UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

UK – The BBC has confirmed that its national selection programme, Eurovision: You Decide, has been dumped for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and an exciting new partnership with the record company BMG will help select the UK’s representative instead.

The BBC says that BMG share the vision of “selecting a song with broad international appeal and securing an artist who embodies the spirit and values of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Do you think this is a good approach for the UK?


618 thoughts on “UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

  1. Where does it say that You Decide has been cancelled? I read the BBC article and it doesn’t mention at all how they’ll select their act or their song, other than it’ll be in cooperation with BMG, whatever that means.

  2. I really hope that it will work out for the best.
    And that they will not be leaving Eurovision, too. :-)

    I was one of very very few people who had UK in my top 5 this year, and although I like the song very much, I feel that it needed a good singer (rather then a good vocalist) to succeed.

  3. Good decision, now it’s time to actually make a good internal selection, unlike the last time in 2015. They had a great song/artist in 20-4 imo but ruined it with terrible staging.

    For the great music the UK industry is producing, the UK really should be competing for the crown every year. They don’t even need a big name – there’s so many great young, unknown artists that would love to pounce on this opportunity, especially in the alternative scene.

    I do wonder though if we eventually see Mans represent the UK though…….

  4. Some formats have worked for the UK quality wise and in terms of results (see “famous composer 2009 – arguably a great effort, internal selection in 2014 and even you decide with Lucy Jones) so lets see what this is going to bring.

  5. Well Trudeau is in the news haha….

    Unfortunately every option sucks so I may vote Liberal again, and they’ll definitely win again.

  6. Sad to hear that Sandie Jones has passed away.
    Ireland’s only ever entry sung in Irish.
    She was a lovely lady.

  7. Off topic : So glad to see the plan Netanyahu and his far right partners had to come out with a majority from this election backfire gloriously.

  8. Florence live right now in Athens’ roman-era Herodus Atticus theatre. Tickets for the show were sold out within minutes prompting the artist to add two additional dates that were quickly sold out as well.

  9. Sorry for being off-topic but I really need your help. This is a very honest question. You all know that I am a leftist humanist who thinks that political correctness is important and essential to making our increasingly diverse societies fit for a (hopefully just and peaceful) future. However, I totally fail to unnderstand why everyone is so upset with what Mr. Trudeau did. What’s wrong with dressing up as someone else as long as you don’t do it with the aim of degrading the one you dress up as? When I was a boy, I dressed up as ‘Indian’, ‘Black’, ‘Arab’ etc., once even as a ‘gipsy’ bride (the last one should have given my parents an idea …). I always positively identified with the people I pretended to be. Was that wrong? What do I miss?
    I sometimes think that pc is beginning to go bonkers.

    • I could not agree more.
      I always found people like Mr Trudeau politically superficial, but what is happening with him the last 48 hrs is really far-fetched.

    • I’ve seen many Europeans confused regarding the issue of blackface (or “brownface” I guess). I’m not Canadian, so I can’t speak to Canadian history, but I can only assume it’s similar to American. A hundred or so years ago minstrel shows were a popular form of entertainment where white people would dress up in blackface and make their entire comedy around imitating black people with extremely offensive stereotypes. Black people did not have many rights or respect back then, which is why it happened. Now, the situation has changed regarding black rights, and blackface (or any other kind of skin coloration) is associated with these minstrel shows, which are highly offensive and unacceptable. Personally, I am not offended if someone wants to dress up in an outfit of another ethnic group, but when you’re coloring your skin it does not sit well with me.

      • And why do the particularities of american history also have to apply to Canada (which had no colonies and no slaves) and every other society in the world as well? For some reason it seems that the grievance-and-litigation industry which is one of the least attractive aspects of american life is now setting the standards for every corner of the world.

        Personally I can’t help feeling a little gleeful that a politician who rode the wave of diversity neuroticism (to the point of inventing words like “peoplekind” and dressing up as a maharajah in India) is now proving to be the biggest hypocrite himself. On the other hand, I find it very worrying that even in serious countries like Canada, political debate has become so debased that now party costumes become headline news. I think that can be attributed to one of two reasons: A) Western countries are falling behind in terms of economics and demographics and this is a symptom of the crisis they are going through B) In a globalised world multicultural societies are always in danger of balkanisation, so they require a thought police to make sure any tension between ethnic groups is preemptively avoided. Take your pick..

