Eurovision 2020: Will it be Maastricht or Rotterdam?

Eurovision 2020 – To the surprise of no-one, it’s been revealed that the bidding war to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest has been whittled down to Maastricht and Rotterdam. Organiser NPO yesterday revealed Arnhem, Utrecht and Den Bosch were no longer being considered.

Rotterdam proposes to host at the Ahoy Rotterdam arena with a capacity of 16,000 and overflows for hotels can be hosted in Den Haag. The MECC Maastricht arena can host 20,000 and visitors could also stay in Hasselt or Liege (in Belgium).

Where would you prefer it to be hosted? Vote now in the poll and tell us why in the comments.

49 comments on “Eurovision 2020: Will it be Maastricht or Rotterdam?

  1. I think I’d like Maastricht, especially if we get Andre Rieu as part of it all.

  2. Personally I’d love Maastricht as it’s right around the corner and I think it’s a great size city: Malmö was my favorite ESC I attended in large part because you really felt the ESC taking over the city. In the bigger cities it felt more like one event among many and you did not get the same atmosphere. I know people are concerned about the number and cost of hotel rooms but Maastricht is very much at the heart of Europe with a huge catchment area in 3 countries. Yeah, it’s not ideal to have to first take a train from Aken, Hasselt or Tongeren but I thin hotels would be an issue in Rotterdam as well; hotels are very business-y with corresponding cost. Either way, excited!

    • So it was you who voted for Maastricht in the poll?

      • Which poll?

        • The one above. Although I now get the impression that I Limburger who hosted VfoS18 in Maastricht is the one on this site who dislikes the idea of Maastricht the most.

          • Aah ok – Firefox never shows me the polls so I didn’t see it there was one. I always have to open another browser to do a poll. I would vote for Maastricht if I could be bothered to do that. I’d be fine with Rotterdam, too but Maastricht is a) selfishly closer and b) “cozier”. I’ve an odd relationship with rotterdam since we used to go there all the time when I was a kid (my dad was a ship captain) and of course it has changed so massively.

  3. As a city I would prefer Rotterdam but as a symbol I would prefer Maastricht.

  4. This is the Zuidhal

    • As you can see one third or one fourth of the height consists of beams. The Maastricht delegation is lying. Please spread the word and don’t fall for it.

      • You convinced me. I voted Rotterdam. LOL

        • Now tell the good people (not Matty) on ESCK, because I have a feeling many of them are deluded when it comes to Maastricht.

          • Well EK is probably also influenced by Mastricht’s PR agency guy though God knows how someone can still voluntarily read through his endless rambling posts.

          • They probably support Maastricht because it is so close to NRW.

            • Yes, I remember how happy I was that Germany choose Duesseldorf over other cities.

            • That doesn’t hurt, obviously – it’s also a charming city and if they wanted they could pitch this as some sort of European ESC involving – however vaguely – 3 countries. Essentially NL seems to be in the same position “we” were in in 2011: The obvious choice (AMS in this case; BER or CGN for us) is not available so there will be endless debates pre-occupying ESC-blog-readers. I’m sure there’s a wewe-meltdown.already.
              It’s all a scam anyway because if the contest hadn’t been rigged we would be talking about #Ludwigsburg2020 with s!stärZ hosting.

            • We can’t host before Stuttgart 21 is finished … which will probably be around 2030. LOL
              Public transport has been a mess ever since construction began.

            • No problem we’ll just send s!stärZ every year until it’s finished. They can travel from new Berlin airport to wherever the contest is in the meantime.

            • ROFL

            • Until then, the contests won by les g!rlZ will be in meppen, bautzen, oberfranken and herford (where i assume matty lives).

            • I used to support SC Herford when I was a small boy. :)

            • Why did you make the lateral move to Vfl Bochum?

            • It was both Herford and Bochum … and many more. Funnily, most were from NRW (I did not know that back then): Union Solingen, Wattenscheid 09 etc …

            • Just passed through Herford but the other three are by now all quite depressing towns. Solingen is probably the worst of them – people really walk through the train station and city centre with all hope drained from their faces, it’s quite sad. To get rid of the populists we reaylly need to find a way to address those folks and bring them back into society; it’s all very nice to say that the jobs killed by automation and globalization will be replaced by people who repair the machines but a lot of people (including dare say us) wouldn’t be able to do that.

