ETSC 12 – Prediction Game

ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! Each one of you can represent an European country and get to send a song and then vote in a fake Eurovision! 42 of you entered for the August 2019 edition and the results are coming this week!

After a first round open for people to sign up with a country and send a song, we got 42 people in. In the meantime, to keep us busy, I made a random draw. I also made personal postcards for each entry which will be revealed along with the songs. You can click on the picture below to listen to the songs again:

These songs were presented by the following HoDs, in alphabetical order: Anders, Arpatilaos, Avat, Bay, Brittany, Caolán, Cathal, Coyote, Cyphermusic, Daniel, Dimitris, Dino, Dominik, Donnie, Donnyademaj, Elmar, Franco, Greg, Gregor, Guitar, Hjallis, Jerry, Lina, Luke, Matthew, Michos, Mylor, Nick P, Oasisoffear, Ovidarch, Oxi, Pablo, Patrick P, PJ, Razvan, Ren Robles, Sekhmet Morgan, Sheldon, Shevek, Trekks, Xello and Zainab!

Results will come later this week. In the meantime, we get to gossip and predict, and discuss songs more openly as nothing more is at stake. And I drop hints!

Now time for the prediction game! It was first started in ETSC 4 “hint” article and back then I wrote this: “We can play a guessing game, people wishing to participate can post a “prediction” top 10 and I’ll award points based on the countries that are in the actual top 10 and predicted in yours accorddingly. I wont reveal the results until after the voting and winner is announced, but we’d get an extra side bet to care about ;)” In the end, it has secured itself has an ETSC standard: former winnets were Donnie (ETSC 4), Nick P (ETSC 5), Donnie (ETSC 6), Dimitris (ETSC 7), Gregor (ETSC 8), Razvan (ETSC 9), Razvan (ETSC 10) and Donnie (ETSC 11)!

Let’s do it again. Until the reveal begin, you can put a top 10 prediction in order (since most people predict the same 8 or so songs, it would be better to have an order so that thanks to mathematics, we do get someone who was “closer” to the final results). However, there are a few specific rules:

  • There is an extra 100pts if you guess ALL 10 songs right whatever the order! 
  • There is an extra 100pts if you guess AT LEAST 10 HoD right!

I’ll award points accordingly and announce the winner along with the revealing of ETSC 13 logo! If you feel like revealing predictions on the comment section is too much info, you can do it by email. However, as voting is closed, you dont need to worry affecting votes, just maybe people’s interpretation of your predictions (but we’re all esc fans and know predictions aren’t our own rankings!) This is a second crown to grab, good luck everyone!

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742 comments on “ETSC 12 – Prediction Game

  1. Here it’s Bo Kaspers Orkester from Sweden with “Back in the USSR”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcDNhiNjHLw

  2. Is there any chance for Maria Satti to be chosen for Greece for ESC?

    • Not a chance, imho. Because she would have the fate of Terzi and Duska.
      Greece/ERT, most probably, took the message that Europe sent to us these last two years and will yield to it:

      “Cut the quality stuff Greece, we can only appreciate ethno-pop trash from you, like in the 00’s”!

      So, prepare for another wave of Sarbels, Kalomiras and Sakises for the near future from Greece. So sad.

      • There are other ways to send quality stuff. Whichever song is selected must create a connection with the viewers and those 2 haven’t.

        • Katherine, regardless how I felt about the song (nice and great technically, but not engaging), can be the start of a Greek renaissance. Yianna may have had a good song, but holy hell that mess of events that led to a less-than-perfect live. 2016 and 2017 are included in Greece being all over the place. Katherine at least had a good song, decent staging, great live and a song that was totally for her, and that’s a huge step from where Greece was.

          • Greece 19 grew on me, but the live presentation was all over the place.

          • She had a good song, decent staging, great live???Sorry, I really did not see any of these things.

            I think we are making the mistake of confusing how artists try to position themselves in terms of marketing with what they really are. For some reason people went along with the hip branding. But that is what it is, branding not substance. In reality she proved to be pretty clueless with hazy creative ideas and sloppy execution. If this is what proves we shouldn’t be sending “quality” it’s not a good argument. Quality means professionalism and having a clear message, irrespective of the genre.

