Sweden: Powermetal Heavyweights Sabaton Rule Out Eurovision

Sweden – Speaking to Metalblast magazine, Sabaton’s bassist, Pär Sundström, has ruled out doing Eurovision despite being asked several times. Sabaton are arguably one of Sweden’s biggest rock acts at present, with huge success around the world and a host of projects such as the Sabaton History Channel, Sabaton Open Air Festival and the Sabaton Cruise.

Speaking about Eurovision, Sundström said,

“We’ve been approached many times.  We said no every time. We have no intention to be part of it. Only once we were excited about the idea of doing it, because we had written the song “Carolus Rex,” and that year the Eurovision finals would take place in Sweden. We thought that if there was ever a time to do it, it would be then, singing that song, in Swedish, at that place. We were encouraged by that thought… but we said no.

“It’s a long story but, basically, we didn’t want to be a part of it. We do so many other things that are closer to us, and I rather involve the band in the Sabaton History Channel, or cooperating with a video game, or doing something that is closer to our hearts than Eurovision.”

Source: Metalblast.net

12 comments on “Sweden: Powermetal Heavyweights Sabaton Rule Out Eurovision

  1. Pablo’s submission from ETSC8.

  2. Metalblast magazine obviously doesn’t know that doing Mello and doing Eurovision are two very different things.

  3. Not a fan of this genre at all so not disappointed.

  4. “We do so many other things that are closer to us, and I rather involve the band in the Sabaton History Channel, or cooperating with a video game…”

    So a video game is closer to a music band than a song contest ? ROFL

    • There is a history of metal bands performing soundtracks for video games and even some games that make references to the culture surrounding the genre. So actually, for the genre they are in, yeah, a video game is closer.

      • I am well aware. The soundtrack of Devil May Cry 4 with songs performed by Hostile Groove and Hypnogaja is one of the most memorable aspects of the game and one of my favourite soundtracks in general. Bayonetta features some great music in similar genres as well.
        I still find it in that context as a remark that aims indirectly to belittle the contest.
        Personally I don’t mind, their music is not my thing most of the time. Also this argument that “we only wanted to do when it was held in Sweden” is not very fortunate either imo.

        • I do understand your perspective, but I wonder if you are maybe misconstruing a comment that means “We were interested in representing our country on home turf but decided against it” into something like, “the contest only had value in Sweden and nowhere else.”

          A lack of interest in the contest is not, mayhaps, proof of a negative view of the contest. Eurovision has an image of being unkind to the genre, so in that sense, it makes sense that a band in the genre would lack interest.

          • No I saw it as a comment of the kind “We would be interested in participating only in a manner that does not severely disrupt our schedule” which is what would happen if they had to take a 2-week trip to another country just for the contest.
            I would say that the success of entries such as FIN06 (as much schlager-ized as some say it is) and TUR10 shows that there is place for entries of such genres as well – maybe not proportionate to the amount of more mainstream genres sure but still.
            Tbh I don’t even know who asked them in first place this question about esc participation.

      • This is THE iconic track of this OST btw :

  5. brb sad forever.

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