        • “…political debate has become so debased that now party costumes become headline news.”

          The Trudeau story is #1 topic on BBC for 48 hrs now. So low.

            • Unfortunately it not only BBC. It is sad when I realize that I have no western media that I can trust. I used to have El Pais and The Guardian in the past but they are both on my, sort of, “black list” for many years now.

            • The problem is that even The Guardian’s and many other traditionally left-wing paper’s reporting has become as emotional as that of we right-wing press. I want facts, not feelings. (Why do I think of Mr Sobral now? LOL) I still think that Süddeutsche Zeitung is good news source. I also use the website of ARD news Tagesschau.
              Off to the climate demonstration now. :)

        • The US and Canada’s cultures have been closely aligned in recent years; we share many of the same values and our history’s are somewhat connected (many American slaves escaped to Canada and still live there). I’m not surprised that an American sentiment would be shared there, because of how closely connected we are. If it was a European, Asian, Latin, etc. country, then I’d be surprised.

          • I wrote my MA thesis on Ishmael Reed’s ‘Flight to Canada’. :)
            My main argument was that labelling Mr Reed’s and Ms Morrison’s works as ‘postmodern’ constituted a colonizing academic appropriation of those writers’ narrative aesthetics.

          • Still Canada is thousand of kilometers away from the american South. And it’s not true that only blackface has created these controversies. People have been fired and campuses turned upside down because people were dressed like mexicans, amerindians or asians. Αll of them were considered culturally insensitive caricatures. I have trouble finding any substance in these non-issues I am afraid.

            • It started with blackface because when minstrel shows began in the early-19th-century everyone was pretty much either white or black. It doesn’t matter what the race of the person is, every non-white race (and some white races) have faced violence, persecution, and immense racism in this country, and painting your skin to imitate them just brings that back for many people here. It’s an American-centric issue I don’t really expect every European to get it, just like I’m sure many Americans wouldn’t understand specific Greece-centric issues.

      • Thanks Lina. Having taught American Literature at university, I am familiar with the terrible minstrel shows. However, I find it problematic to assume that everyone colouring her/his face has the same racist intentions. Doing so mightbe an act of solidarity too imo. It’s all about the intention.

        • Yes but the thing is, everyone here is generally aware of the history and so doing so implies that you are erasing it or implying it is okay. Here, blackface and minstrel shows are nearly synonymous, you really cannot have one without the other. I understand it’s not this way in other countries, but here it’s just generally understood that if your intentions are good then you won’t color your skin, because that’s automatically unacceptable. As I’m sure you know, our history is very dark regarding race, so now in the 21st century we tend to be much more sensitive about it (after centuries of not being sensitive at the expense of ethnic minorities in the country).

        • I will say though, the implications behind blackface did not exist this strongly until the 90s at the earliest. So when I see all these stories about politicians doing it when they were much younger, this was before the general public was aware of the racist implications, and it comes across to me as a bit of a hit piece. Like, there have been American politicians in their 60s/70s accused of blackface controversies when they were in college — that’d be in like 1970, and no one was really aware of how unacceptable it was back then, so I find it a little unfair to punish people now for what wasn’t something bad then. It’s like arresting someone for a crime that was legal when they committed it.

            • I think my favorite classic American novel would have to be To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s my grandma’s favorite book and is such a quintessential American story. I’d say every American student ends up reading it before the age of 15. It’s also nice to think that even in our dark history there were still good people. I have to admit I’m not a huge poetry person. When I took English literature in high school, poetry was my absolute least favorite part. As for plays, I’m not sure what American plays I’ve read. I know a lot of Shakespeare (obviously) and Ibsen, which I both like, but American playwrights I can’t seem to think of any. When it comes to Broadway I tend to see more musicals than plays anyways, so I guess my knowledge in that subject is lacking too.

