and felt very happy to see that there are 11 sane people in the British judiciary. 11-0 – this is very clear result. Unfortunately, most MPs are not as sane. More shouting is coming our way. The Tories are lost in fantasy land as is (I’m afraid) Labour. Corbyn is a dictator who does not like internal dissent and hides behind entities like Momentum. Common sense is dying everywhere.

  19. Another heartfelt sppech from the UN summit. He’s such a nice guy:

  20. #BoJo/Corbyn/HouseofCommons

    In all honesty (unless my English fail me), do seriously the British voters, after listening to both these guys right now in their parliament, believe that Johnson is a better choice than Corbyn? :o

    • BoJo manages to sound more deranged and obnoxious than the US’s mango Mussolini – quite an achievement!

  21. who else is excited? this features the two French world champions at London 2017 (Bosse in 800m and Mayer in decathlon, our biggest star since Lavillenie has passed his prime and Lemaitre is injured)…. but the true French darling right now is Swede Duplantis, in France’s favorite athletic discipline, the pole vault!

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