ETSC 11 – The Results Tonight!

ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! Each one of you can represent an European country and get to send a song and then vote in a fake Eurovision! The results are coming very soon!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sorts of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past five years. Four years ago, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that was it: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

We’ve therefore had 10 editions of ETSC. Last year, German-speaking countries got their revenge as Switzerland won ETSC 9 and Germany won ETSC 10! The last edition to date was won by Germany’s Elif Demirezer with “Doppelleben. For more information, you can discover our new page dedicated to the contest, with its history, all songs participating and the rankings here. A 10th Anniversary article was also open here. You can also find it by clicking on the “Specials” section of the site, in the top menu in the red box, just under the site’s name.

After a first round open for people to sign up with a country and send a song, we got 41 people in. In the meantime, to keep us busy, I made a random draw. I also made personal postcards for each entry which will be revealed along with the songs. You can click on the picture below to listen to the songs again:

It was ten days ago that we discovered each song individually in a dramatic night reveal-show. And after that, the players cast a vote. These songs were presented by the following HoDs, in alphabetical order: Anders, Arpatilaos, Avat, Bay, Caolán, Cathal, Cyphermusic, Daniel, Dimitris, Dino, Dominik, Donnie, Donnyademaj, Franco, Greg, Gregor, Hjallis, Jerry, Lina, Luke, Martin, 8Mark8, Matthew, Mermaid, Michos, Mylor, Oasisoffear, Ovidarch, Pablo, Patrick P, PJ, Razvan, Ren Robles, Sekhmet Morgan, Sheldon, Shevek, Stommie, Tehoe, Togravus, Trekks, and Zainab!

This eleventh event is officially hosted in Berlin, Germany. The host will be Miss Gayle Tufts! The venue is outside, around the  Brandenburg Gate.

Here are the full prediction results, which usually gets more than half countries correct, but very rarely the correct order. And there are huge misses all the time.

1 Sweden (?) 1
2 Poland (?) 2
3 France (?) 3
4 Italy (?) 4
5 Luxembourg (?) 5
6 Austria (?) 6
7 Israel (?) 7
8 Iceland.jpg Iceland (?) 8
9 Ireland (?) 9
10 United-Kingdom (?) 10

​Now, all you need to do is get ready and prepared. The votes will be revealed one by one, following the random draw in which the songs were presented (so from Luxembourg to Greece). One vote at a time, with a few minutes in between to give enough time for people to react, predict, comment, discuss. Also, if the person is around, he can, if he wishes to, explain a bit further his votes, what he thought of the songs. The votes are all on a scoreboard, to not reveal too much for people who can’t make it tonight, and you’ll see links for them in this page (so you’ll need to refresh often).

1  Luxembourg
2  Ukraine
3  Moldova
4  United-Kingdom
5  Armenia
6  Spain
7  North Macedonia
8  France
9  Albania
10  Serbia
11  Slovakia
12  Finland
13  Austria
14  Switzerland
15  Italy
16  Tunisia
17  Russia
18  Australia
19  Netherlands
20  Denmark
21  Malta
22  Bulgaria
23  Azerbaijan
24  Belgium
25  Hungary
26  Israel
27  Latvia
28  Sweden
29  Montenegro
30  Portugal
31  Romania
32  Turkey
33  Germany
34  Norway
35  Iceland
36  Estonia
37  Lithuania
38  Poland
39  Egypt
40  Ireland
41  Greece

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1,581 comments on “ETSC 11 – The Results Tonight!

  1. Voted for 8/12 !!!
    Only ISR, ITA, MKD and AUT are missing from my points area.
    Weird cause I usually vote for the Hods behind them :)

    Out of them, MKD was my #16, AUT my #17 and ITA my #19.
    ISR didn’t make it into my top 20. Dino should have gone for their Yemen song imo!

  2. And I think I need some extra attention for scoring highest points ever! Morgan?

  3. So it seems Yombe is my personal best in ETSC so far. Dagny for Norway also finished 5th out of 41 in ETSC9 but with much less points (90p vs 110p).

