UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

UK – The BBC has confirmed that its national selection programme, Eurovision: You Decide, has been dumped for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and an exciting new partnership with the record company BMG will help select the UK’s representative instead.

The BBC says that BMG share the vision of “selecting a song with broad international appeal and securing an artist who embodies the spirit and values of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Do you think this is a good approach for the UK?


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618 comments on “UK: ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ Dumped

  1. Offtopic (I’m 32 today) same birthday than Giroud lol

  2. Tonight Im all for the Norwegian wonderboy

  3. Happy Birthday Morgan!!

    Sorry for the recent radio silence, on a much needed holiday after a few hard weeks. Had 5 days in Tbilisi and fell in love with Georgia, and now just arrived in Armenia to check out Yerevan. 2 more Eurovision countries ticked off the list!

  4. Sto lat! Wszystkiego najlepszego, Morgan!

  5. Happy birthday dear Morgan !!!

  6. Flip flop William FTW🤣

  7. Bon anniversaire :) Jusqu’à cent ans et plus comme on dit ici 😊

  8. Belgium representative will be revealed 21:50 CET tonight.

  9. And tonight I’m all Swedish, with Mondo <3 (Armand, his French real name :p)

  10. Speaking of Belgium, who else is loving what’s going on at Real Madrid? :p

  11. Busy couple of days, just saw the Jon Ola Sand news…

    History will be kind to him I think. He’s been in charge of a huge shift in the mindset surrounding the contest that, there’s no other way of thinking about it – saved the contest. ESC was heading nowhere in the mid-late 2000s but the intro of the juries, the televote-jury cote splitting since 2016, and the modernization of the contest technology and staging wise has made it an incredibly better product.

    There’s no doubts he’s had mistakes – the mysterious televoting for Azerbaijan in the early 2010s, the shady introduction of Australia in the contest, the producer-made draw, the continuous confusion about the jury criteria, and the televoting announcement in 2019. Above all else, I think he let the Bjorkman influence in the contest go too far, and it has effected some of the National Finals and entries we’ve seen the last 2-3 years.

    But overall I’m appreciative of what he’s done and the work he’s obviously put in. Hopefully they get the replacement decision right.

    • I fully agree. He saved this competion. Actually not just changed, he turned the old tired lady into shining crown jewel of EBU. Still, it’s also time for ESC to change again, as it’s has been turning into a bit of a bore lately. Ola’s successor should be bold enough to shake a things a bit to give every edition a more personal flavor. Big five should be ripped off their privilages, international juries abandoned and jury and televotes should be presented combined instead of this uncomprhensible porridge they have cooked up to begin with.

  12. Some entertainment for those who hasn’t got anything else to do. But just to warn you, it is rather gruesome and absolutely not politically correct. Very ironic though: https://twomanynotes.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/snif-white.pdf

  13. Isn’t she evil? Like a character from a bad soap opera:

    • She’s a despicable lady, one of those who kick away the ladder once she has climbed to the top.Yuck!
      I watched an interview with a hateful Conservative nutcase today. Addressing the Irish border issue he kept babbling about ‘bilateral arrangements between sovereign national states’ and ‘the EU getting in the way when it comes to finding a solution’. I wish that he’s missing the days of empire when London could simply tell the Irish what they had to do.

    • The brighest and the best wont even pass outside what smug bigoted people like her want to make out of the UK. She is despicable.

      • I think their plan is to end free movement from the EU and bring young talent from various countries of the world(Asia f,i) on a merits-based system.

        • When you invest into short sighted racism to win elections you cultivate a general such feeling. Their rabid base may as well see that as foreigners taking the places of their children at unis or something. And still that without a guarantee that those bright minds will come.

    • I read on wikipedia: “Patel was born in London to a Ugandan-Indian family.”
      And then I read that she is strongly anti-immigrant.

      WTF?! :o

      • It depends how you see that. Given her parents settled themselves in UK, whilst Uganda was still a British colony technically they are not considered immigrants, but British subjects. Having said that, I do not of course approve her political stance on immigration.

        • In either case she comes from a social group that suffered a lot from discrimination. She should endorse policies exactly the opposite to what she currently promotes. She is an utter disgrace.

          • She is not promoting discrimination, but a different immigration system because she disagrees with the free movement of people.

            • I don’t know if she is promoting discrimination. What I say is that coming from such a social and ethnic background, it’s outrageous to have that political stance.

        • That actually reminds me of a neighbour of mine who is of Albanian decent and used to be a Golden Dawn sympathizer :( …Sigh.

  14. It’s Hooverphonic for Belgium!

  15. Bravo Amel Tuka, silver for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 800 m!!! :)

    • Is it the first track and field medal for BiH?

      • He took bronze in Beijing 2015.. :)
        He is very serious athlete now, two WC medals… :)
        He is from Kakanj town.. :)

        • Thanks. :)
          I drove through Kakanj in 2015 when I visited the Franciscan Monastery in Kraljeva Sutjeska on my way from Sarajevo to Tuzla. :)

          • I have a wish to visit that monastery, I visited Fojnica Franciscan monastery which is close..
            Bobovac medieval town, The capital of Medieval Bosnia is close to Kraljeva Sutjeska, it is so interesting.. Id love to see it. I like Bogumils.. :D

            • I had planned to visit Bobovac too but it was a rainy day. :(
              The Bogumils are very interesting. I love their gravestones, which I saw in Radimlja near Stolac and in Blidinje Natural Park. I first heard of the Bogumils when I read Umberto Eco’s ‘Il nome della rosa’ 30 years ago.

  16. Hmmm interesting choice by Belgium!

  17. First off the mark, Belgium really ups the ante of ESC2020 picks with the Hooverphonics. I hope for something like “Badaboom”:

  18. Very interesting choice for Belgium. I love this type of music so I’m excited to see what they can come up with.

  19. Woooow Bayern destroyed Spurs 7-2 IN London. Poch out and off to Man U? ALso kudos to Club Bruges drawing at Real.

  20. Wow. I never expected THAT. This is huge news honestly. HUGE. Hooverphonic doing esc ? Unthinkable !

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