            • Agreed 100%. Greece 2019 was nothing but a mess to me.

            • Yes that’ true and I still think it’s one of the weakest lives of this year (see televote results, even lower than Bilal whose story arc is that he IS an amateur). But if there’s a story arc Greece will want to take from this it’s the one Oxi told, sadly

            • Duska promised to deliver artistic integrity, instead she came up with messy eurovisionised OTT version of herself, a bag full of cliches one after another and on top of that poorly executed. Not a winning formula. Salvador, Jamala, Duncan and even Netta delivered exactly what she was suppose to do succesfully. If ERT or any broadcaster fail to see this and keep on sending luke warm fake radio friendly entries, will get doomed time after time, this includes SVT. Televoters combined with juries seem to be quite awake.

              Both Yianna and Katherine are as far away from these two masterpieces and ESC classics as is Demi.

            • It’s like people “think Eurovision” (either doing it, or trying to not do Eurovision) instead of just doing their stuff… Amir, Alma and Madame Monsieur, which are all three very different in what they do (though Amir and Alma are quite close in French charts), at least just went, tried to look good and do their usual stuff they do in French TV. Sure it didnt do very well but at least it felt more honnest than the fake 2011 or 2012 formulas

            • Exactly. This is also in the core of Italy’s succesful approach.
              And if you still decide to do mainstream radio pop, make sure the song is catchy and trendy enough, sounds current, and find your own Luca, Eleni or Måns, and add staging to match the performer’s charisma.

            • And how do you do the biggest ESC classic? Just add exceptional pop song in the mix, like Loreen and Abba did 😃

            • and Amandine was drunk and high all the time in Malmö and we all love her for that, iconic “let’s get high French artist doesnt know what she’s doing right now”

            • That’s always très chic 😃

            • Loukas and Koza Mostra were the high noon of recent greek entries, the perfect blend of macho ethnic populism and musical professionalism. This year greeks thought they could magically turn into Belgium or the Netherlands from one year to the next just by coming up with someone who released a record six years ago. It’s not that easy and even BEL/NLD have had their painful flops (Eliott, ouch).

            • True. Belgium is loosing it’s touch, mainly because of bad unprofessional lives. ERT should check out their own recent history and not to be let down by Argos. I totally understand where it came from, the political statement it made, its should have made musical statement as well. Loukas’ staging was epic WTF moment. ”They think we don’t get this is Greece, so they have to drag those pillars on stage.” :-) Seriously, this is a benchmark for how to do and bring your strong, popular musical heritage to ESC. In noughties Greece was power player with shake shakes and pop. Ridiculed universally here, but I liked that phase a lot too. But that’s not the place to go back to.
              I hope ERT realises what an ESC goldmine they have to dig into on local flavours side. In the Greek schlager (?) side Konstantinos Argiros is one favourite of mine. Listen to this, look at his face, and once again, the pillars aren’t needed, yes this is Greece :-) I think he would do very well with the right song, there are lots of good examples in his catalogue.

            • Ι agree, I would send him in an instant. But will he go? He is too big for that.

            • That’s of course an obstacle, but I’m sure there are more low key options like this available with younger artists.
              Now, please, you just have to brief me a bit about Konstantinos. I don’t know anything about him! I have been listening couple of his albums a lot.

            • Do you know about the famous pink string incident? 😀

            • No! I don’t know anything about him except the good looks and the fantastic music! So tell me!

            • Lol it was years ago in a TV show. He was shot from the back and as he was getting up from the couch, his underwear showed and apparently it was a pink string thing, quite girly. The internet caught fire with this brief snapshot:

              That plus the absence of publicity on his love life has fuelled the rumour mills as you undesrtand :) Other than that he is from Athens, he is 33, started his career in 2005 after taking part in a talent show, has released six albums and is the biggest bouzouki club star at the moment. He is the successor to Remos who is now making money singing to rich arabs in Mykonos, to the point that many claim he is imitating him. And here is a hot pic!

            • If I looked like that I would were pink strings too! Just perfect! Both the pink string incident and the pic! :-)
              Thank you for briefing me!

