Eurovision Host City to be Revealed on 30th August

The host city for the Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed on Friday 30th August. Only two cities remain in the race, Rotterdam and Maastricht, with Rotterdam favourite to win.

The two potential Host Cities had until 17:00 (CET) today to submit more information and answer additional questions from the organisers concerning their bid books. The additional information provided will now be meticulously scrutinised by host broadcasters NPO, AVROTROS and NOS.


20 comments on “Eurovision Host City to be Revealed on 30th August

  1. Good luck to both. Times flies and in a while the 2020 season will begin

  2. Rotterdam is really the only choice imo but I’m expecting the worst considering I don’t even know how Maastricht made it this far.

  3. They filmed Duncan a few days ago in Maastricht and today in Rotterdam. My guess is that that clip will be used for the announcement.

    • Did you see they admitted when announcing the reasons other cities failed was the rooves weren’t high enough just as you said? So Maastricht has got to the final 2 despite being not quite meeting the criteria… hmmmm.

      • I have been saying that the roof in Maastricht is too low from the very beginning. At least now the press also mention the 12,5 meter free height.
        That Maastricht has come this far is not because or the venue, but because of the story the city tells (Maastricht treaty), they really really really want it, they have a shitload of money, and in contrast to all the other failed bids they have enough hotel rooms.

  4. It has been leaked that it has already been decided.
    We shall see.

  5. OMG!!!
    Senidah is chosen to represent Slovenia in 2020 internally.. :O
    I took part in ETSC with her song in one edition…
    She is sooooo huge in Balkans atm!!!
    She took part with band Muff in EMA 2014 and they were 2nd back then..

    • Hehe, I know… I wanted to submit Mišići for Slovenia in ETSC 11, but you had her there first:-)…
      It’s great if she represents Slovenia… that increases their chances of going to the final the third time in a row…

  6. 152 songs submitted for the Czech preselection. The committee has already shortlisted 72 of them. The Czech entry will be chosen on January 25.

  7. Does this mean that the highly annoying MyHeritage is out?

    And I would love to see Geert Wilders face every time the logo of this company is shown on tv.

    • Great. So now all the ESC YouTubers will become beauty gurus as well 🙄

      • aren’t they already? still better than MyHeritage, that one was hateful and made me very uncomfortable (race is not recognized in French law, it’s even forbidden to do any ethnic statistics and one who would try could risk prison!)

        • I don’t believe I’ve seen them giving make-up tutorials or hair styling advice? But I don’t pay too too much attention to them anyway.

          I agree it’s nice that MyHeritage is gone.

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