Eurovision 2020: 29 Countries Confirmed to Date

Eurovision 2020 – As excitement builds about next year’s Eurovision Song Contest and the host city announcement less than a week away, yesterday saw another country confirm its participation. Ireland will be in The Netherlands in 2010, bringing the number of officially confirmed participants to 29 so far.

Confirmed to date, along with the Big 5 of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are:

Country Artist Song Language(s)
 Czech Republic TBD 25 January 2020 TBD 25 January 2020
 Denmark TBD 7 March 2020 TBD 7 March 2020
 Norway TBD 15 February 2020 TBD 15 February 2020
 Portugal TBD March 2020 TBD March 2020
 San Marino

Not returning is Bosnia and Herzegovina. In July 2019, BHRT confirmed that they could not return due to sanctions imposed by the EBU as a result of the broadcaster’s outstanding debt with the organisation.

Slovakia, Andorra, Luxembourg and Monaco have also confirmed they will not participate in 2020.

Bulgaria originally said via its broadcaster, BNT, that they had no plans to return to the contest in the near future, citing that the contest no longer fit the broadcaster’s content strategy. In June 2019, it was reported that BNT had amassed debts of 50 million lev and was “bankrupt”. BNT is discussing a possible participation in 2020 as of August 2019, with a decision to be reached in September 2019.

Sadly Liechtenstein is unable to make its debt due to financial constraints stopping it from becoming an EBU member to date, and Kosovo have not been given EBU membership, but there is some hope that Kazakhstan may enter soon.

26 comments on “Eurovision 2020: 29 Countries Confirmed to Date

  1. Who wants to make a bet with me that Bishara will be representing Sweden in Rotterdam/Maastricht? 😂😂

    • Not having to worry about qualification. :-)
      Instead I only have to fear the choices the broadcaster will make. So many things that can go wrong.

  2. I’ll predict that there will 42 countries present in 2020: last year’s participants plus Ukraine.

  3. Senidah, Senidah, Senidah!
    I want to see Senidah live in Rotterdam! :)

    Last night I had a dream that Russia sent sžth extremly quility to Rotterdam…smth culturally connected with Russia! :) Smth AMAZING I adore.. <3

  4. I want Bulgaria back!!!

    I want Lisa Miskovsky at MF 2020!!!

    I want Isaura to write entry for Portugal in 2020!!!

    Am I asking too much!? :P

  5. I trully believe that Annet Artani with that entry from 2006 for Cyprus can win ESC JURIES votes hands down, if Tamara won for Macedonian with that song this year…
    Who agrees with me?
    Her vocals were stunning and those backings.. Fantastic!

  6. I wonder why Mahmood didn’t release anything after “Soldi” and that good success?! :/

  7. I guess that we will see around 40 countries participating again.

    It’s been a perfect day: In the morning, we visited the Faust birthplace, museum and archives in Knitllingen, and in the afternoon we took a long walk in the alluvial meadows of the Rhine. After that we visited Rastatt Castle, and in the evening we saw a production of Schiller’s ‘Die Räuber’ in the Ötigheim open air theatre. Life is beautiful.:)

  8. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this yet, but the first Melodifestivalen artist has been confirmed. Amanda Aasa won P4 Nästa with the song “Gå hem,” and will compete in Melfest 2020 with a different song now. She sounds very promising, but I’m afraid she’ll end up another undeserved seventh in the semi.


  9. I am off to the beach. Will read about the predictions tomorrow morning. :)

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