The Eurovision Movie: What We Know So Far

The Eurovision Movie – As more stars are announced for the forthcoming movie about Eurovision, here’s what we know so far…

Eurovision will be an American comedy film directed by David Dobkin, and written by Andrew Steele and Will Ferrell, which will be released on Netflix. The movie will tell the story of two struggling singers, Lars and Sigrit, who are chosen to represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Will Ferrell will star himself in the movie as Lars Erickssong, with Rachel McAdams playing Sigrit. Also cast in the movie is Pierce Brosnan as Erick Erickssong (Lars’ father and the most handsome man in Iceland), Dan Stevens as Alexander Lemtov (the Russian contestant) and Demi Lovato as Katiana, one of the best and most angelic singers in all of Iceland.

Local Icelandic actors in the movie include Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir and Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson.

The synopsis reads: “When aspiring musicians Lars and Sigrit are given the opportunity of a lifetime to represent their country at the world’s biggest song competition, they finally have a chance to prove that any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.”

Ferrell attended the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 to research for the film. He was made aware of the popularity of Eurovision by his Swedish wife, Viveca Paulin, as long ago as 1999. She has previously been involved in selecting the Swedish entry. He also attended the final in Copenhagen in 2014. Rachel McAdams was at this year’s competition in Israel.

Filming is currently taking place in the North Iceland town of Húsavík and the UK, and there was also filming in Tel Aviv.

There is no release date as yet for the film.

Will Ferrell with Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso in Lisbon, 2018.



110 comments on “The Eurovision Movie: What We Know So Far

  1. I think this will be hillarious.

  2. You are right! :-)

    I’m just glad they are doing it.

  3. It looks like their heart is in the right place so I hope it’s fun but not hurtful on the contest. I dont mind tongue in cheek and mocking esc traits just dont make it a joke

  4. Can’t wait. :)

  5. Watching UK news …They once again totally misread Ms Merkel, who has Mr Johnson in the bag now. Well done, Angie. :)

    • Mr. B. is a buffoon, who lives in a world of his own. I never thought I would witness the demise of both the Conservative and the Republican parties in my lifetime. I know I may be overreaching, but time will tell. One hopes the MPs do what has to be done.

      • The Eton world … Eton, a factory for building inflated egos …
        At least, the first two weeks of September will be very interesting to follow.
        Always look on the bright side … ♫♪♫

    • BoJo is another nationalist megalomaniac who lacks the qualifications for the position he holds,a product of the increasingly delusional and arrogant sense of grandiose of a part of the british electorate. He and mr. Farage qualify as equally dangerous in my eyes. I recently was reading how BoJo could be the last prime minister of the UK given how he endangers the unity of the kingdom with Scotland and Northern Ireland.

      • If the English media had the balls to be objective and tell the truth, the whole sad affair could be over in a few weeks. If we remember the dark billionaire people owning most papers, we know that it won’t happen there. No idea why the BBC f. e. is still flogging the dying Brexit unicorn.

      • Watching Mr Johnson in Paris now. Watching him talk while standing next to Mr Macron doesn’t do him any favour. LOL He’s talking twaddle too, as always. A lot of empty slogans …

        • He is very much a trumpist on that aspect as well. He knows the backstop is going nowhere but he does his tour for communicational reasons to go back to his brexit-hungry base and tell them “look I tried !”. The UK will end up an irrelevant internationally nation, a junior partner to the US’s whims. And that is as long as the clown administration there is in office. If next year a democrat wins, BoJo will have to turn to China – and they wont go as easy on them as the US in any bilateral agreement.

          • We need an intervention. Please send help.

            I’m moving to Scotland.

            • Hang in there, hulluna. And if you need a place elsewhere, I am sure that most ET regulars would be more than happy to take you and your cats in.

            • You need elections and a massive turnout.

          • I predicted from day 1 that Brexit would eventually lead to the UK losing their seat on the UN security council f. e.

            • I always thought that the permanent UN security council status is totally unfair and that it should be abolished, along with the right to veto, asap.
              The UN decisions should be taken by majority.