    The albanian song finished 6th out of 41 with 104 points here versus 9th out of 28 with 78 points when Bay brought it to VFoS9. Even though I had to give it less points in this edition compared to that one, I think 6th is a much more fair placing for a truly great song.

    • yeah when Lina sent it to me I was “wow”, and only discovered it was in VfoS during reveal night! Lina was scared it would kill her chances!

    • It is unavoidable that some songs will emerge in both ETSC and whatever other online contest people participate in the other months after a certain point I guess. But it is interesting to see how they fare with different audiences, even when it is just the same artist and not the same song necessarily. Take my experience with Aurora from Norway : Runner up in FDLC and barely scrapped the top 20 in ETSC 5. My good times at ETSC were the 4th and 5th edition although half of the credit for my result in the 4th edition goes to Marc P for introducing us to the artist I chose back then (Markera Irglova) in FDLC.

        • I dont remember anymore. Did I ever tell you that Ibeyi’s song and clip from ETSC was played non stop in the african section of the ethnology museum of Geneva ? Never understood the exact connection but it was surprising to find this song in what I considered the most unlikely of places.

      • A lot of people who gave the albanian song high points here did not participate there which might explain it. Different songs from an artist that has done well in a related contest usually do well but not always: Oren Lavie won in VFoS and almost came last with a different song here. Chisu won in FdlC and was top5 here but tanked with her latest single in VFoS…I guess it always depends on the song.

        • True not every song by every artist can be on the same level but the wider the audience an entry is exposed to (dont know the average numbers of participants in vfos but for ETSC it is imo quite high even with absences this year). I can only judge myself and I dont think that in any decent edition of any online contest I d give points to this entry tbh. In terms of Albanian entries nothing can compete with Eliza Hoxha’s entry from ETSC 4 Shevek had provided ❤️

          • Yeah I like that one very much as well but I find this folk/trip-hop fusion is quite Jamala-like :-)

            • Also congratulations on bringing a great result for Italy ! Surprisingly enough it has been performing great in ESC but it had a mixed bag in ETSC for the most part. I would never expect to listen to something like Yombe in San Remo for sure but it would be a welcome change of pace there. It reminded me of a (more accesible) “Pugna” from FdC this year.

            • Thank you, I kept it for a long time before finally bringing it here. They are a talented (and very handsome) couple :)

    • Yes… I am so glad for Albania

  4. I’m just checking the results now, but thank you everyone for the 6th place!! I’d say it was a great finish for me in my first contest. Also congratulations to my top two Morgan and Hjallis for sending such great songs and achieving such success with them!

    Honestly I have no idea what VFoS even was, so when people started talking about it I was so confused. Even if I did though I would never expect this song to represent Serbia considering Andrra is not Serbian lol. Next time I hope I send something more unknown to you all. I’m thinking of sending a song that’s more my style – this edition I picked something I felt like the ET community would like instead.

  5. This is how our ETSC 11 champion should be feeling tonight

  6. 9 songs in the top 10 have a one-word title :o

  7. ETSC 1 (28 participants)
    Winner – 155pts (voted by 22 people, 5x12pts)
    Second – 124pts (voted by 17 people, 4x12pts)
    Third – 107pts (voted by 14 people, 1x12pts)

    ETSC 2 (37 participants)
    Winner – 156pts (voted by 24 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 103pts (voted by 16 people, 2x12pts)
    Third – 100pts (voted by 16 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 3 (41 participants)
    Winner – 146pts (voted by 21 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 125pts (voted by 21 people, 1x12pts)
    Third – 106pts (voted by 18 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 4 (44 participants)
    Winner – 151pts (voted by 17 people, 6x12pts)
    Second – 117pts ( voted by 21 people, 1x12pts)
    Third – 110pts (voted by 19 people, 3x12pts)

