Eurovision 2020: It’s Rotterdam!

Eurovision 2020 – Not only did fans point out the incapacities of the Maastricht building, but the official site was updated a bit too early so, was there any doubt left? It’s official now at least, Eurovision 2020 will be held on the 12th, 14th, 16th of May in the Ahoy Arena of Rotterdam!

You can find more in the official announcement here: https://eurovision.tv/story/rotterdam-to-host-eurovision-2020

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400 comments on “Eurovision 2020: It’s Rotterdam!

  1. Congrats to Spain the undeniably best team of the world cup. Kudos also to Argentina for a well-worth silver and France for the bronze.

  2. A nice mash-up of 2 of the greatest esc winners:

  3. Α brand new collaboration between BBC Studios and music company BMG in order to find a song and artist(s) to represent the United Kingdom in next year’s contest.

  4. There wasn’t much of a Hulk in Luxembourg today. That’s what Brexit has achieved: The British PM running scared because of a few protestors and tiny Luxembourg having more power than the UK. So much for reclaiming sovereignty.

  5. Elizabeth Warren is giving a speech in Washington Square Park (for context: it’s the center of NYU [my university] and I live 1 minute away from it) in 2 hours but I can’t go :((((

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