            • I am a poetry man, and you might be surprised to learn that my favourite US-American poet is Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet. I stand in awe before the doubt of God’s justice that is running through her work. (We are talking about the 17th century here …) Reading poetry is the best brain training you can get imo. :) I also love Muriel Rukeyser’s and Walt Whitman’s work.
              My favourite novel is Faulkner’s ‘Absalom Absalom’, and my favourite play is Kushner’s ‘Angels in America’ (honorary mention to some of Tennessee William’s plays, Arthur Miller’s ‘After the Fall’ and Greenspan’s ‘Dead Mother, or Shirley Not All’). I don’t enjoy musicals … at all. :(

          • Totally agree here again – also in the cases of Northam/other VA guy/Ivey I think they also occurred in the context of a frat or sorority party, which is yet another distinct (to me ludicrous) subculture).

            • Greek life is absurd to me too, and I’m American lol. Thankfully it isn’t that big of a deal at my university, fraternities/sororities exist but only I think like 10% of the student population are involved with them. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that most American universities (specifically public universities) are in these small towns (“college towns”) where this isn’t much to do. They join greek life because that gives them an easy outlet to party, which is what pretty much every American college student wants to do. Every other school here in NYC that I know of doesn’t have much of a greek life culture either, and I’d say it’s because we’re in the biggest city in the country where it isn’t hard to find parties or meet people at all.

              I actually am in a sorority, just because my friend was gonna join and wanted someone to do it with her, and I’d say they’re much tamer here than they are at other schools too. If you go to the Deep South, like University of Alabama, University of Mississippi, Louisiana State University, etc., greek life is out of control. They literally live in mansions. Every weird stereotype I’ve heard Europeans have about American greek life is entirely true at schools like those.

            • I went to UT and Tulane and both are big Greek schools; fortunately both also have lots of other stuff going on. I went to one rush party out of curiosity but a) being gay and b) not drinking beer meant I hated it right away.
              Bizarrely, looking back now, I feel that frats (I assume sororities are similar though in the south in the 90s much of that always seemed to be prepping to be a good rich man’s wife and member of the Junior League) would be ideal preparation for work life especially in business since both are all about initial hazing and linking up with the right “mentor” and doing their bidding to get ahead.

            • That’s why a lot of people do end up joining greek life at schools like mine. They’re great for networking. My best friend’s mom is a lawyer and so many of her sorority sisters ended up going into law as well, so those were automatic connections. Before Kamala Harris’s shit really start hitting the fan with her criminal justice controversies, my friend’s mom was a huge Harris supporter because they were in the same sorority, as were all her sisters. It’s definitely a great way to network, just at the expense of a week of hazing lol.

              The whole being gay and not drinking beer seems like it still would be an inhibition to greek life nowadays. Greek life in NYC is much more accepting and diverse (I’m a bi sorority girl, I know a gay guy in a frat), no one seems to have a problem with it and there is even a frat specifically for LGBT men at my school, but those schools in the south where greek life is so dominant have surely not changed at all.

            • There’s actually some gay porn label that specializes in that gay fratboy thing lol – of course it’s some weird “idealized” frat brothers, both of whom have good haircuts – far cry from reality in my experience.
              Harris seems to have completely imploded; I’m genuinely mystified at what initially appealed to me about her other than a vague sense of biography. I guess she’s running for VP or AG at this stage.

            • There’s really a porn category for everything isn’t there lol. At this point I find Harris to be quite toxic. I don’t think a left-winger like Sanders or Warren would really want anything to do with her. She’s completely imploded and her second&third debate performances have been utterly atrocious. Who thought it was a good idea for her to redirect every question into an attack on Trump?? We know Trump is bad, how about you tell us why you’re better than the Democrats you’re actually running against?

              With all the controversy she had being San Francisco DA and California AG, I know I wouldn’t put her as AG in my administration. IMO Biden may be her only hope at a cabinet slot if she hasn’t already burned that bridge with her first debate performance.

            • I think she still has a good shot at VP if the nominee is – which I find increasingly unlikely – a str8 white guy.
              The AG’s main responsibilty now appears to be obstruction of justice so she may be good at that? I have no idea; in fact I have no clue any more what she stands for.