    ETSC 5 (45 participants)
    Winner – 179pts (voted by 26 people, 3x12pts)
    Second – 130pts (voted by 19 people, 2x12pts)
    Third – 115pts (voted by 17 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 6 (44 participants)
    Winner – 171pts (voted by 23 people, 5x12pts)
    Second – 170pts (voted by 24 people, 5x12pts)
    Third – 131pts (voted by 22 people, 3x12pts)

    ETSC 7 (42 participants)
    Winner – 154pts (voted by 23 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 148pts (voted by 22 people, 3x12pts)
    Third – 115pts (voted by 20 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 8 (42 participants)
    Winner – 152pts (voted by 19 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 140pts (voted by 21 people, 3x12pts)
    Third – 121pts (voted by 19 people, 1x12pts)

    ETSC 9 (41 participants)
    Winner – 166pts (voted by 25 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 164pts (voted by 23 people, 5x12pts)
    Third – 161pts (voted by 24 people, 5x12pts)

    ETSC 10 (39 participants)
    Winner – 166pts (voted by 20 people, 7x12pts)
    Second – 135pts (voteed by 22 people, 2x12pts)
    Third – 124pts (voteed by 16 people, 4x12pts)

    ETSC 11 (41 participants)
    Winner – 219pts (voted by 26 people, 7x12pts)
    Second – 160pts (voteed by 20 people, 4x12pts)
    Third – 123pts (voteed by 22 people, 2x12pts)

  8. ETSC 1: I got FIVE 12pts (from Luke, Anders, Paschalis, Nick P, Marc P) / 155pts (1st)
    I gave my 12pts to NORWAY (2nd, HoD by Donnie) / I won

    ETSC 2: I got FOUR 12pts (from Donnie, Dimitris, Tecku, Marc P) / 156pts (1st)
    I gave my 12pts to FINLAND (7th, HoD by Marc P) / I won

    ETSC 3: I got ONE 12pts (from Luke) / 125pts (2nd)
    I gave my 12pts to NETHERLANDS (8th, HoD by Stommie) / I gave 8pts to the winner (UNITED-KINGDOM, HoD by Marc P)

    ETSC 4: I got ONE 12pts (from Anders) / 117pts (2nd)
    I gave my 12pts to FINLAND (6th, HoD by Anders) / I gave 0pts to the winner (AUSTRIA, HoD by Daniel)

    ETSC 5: I got TWO 12pts (from William, Michos) / 115pts (3rd)
    I gave my 12pts to CROATIA (6th, HoD by Ovidarch) / I gave 10pts to the winner (ISRAEL, HoD by BlackBirdBraille)

    ETSC 6: I got THREE 12pts (from Caolán, Luke, Nick P) / 131pts (3rd)
    I gave my 12pts to DENMARK (1st, HoD by Marc P)

    ETSC 7: I got FOUR 12pts (from Razvan, Hjallis, Daniel, Ovidarch) / 154pts (1st)
    I gave my 12pts to SERBIA (6th, HoD by Paschalis) / I won

    ETSC 8: / I got ZERO 12pts (best 7pts from Ellie and PJ) / 47pts (26th)
    I gave my 12pts to ICELAND (2nd, HoD by David) / I gave 0pts to the winner (GREECE, HoD by Oxi)

    ETSC 9: / I got FIVE 12pts (from Marko, Cyphermusic, Razvan, Greg, Donnyademaj) / 161pts (3rd)
    I gave my 12pts to FINLAND (6th, HoD by Oasisoffear) / I gave 10pts to the winner (SWITZERLAND, HoD by Ovidarch)

    ETSC 10: / I got ZERO 12pts (best 10pts from Patrick P) / 89pts (7th)
    I gave my 12pts to GERMANY (1st, HoD by Dominik)

    ETSC 11: / I got TWO 12pts (from Lina, Daniel) / 123pts (3rd)
    I gave my 12pts to SWEDEN (1st, HoD by Hjallis)

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