            • Lol perhaps you will like this too. It’s a report from his army recruitment. Taking his military oath with other privates:

            • 😘 Even hotter as talking “everyday street man!” Thank you! Now I just need a gem or two from Dimi’s notorious vaults 😃

            • He says he did the full nine months and in a border posting as well. That’s rare for celebrities here but it’s all part of the guy-next-door image. Drama queen Rouvas was famously saved by his agent when he threatened to cut his wrists with aluminum foil :-P

              Sexuality-wise the fact that he keeps mum about his private life speaks volumes. Bouzouki club world in the Balkans is asfyxiatingly hetero-oriented, the imagery, the lyrics, the lifestyle. It’s not porn-and-poppers electropop :-P

            • I can imagine that, and nothing wrong in his take on the matter. Basically it makes things just more interesting. The whole celebrity culture is in ruins because we know too much as they keep telling and showing us too much in social media. I want mystery back!
              Ah, poor Sakis!!! ROFL
              I did 8 months, back then the shortest one. I did it after uni, so first ended up being father figure to the dumbest boys in the world in the middle of the forests and after that being secretary to an eccentric dead crazy major in HQ. He wanted to be assisted by someone who can talk about history and Finnish literature classics. It was kind of fun 😃

            • I remember the first morning in the dorms. I was 25 and there were young guys from small villages there, 18-year-olds. They were waking up with the biggest hard-ons. It was hot :-P

            • Oh yeah, that too! 😃 There was one especially hot young lad from Helsinki estates, compact and strong, a loveable tough guy, always with a hard on in the mornings and evenings and not shy to show it off. Never forgotten 😃
              Woohoo, I still after all these years get carried away 😃

            • Good riddance! Things just took quite an unexpected turn 😃

            • Yeah, but not the attitude 😃

            • Ι knew who it was from very first comment :-P

            • I read it too fast and casually, but of course. LOL I wanted to be helpful, with co-hosting and everything 😃

            • Let the anti-bullying crowd adopt him :-P

            • I am going to bed. I hope tomorrow will not be Travesty Day!

            • I hope so as well! Good night, I’m off to bed too!

            • Not waiting around for the article?

            • And I actually started reading from Dino’s comment 😃

            • Bigger star than Ikonomopoulos? He’s also a much better singer than Argiros

            • Come on, of course, he is bigger than Ikonomopoulos! All kindergartens in the country are singing “Ximeromata”. The only song my nephews know by heart :-P

            • I really don’t think so

        • I totally disagree, Shevek.

          • It’s not question of connecting then, it is just the fact the Greece is doomed to send a certain type of song. I see what you mean, but I hope there are other ways to achieve success in ESC. I am off to the beach now. :)

            • “…it is just the fact the Greece is doomed to send a certain type of song.”

              Exactly. And I bear the European televoters (and the juries to a lesser degree) responsible for that.
              Enjoy the beach, Shevek ;)

            • Thanks, Oxi. :)

      • Yeah like when France tried and people kept saying “I miss the female ballads” but then we get “no diversity from France always with their female ballads” but besides Amir all of our top 10 this century were female ballads… I wish Greece sricked to its guns (same with Romania that failed to Q with their two best songs)

      • For sure 2018 and 2019 Greek entries were better songs (as proved by online polls) but stage routines have been extremely off putting lately. In case of Terzi, there were significant vocal issues too !

      • Well I agree for 2019, in 2018 I loved studio Version, but live vocals, peformance and outfit not so much! 😰

    • This remix is being played at the beach bars:

  3. My expectations – around 35 points and around 30th place.

  4. BTW, when is the voting result to be revealed?

  5. Of the people who usually predict we still miss (PJ, Razvan, Donnie, Dimitris and Gregor)… though I have received a preliminary top 15 from one of them ;)

    here’s how it stands for now:
    84 Norway
    70 Belgium
    66 Lithuania
    64 France
    54 Estonia
    48 Finland
    47 United-Kingdom
    42 Denmark
    39 Sweden
    36 Italy
    35 Netherlands
    30 Switzerland
    28 Slovenia
    26 Australia
    20 Iceland
    16 Poland
    15 Latvia
    15 Croatia
    12 Germany
    12 Cyprus
    10 Israel
    7 Portugal
    7 Turkey
    6 Serbia
    6 Azerbaijan
    5 Belarus
    5 Ireland
    5 Morocco
    1 Austria
    1 Russia

    • Without wanting to reveal much but this top feels like a reverse of my votes :P

      • just as it was a hard edition to rank maybe it’s hard to predict! plus we are missing 4 people who won the prediction crown in the past so that could curve things up!