              @Morgan… the spam bin again, please! :P

            • Agreed and signed. The security council represents the global post WW2 power stuctures. And yes, no veto and majority decisions.

    • Toggie, please tell me what happened to “You all know I love Hjallis to bits and would fly to Helsinki straight away to help him if he needed me” from the results night?

      • I still would. I can fight with people and still like them. It’s my understanding of being honest, which is the highest form of respect imo. :)

        • Funny that. The other night you declared that certain member user’s entrance three years ago turned things worse in ET.
          Hardly a fight, but a very strong comment of me and my time in ET, as was the whole exchange you had with Guitar among other things.
          Or was it Michos you were referring to?

          • It is no secret that I do not agree with or approve of everything you have done and said on ET, but that is just a personal take on things. Others will most certainly think differently, and I am sure that some people do not like everything I do or say here either. But whatever I think of certain behaviours and attitudes I still love everyone in our ET family, even though things have changed a lot over the past 2 to 3 years. If I think that this is a change for the worse it is once more just a personal opinion and doesn’t mean that I do not like certain users. I approve and disapprove of actions, not people. :)
            But I stand by my point that gang bashing members is totally unacceptable. It’s not funny but cruel, in particular in cases where everyone knows that the user concerned has issues when it comes to interacting with others. After all, we have all known him for years and he has never done any harm.

            • But gang bashing me is ok like you did with Guitar the other night?

            • 2 don’t make a gang … ;) … and imo we didn’t bash you. We didn’t make fun of you f. e. It was a serious and concerned discussion, at least from my side.

            • No, Toggie, it really wasn’t serious and concerned discussion, not on your side, not on your tag team partner’s. It was just a well written mean outburst on your side, very you, and your tag team partner delivered his basic arguments in his very distinguished own style. You too make good team. Seems to me that you exploded the thread.
              You weren’t laughing at me, but you did get quite hilarious response!
              I can go through the discussion with you here, no problem.

            • Thanks but I am not interested. I only read Anders’ comments.
              OMG nobody loves me anymore. *runs away in tears*

            • You really might like to reread those two discussions as you don’t seem to remember what you wrote. Yes, Anders, he made interesting comment on the results night one. Inappropriate.

        • I’m now honest with you. I’m tired of these night time personality lynchings. So next time, call me up, be straight. Those nocturnal mini literal works are quite a bit to chew during the breakfast. And based on the commenting here and the response you got last night, I’m not the only one.
          Things change, and you can’t go back to past. I’m still here. And I will be here in the future too. That or me won’t change, that I can promise you in all honesty.

          • You read ET while having breakfast? *faints*
            I never asked you to leave or change but simply gave an honest opinion. Unfortunately, being honest seems to be very unpopular these days.
            I am sorry, but on most days I can’t log on before midnight because things are very busy atm. Today is an exception. :)

            • Honesty means totally different thing than tag teaming to give a personality and behavioural bashing to “certain member user” during the night. Don’t think people have issues round here about being honest, quite the opposite. I certainly don’t. And now I’m being totally honest with you again. I wish you refrain whipping the drama up until The Results night for all our enjoyment and pleasure. After all, we are in Stockholm, one of the most wonderful cities in the world, and I’m co-hosting this competion. Don’t want to send your delegate to stay in the suburbs 😃

            • To me the drama seems to be in those who take those contests a tad too seriously. I simply said that I didn’t care much for the winning song. What’s wrong with that? And a final point while we are being honest: I think that some of the comments you have posted over the years had a rather condescending colouring.

            • Oh you said more, much more. Shall we go through that outburst too? I couldn’t care less whether you like my song or not, most of the time nobody have liked them. You were condescending towards people’s taste just like you did back in the days with your flag ranting. Someone might say that the one who starts to rant after bad results takes the competion a bit too seriously, especially if it’s a pattern.
              As for condescending coloring, you might be right, it had happened. Your colours still shine brightest here.