            • I know what you mean. Sometimes I find it really difficult to cope with the atmosphere in certain towns and cities, in particular in NRW and the Eastern states.
              I am a masochist btw … watching the Tory hustings from East London atm. What a pile of nonsense and empty slogans Mr. unt and Mr. Johnson are trying to see as feasible politics … Mr. Hunt has just discovered that “they need us as much as weneed them”. Well, there’s some progress here. At least we don’t need THEM more anymore …

              I could never stand on a stage claiming what a great and/or amazing country Germany is. I would feel totally embarrassed.

            • Hahaha of course you have the two polar opposites there – right-wing politicians who will always act ecstatic about their country vs Germans who will often be miserable even about positive stuff about their country (see SPD’s latest catasatrophic implosion re v d Leyen… I was joking to my buddy that surely the hapless Schäfer-Grübel would make a statement and he did). Agree English race to the abyss is both tragic and grotesque… heading back to London first 2 weeks in August to cat-sit so will aim to take a trip outside the “Speckgürtel” (privatized train service permitting).
              Solingen was really the most sad I have exprienced… Gelsenkirchen was dráb as well but there’s some pride in the football club and swaggering Mediterranean guys pacing around the station – in Solingen even those guys looked down.

            • If Mediterranean guys lose self-confidence things have hit rock bottom for sure.

              I am very happy to list the things I love about Germany in public: Goethe, Schiller, Brahms, Maultaschen, VfL Bochum, Kraftwerk, Grünbein, Königssee etc. But presenting your country as the best one in the world is simply cringe,

            • Yeah was one of the few places where all the swagger was gone. Prts of the east are also drab but that particularly srtruck a chord.
              So you like dull football and fake ravioli while entirely dismissing the contributions of womyn to Germany.

            • If Austria was still a part of Germany, I would have included Ingeborg Bachmann and Bertha von Suttner. :)

            • Sad how you would rather fantasize about an 18th century definition of Germany than celebrate Roswitha von Gandersheim or an immigration success story like Helene Fischer.

            • My list wasn’t complete but as a BaWü guy I am forced to support Ms. Berg over Ms. Fischer.

              And I forgot Marco Reus. *faints*

            • I though Brg was – unsurprisingly – from some CGN suburb. Maybe she just moved there. IT’s just difficult to embrace anyone who doesn’t have a 6-hour Saturday night show /s.
              Marco Reus? I’m surprised… I prefer RatzFatzMats though his wife or gf or whatever she is is as annoying as Hellfish.

            • Marco is the exception to my place. Plus he is a lovely young man character-wise. :)
              Berg lives on an estate called Sonnenhof in the village of Aspach (Rems-Murr-Kreis). Why do you think Sonnenhof Großaspach plays 3. Liga?

            • Marco Reus actually seems like one of the few top-level footballers who seems down-to-Earth. Actually on the whole the German team doesn’t seem to have too many narcissistic basketcases. Players-turned-celebrities like Prinz Poldi or Schweini would have crashed 4 Ferraris by the time they turned if they were from certain other countries, cough, Brasil, erm, England…
              Downside of that is that noone takes the initiative when they’re 0-1 down.
              Sonnenhof GA is one of my favorite football team names!

            • Another good thing about Marco is his eloquence. He can actually utter three sentences with less than 10 ahems. :)

  5. Let’s go Rotterdam!!

  6. I don’t think a small city like Maastricht is fit to host an event of this size. Also, I’ve heard concerns that if Maastricht hosts Belgium and Germany will be profiting off a Dutch win, which I completely agree is concerning. Rotterdam is the only suitable choice.

  7. If the people that live in the city are telling you that one venue is inadequate, they should be listened to. Unless Stommie is on the take. Haha

    Joking aside, it’s the same song and dance every year; there is one city that is a no brainer, the underdog city huffs and puffs, then no houses get blown down after the city that should be picked wins.

    Rotterdam is obviously going to win.

  8. Should’ve been Amsterdam, but Rotterdam is 2nd best I suppose.

  9. Cheering for Rotterdam selfishly as I may go to my 1st ever ESC if its held there

  10. One tweet with 2 pictures from the visits of the broadcaster delegation to the possible venues. Can we now please stop this discussion and agree there is only one right decision

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