Australia: ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ is back for 2020

Australia – Our Antipodean friends have decided to use the national section programme Eurovision – Australia Decides again after last year’s success of Kate Miller-Heidke.

National broadcaster SBS has partnered with Blink TV and the show will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 February. Australian viewers will be able to vote for who they want to represent them in The Netherlands in May 2020. The show will  be hosted by comedian Joel Creasey and music expert Myf Warhurst. Ten acts will fight it out.

Songwriters across Australia can submit an original composition as part of the selection process via now. The song portal is open for submissions until 30th September 2019.

If you’re down under and want to attend the shows, tickets for the Opening Night Show, Matinee Show and Live TV Final are now on sale here.



48 thoughts on “Australia: ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ is back for 2020

  1. Sure it was fun. A bit too much on the camp side with amateurish acts al around far from what youd really want they’re a uk 2.0 but Katie was amazing and fun and simple so if thry avoid sending us their Scooch why not

  2. Completely off topic, but I saw this on Reddit and I had no idea that this is how that was done. I thought it was two dimensional.

  3. still don’t like the approach australia is taking to eurovision, even though their 2019 entry was pretty different from their others. whether it’s generic pop or camp i’ve never liked an australian entry so we’ll see how 2020 goes for them.

  4. Let’s hope next year they will be sending something closer to “2000 and whatever” and not “Zero Gravity”. The production values were very good, the songs were on the ok side, the camp hysteria and the playback was too much.

  5. Off- topic : I saw “the trip to bountiul” and it left a very good feeling after finishing. Yes in e cheesy for some way it weives in there it’s strong emotion the trip that behind.
    In the evolution mental process towards the middle and the end Gerladine Page’s whole who bunches of people of their places of birth.

    • Nothing of that makes sense as I just try sleeping pill and its not a great time to write comments ;-p Il try agaain tomorrow

  6. Lana released her new album and the non-singles are better than pretty much all the singles. I’m really into it and recommend for any casual Lana fans out there.

    • So according to ESC Kompakt genius insider the “ghetto” won vs. “the provinces”. Maybe he’ll boycott anything ESC-related now. We can only dream…
      Would have loved Maastricht as it’s so close but Rotterdam makes logistical sense and I’m sure you guys will put on a great show!

      • Matty? If he stays away next year all the better.
        There is nothing ghetto about R’dam. It is vibrant, very multicultural, it doesn’t have the excesses of tourism A’dam has. And it is in its own way a beautiful city.

        • He should just stay away, pewriod – such an ocean of dour negativity.
          I’m intrigued by Rotterdam since I used to go there a lot as a kid (my dad was a ship captain) – last time I went there a few years ago the city was totally transformed; a bit Gotham City in the centre!

        • An even more irate paraphrasing of all his otter posts about the topic. He mentioned along the line his 3rd programme was WDR so I assume he’s Westphalian they’re mostly dour and devoid of humour.

  7. Yes! Rotterdam! Who wants to stay? Only 20 minutes from Ahoy :-)

    Very good choice. Rotterdam! The best city right now in The Netherlands, I guess. It tops Amsterdam in my believe. Maastricht is a very beautiful city, Rotterdam more modern, international en stunning architectonically. The last 10 years Rotterdam uplifted its game brilliantly. The Market Hall, new Central Station, the old neighborhoods turned into reals gems, the river, the lots and lots of new superb restaurants.

    Sorry for the promotion.
    welcome in my city!

    • I wonder what they will do with he Erasmusbridge. It could be the ideal place to project the flags of the participating countries, but the design is also protected by the architect

  8. For people planning to come by plane. Remember that Eindhoven airport is only a bit more then an hour from Rotterdam by train and there are low cost flights from all over Europe. It is probably the cheaper option then flying to Schiphol.

    • Or Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. Also an airport with a lot of european destinations.

      For tips and tricks (and places to go): ask Stommie and me :-) :-). Your personal travel agents!

    • Hotel scene is very businessy as far as I remember- Prices bound to go down tho once the initial hype ebbs a bit I’d imagine. Def should be cheaper than Tel Aviv in my experience.

    • Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Amsterdam and Utrecht have 24 hours train connection. It might be worthwhile to have a look at especially The Hague and Leiden.

      • I have a friend with an extra bed living in Delft so this is perfect for me. Although getting a ticket to the Final will be the hard part haha

      • Have Just booked Ibis in Leiden, 12-17.05, 5 nights 480 Eur..
        Haag went very high too in Just one hour and everything is non refundable :O
        Wizz air which flies from Belgrade to Eindhoven is possible to search only until 31.03.2020..
        There is also wizzair from Tuzla (BiH) to Eindhoven, and from Skopje (Macedonia)..

        • Eurovision bloggers say that prices will go down and rooms will be available in the coming months. Today is just frenzy. Don’t give these greedy bastards your money.

          • You are right, of course I wont do non refundable now for May.. :D
            Have Just booked bunk bed in one very interesting hotel which was church in centre of Utrecht.. :D it is smth like capsule hotels In Japan..
            So now I have two options if nth goes down. :))))
            Air SERBIA from Belgrade to Amsterdam 12-17.05.2020 is 205 eur now.. It is quite good…But we should wait for wizz too.

        • Oh you booked. 5 nights for €480 is a very reasonable price.
          It is only 30 minutes by train to Rotterdam. You will probably need a discount ticket, but there is lots of time to arrange that.

  9. Tijana Dapcevic’s (Tamara Todevska’s sister, represented Macedonia in 2014) new single “Nikad nisam”!
    Didn’t expect so many jazzy elements, this is brilliant! <3! Vocal is fantastic! <3

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