        • All of NOR, BEL, FRA, EST, FIN, DNK, GBR, SWE, NLD, CHE in the top half sound not only boring but unrealistic. Not an ethnic sound in?
          There are going to be many flops imo

          • Where are more daring entries like ALB from previous edition?

          • it’s also a safer bet, many people placed some daring predictions in, but not everyone agreed on those, while they agreed on the safe bets! of course it looks rather impossible to only have those in the top 10 unless the votes are so divided that only these handful manage to grab top 10? also they’re not THAT simila, take France, Estonia, Dk I find these three very different from one another!

            • Let’s see, it will definitely be a very interesting night!

            • I’m so glad to see Norway topping this list, it’s a very daring, borderline experimental take on the Flags style very popular here. Nils is an artist in big A, both in music and visual arts with very personal style in both. Others more traditional ones in flag style are Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland, the two latter more distinguished in this group by the production. I would like to add Estonia here as representative of folksier side of that same style. Lithuania is flirting heavily with a bit edgier mainstream radio pop, France and Italy could fall in this same category, yet being totally different with each other. On electro pop side UK is serving cutting edge music trends with this magpie of contradictory influences, while Slovenia’s take on electro pop is more relying on tradition of first golden era, the darker side of it, going all the way to the looks. This leaves Finland alone, it’s the only one that transcends fore mentioned categories, maybe because it’s roots are more in indie pop than mainstream. Post indie pop, perhaps?

              So the styles we have topping the predictions are flag style, mainstreamish, electro pop, post indie pop. Within these genres the variations are big, flag style falling a bit short on that front. To me predictions shows how people perceive ”being popular” in ET. Is it boring? No, how could it be? Most of the songs from previous top 3’s in ETSC’s history easily fit these cagtegories. Also they all are quality entries in what they represent.

              Will they all do well, I don’t think so. The winner, how ever most likely is one of these and some of them will be successful.

            • True. Also watching WC in judo is hot :p

          • Ιt is my impression we don’t have a straightforward ethnic song this time? Perhaps only Israel? I see this one 11-15 but a lower top10 is possible.

          • Βut there aren’t many ethnic songs anyway. Albania, Israel, Armenia, Lebanon and perhaps Latvia. And then there is the more idiosyncratic stuff from the East I wouldn’t bet on either like Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and Serbia. For most people having both Estonia and Lithuania in the top10 is quite a bold prediction in terms of diversity. Perhaps other songs in east european languages might do better than suggested here (Poland and Hungary seem quite overlooked to me for instance) but I don’t think you should be looking for anything “ethnic”.

            • Don’t stick to terms only. Name it “local”, “ethnic”, “experimental” whatever. I miss many of them in the predicted top

            • Well you are right if you mean stuff that is more musically or linguistically diverse. And we had a lot of that in the top10 of the last couple of editions. But not all editions are like that. If you go back to ETSC9 almost all the top10 (apart from two songs) is the expected credible music in English.

            • So we need to spot the few exceptions in order to accomplish the 10/10 prediction wise. 🕵️‍♂️

            • Also if Norway really did as well as suggested by predictions (a very big if in my opinion) it would suck a lot of the oxygen out of other left-field diverse entries, despite being in english.

      • But you are still revealing them though to an extent.

    • Top 12 seems to reflect the safest of countries, maybe with the exception of Lithuania. Whether or not this reflects the votes is unknown (I’d say 25%, 33% at best make it to the Top 10 from this lot – fancy way of saying 3-4 songs – even if my personal predictions say more than that) but this does feel a lot like betting on Sweden and Russia at ESC without knowing what they’ll send.

      tl;dr Version: Lots of people predicting (myself included) are playing safe.