            • Yes. I rule supreme. :)
              We better let it end here. This isn’t a competition and it’s become a tad absurd too. I love Ionesco btw … and everything I can do at this point is go through the rhino routine …

          • Btw, if you think of this as a ‘who is more popular on ET’ contest, I am fine with coming 2nd. I come here to discuss ESC and other stuff, not to make friends. :)

  6. I’ll wait for the film.

  7. I have to admit I am really afraid this wont be able to find a fine balance between mockery of the contest and satire
    Although picking an icelandic selection backstory instead of e.g. a british one is interesting for sure.

  8. I really wish I could enjoy this, but all my life I have found Will Ferrell to be completely unbearable and cannot enjoy anything he’s in at all. Elf came out when I was 3 years old, and even as a 3 year old I couldn’t stand him and made my family leave the theatre in the middle of the movie because I hated it so much.

    I’m also a bit concerned regardless that an American perspective will turn not only Eurovision, but Europeans as a whole into a joke. The stereotype of Europeans being eccentric and having no social etiquette or regard for social norms is a common joke in these sort of American comedies, and Will Ferrell has given no inclination that he is above this.

  9. I get “Blades of Glory” vibes regarding this…

  10. Is this film going to be reviewed in Rob’s film blog?

  11. I haven’t heard of this movie before, but I agree with others that it could either be quite fun or a complete train-wreck. Hopefully it’ll wind up being a fun homage to the contest. The people of Iceland are, as far as I’ve understood, quite fond of the contest, so that should help paint the contest in a positive light. We’ll see when it comes out.

  12. Hatari’s been touring Europe’s key festivals extensively this summer. ESC gave them just the push needed. Love Klemens’ new do!

    View this post on Instagram

    Contemplating Pride.

    A post shared by HATARI (@hatari_official) on

  13. It’s almost 40ºc outside and there’ almost no humidity in the air. Uf! I’ve been going through the online press and I could not believe what I read about Mr. T:


    He is losing it. When will the GOP get the balls to do something about it?

    • It just gets worse and worse; I’m scared how the election is gonna end up once we have a nominee – just nonstop mudslinging from the manchild. He really crossed a line when he said that all Jews who vote for Democrats are either uninformed or disloyal; horribly disgusting words he said.

      • I do think that the Dems will have the chance to win control of the Senate, keep the House and get the White House, if they play their cards right. If both parties go to their respectives extremes, someone will occupy the centre. It’ll be fascinating following the next American election. Canada will hold an election next October and the Canadians are finding out how hollow Trudeau really is. God knows what will happen there.

        Must be off now. Dinner beckons. :)

  14. And in Brazil there’s another buffoon helping to destroy Amazonia. My Brazilian family (they are in Portugal atm) are very worried with what is happening in their country.

  15. Meanwhile

    • Please stop him from ever coming back.

    • One thinks he is God, the other burns down the biggest rainforest and blames NGOs who want to make his government “look bad” and the third prances around thinking everyone will do what he wants or he will throw a temper tantrum and leave with no deal..

      Gosh. Why do I have to live in such anti-intellectual times ? And before I am called an elitist I am not talking about the academic kind of intellectual thought, I am talking about simple fact based decisions being rewarded. Enough with all these fascist demagogues

  16. You’ll hear it first on ET: José Cid (Portugal 1980) will receive Latin Grammy Award for Music Excellence. Well deserved for a very long career full of some very good stuff for Portuguese music (and also some very bad….) 😁

  17. I want to visit:
    1) Stuttgart in Germany (my cousin is there)
    2) Iasi in Romania (St Paraskevi) pilgrimage
    3) Bolu mountain region of Turkey, Uzungol lake, Karadeniz region
    4) Portugal
    5) Albania

  18. Revisiting previous ETSCs I have the impression that editions 3 and 5 are much stronger and that in general July editions feature more songs that made it to my all-time best ETSC songs.

  19. As I read once, is a good signal that Will got acquainted with Eurovision in Sweden rather than other countries like UK, and that the effort would be earnest. And it is more for casual crowds than the fans who would want all accurate

  20. Off-topic : SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is undergoing cancer treatment yet again according to reports. I am not a theist but those who are pray for her well being. We cannot lose her now.

  21. Will Ferrell participated in one of my favorite tv moments of recent years:

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