            • Yeah I agree. But Sanders would never pick her (Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner are who people are saying are the most likely Sanders VP picks), she may have burned Biden too much (although I think she’d be a good pick for him), and I don’t think any other str8 white male has a real chance. Harris was the victim of her own ambition. She tried to please everyone, but by doing that she pleased no one, and now no one knows who she truly is.

            • Yeah Harris fell to in love with the whole “the next Obama” notion many had, starting with her AG run.
              I think Sanders is pretty much toast because barring some grotesque scandal there’s no way he’ll get past Warren who seems like the better organized and, yes, more likeable progressive.
              I know we disagree on Gabbard but the homophobic cult member is more likely to be VP to Assad than to any Democrat. I hope she doesn’t end up in the Jill Stein spoiler role. Sad how the Green Party, which was getting little enough traction as it was, is for now completely irrelevant in the US largely due to her.

            • I don’t know about Gabbard. It seems Sanders is actually considering her. They’re close colleagues and have worked together numerous times. They seem to both genuinely like each other, and Bernie has said he’d pick a young woman of color. I don’t think she’s a homophobe either – she had a rocky past because of her family, but since becoming a Congresswoman everything she’s always been pro-LGBT. A lot of Americans can relate to that. I agree though, I don’t think Bernie will get it. I can’t see his support overtaking Warren’s unless Warren’s campaign catastrophically implodes (which I don’t see happening because she’s a very smart woman and has handled the campaign amazingly so far).

              The Green Party has kinda never had a real chance. Even the Libertarian Party has never had a real chance, the only people voting for them are libertarians (I can complain about my opinions on libertarians for hours) trying to upset the status quo with their votes. They only ever appeal as possible protest votes against the main two. For all of the foreseeable future we’ll have a two-party system that is Democrat and Republican – but the Republican Party is gonna need to majorly change their platform because relying on white voters alone will win them no federal offices (and some statewide offices) with demographic trends going on.

    • It’s noteable that the blackface materials popping up are mainly of (center-) left politicians; in fact at least one of the Trclips waudeau s released by the Conservative Party (or whatever it’s called right now). This just looks like another organized smear campaign by the right wing/Russia to depress voter turnout and divide people; I find it rather odd that so few pictures emerge of US Republicans, many of whom basically espouse KKK and support rapists and gaybashers for high office but who will complain about some blackface photo from a frat party. Intent is really key here but the outrage machine of right-wing media will create a circus and then regular media will dumbly follow in yet another case of false equivalency.

      • Lol yet another russian conspiracy theory? Actually what you write is inaccurate, his campaign has been very effective at publishing embarrassing material about his opponents until he got a taste of his own medicine. This is an illuminating article in the subject:

        And I agree that the whole thing is silly and he should have brushed it off. It is by profusely apologising over nothing that he is bringing this to himself.

        • Well, not everything can be the fault of France and Germany although I know in some countries people think that.
          Agree the left always makes things worse by contorting itself to apologize over nothing while right-wingers proudly get away with anything. I really wish we would fight back more instead of rolling over in an attempt to please everyone (which pleases essentially noone).

          • “…the left always makes things worse by contorting itself to apologize over nothing while right-wingers proudly get away with anything.”

            I suppose it’s a global thing. It’s been the same case here in Greece with left and right especially between 2015-2019.

            • It’s a global phenomenon. Here in Germany, the left (3 parties) lately always manages to shoot themselves in the foot by saying people should be excited about Islam, which is literally the absolute worst argument you can make in regards to immigration and makes them look out of touch.

      • Eh, it happens to Republicans too. The biggest three recent ones I can remember were the Governor and Attorney General of Virginia (both Democrats), but Kay Ivey (Governor of Alabama), who is a Republican, also had one not long afterwards. Not sure what other blackface controversies with American politicians there were, those are the only three I can recall and it was a pretty even 2/1 split between party.

        • Wasnt there sth with the Mussissippi Senator (Hyde-Smith? The one who said she‘d be „ in the front row for a public hangin‘“.