    • How do you work this out? Do you convert the predicted top 10’s into the 12 points scale?

    • Hm, ofc it’s only a prediction, but just by reading this, I can feel that my musical taste may quite differ from the majority’s… it’s maybe a bit simpler, maybe a little more pop-ish and less indie/synthie/meaningful…
      It’s interesting that practically all the songs of what I would put in one drawer (FIN/CH/NL/GER/SLO/EST/etc.) are seen with pretty good chances. Those were exactly the songs which made revelation night a bit monotonous or repetitive to some extent (for me)… each one of them may be a good composition and maybe I even voted for some of them, but it’s obvious that a certain style dominates around here… I’m curious if the actual results really back up this tendency or if only the supporters of this genre(s) are steering the overall opinion in the predictions…

      • Finland and Slovenia are not similar to the ones you mentioned. Also Switzerland and Germany are not seen as top10 case so far.

      • it’s true that the thing one wonders is, will these songs divide the votes among themselves, meaning that none of them get top 10 in the end?

        don’t assume yet until the votes are out, remember last etsc? only 6 were predicted right with Uk and Ireland predicted in! predictions go to safer route, it makes sense

        • I would think that since it’s not televoting-based where you call for one or two songs, but here you have ten spots, it’s probably a plus of having many people who like your style…
          Yes, ofc, that’s what I wanted to say in the first place… that I’m really curious and interested of how this will turn out in the end…

  6. Me during Results night in case i flop again:

  7. Russia came second last edition but prediction put it in 11th.

    Let’s see if there is even bigger surprise

  8. Well after Norwegian result with televoting in 2019 and Cyprus in 2018 what else we can expect? Not only with Greece, but generally! :(

  9. Everything’s ready (but I cant tonight I am invited at a friend’s movie premiere). Last night to predict ;)

  10. Are you postign the final prediction standings later tonight?

  11. From my personal top20 only one country is not mention in the current overall prediction standings. On the other hand my own entry has made it on that long list above.

    • Out of my personal Top 20 plus my entry, four songs are not in the long list above.

      • It is because many of the songs you like end up towards the end of the scoreboard unlike in my case. Is the prediction largely correct? Personally, I think it is. Some cases might not be though.

  12. Gregor, PJ, Razvan, Donnie, Dimis…

    • I will be out for dinner. Will be sending you HoD predictions after midnight.
      In the meanwhile include this :

      Top 10 Prediction :

      1. Italy
      2. Norway
      3. France
      4. Lithuania
      5. Iceland
      6. Armenia 
      7. Israel
      8. Ukraine
      9. Belgium
      10. Finland

      #11 Estonia
      #12 Germany
      #13 GBR
      #14 Slovenia
      #15 Sweden

  13. Michos must be feeling quite optimistic with my prediction (him being UKR) :p

  14. When other HoDs give you or don’t give you points and it’s not your turn, so you can’t react just yet

  15. Here’s my top 10 prediction:

    1. Norway
    2. Italy
    3. Croatia
    4. Germany
    5. Lithuania
    6. Belgium
    7. Estonia
    8. Sweden
    9. Poland
    10. Malta

    Others that could get in:

  16. I am an ESC fan but maybe I don’t understand above? It is an internal competition here?
    I’m impressed as my feeling is from my own experience, that nobody outside such Eurovision matters gives a shit

  17. You’re not Greece, very unlikely?

  18. I think you guys made much better and accurate predictions last time around! Must be the competion fatigue 😃

  19. I have just checked the predictions. My 12 pts (which won’t account for anything … LOL) still stand and 0 pts. My 10 pts are doing quite well in predictions and my 8 pts have collected some points too. 7 pts and 6 pts are below 10 pts in predictions. Considering past editions this does look familiar …

  20. I dont want to rush to judgements or make anyone new feel unwelcome but I have the slight feeling we are being trolled 🤔

  21. When you finally see who was behind each song:

  22. All alone in the danger zone I and my friends loved so much

  23. I have noticed Dimis is the last one without a prediction yet, right? Is he waiting for a new hint?

    • 1. Norway

      Just missing out: Denmark, Iceland, Greece

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