          • Ohh yes Cindy Hyde-Smith is a very controversial figure lol. During her 2018 campaign she said “if he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be in the front row,” and that making it harder for liberals to vote would be “a great thing.” The second one isn’t as bad, but when you’re from Mississippi you have to understand the implications behind being a white person talking about “a public hanging.”

            • I think she was more of a Klan-girl – I think there was also some controversy with her high school. From visiting there ( I lived next door in Louisiana for 5-6 years), it probably didn’t hurt her with the majority of voters. She generally seems extraordinary ignorant.

            • I do know she went to a segregationist academy and I’m pretty sure she sent her daughter there too. Honestly pretty much every Deep South Republican has some Klan-influences, so it’s no surprise here really.

              I do always look for a silver-lining and *at least* Mississippi decided it was time to elect a woman to the Senate. Many more progressive states still haven’t done so.

    • I think it is not something rooted in intention rather than in the historical connotations blackface has. To my understanding blackface was connected in a “satirical” culture back when segregation was an acceptable reality that was aiming to entertain the masses by promoting humiliating stereotypes about the intelligence, manners etc of people of colour. So blackface as an image is connected to that culture of racially degrading mockery. I am sure your intention or Trudeau’s intention was not that at all but given how recent in the whole historical scale such events are especially for people on the other side of the atlantic intention is not enough to overcome the negative connotations that are deeply rooted to such perpetuation of stereotypes.

    • Also it is true you wont see such scandals hitting right wing politicians simply because their voters simply don’t care at their majority. The new right or alt right that constitutes the mainstream right wing nowadays is at best tolerant and at worst supporting of views that are expressed in the deeper cultural meaning blackface has.

      That’s why I am glad Trudeau apologized but I would hope after that no one who considered voting for him will change their mind. Strict ideological purity from the left has already cost them a US election and ended up with a mentally unstable narcissist in office who put two extreme right wing theocrats on the supreme court. They’d better not make the same mistake in Canada.

    • It’s modern politics. Nothing is analysed in a rational manner. People either shout, cry, insult or regurgitate soundbytes. That is the main reason why I support someone like Pete Buttigieg – he comes across as a rational politician. No “hell yea something or other” from him.

      • People are feeding on their emotions these days, and with every bite they take, those emotions grow and become stronger.

    • As someone who’s lived in Canada almost my whole life (but currently not there), I can tell you all this:

      – The frenzy over this isn’t over the blackface itself. I certainly can’t say how I feel about it matters because I am not part of the minority who is being “represented” here. But I can say this: so many people back home who are visible minorities, including some of my best friends and their families who are all very smart, are not generally offended by this. But those that are certainly have a right to be offended. A friend of mine works on Trudeau’s campaign team and she says what he did in 2001 is “incomprehensible”. What they are offended by, what everyone is offended by, and what has caused this to become such a hot topic, is how Trudeau has for so long tried to appear as the defender of all social rights, all social issues, and accused his opponents of doing the same sort of things he’s done in the past, yet he is guilty of it like many of us are. He apologized for it – fine – it’s better than the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer who made a speech in parliament in 2005 against gay marriage but never apologized. But this is another stepping stone in how a lot of Canadians perceive Trudeau, and that is as a fake, facetious politician, who’s track record has been below average as Prime Minister.

      – With that being said, Trudeau will win another mandate, likely a majority, because the other options are likely worse. Nobody likes Scheer, and the leader of the NDP, who are more left-leaning than the Liberals, has turned out to be a complete farce of leader. It’s sad – everywhere in the political world has turned out to be a choice of the best of the worst.

      Hope that provides a bit of a Canadian perspective on all things, although I certainly can’t speak for all.

      • Thanks a lot for your input. :)
        Unfortunately, honesty isn’t fashionable in politics anymore. As much as I think of Ms Merkel as a complete failure regarding issues like the EU or the environment I have always admired her honesty and modesty.

  10. LOL some esc-“specialized” reporters in Greece are hilarious.
    They now say that Spain has asked Foureira to represent them in Rotterdam :)

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