Eurovision 2020: The Bids are In!

Eurovision 2020 – Five cities have submitted their bids to host the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands next May.  The five cities are Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Maastricht, Arnhem and Utrecht. 

Arnhem’s bid would see them having to build a temporary stadium for the local football club, Vitesse, to move into for 8 weeks. Utrecht simply doesn’t have a big enough venue and are taking about a huge tent. Utrecht also doesn’t even meet the criteria required, telling delegates they’ll be taking public transport instead of cars. We’re not sure either of these will be favourable options for the EBU/ national broadcaster.

Maastricht has the support of famous violinist, Andre Rieu, and is used to organising his annual home concerts for tens of thousands of fans from around the world.

Rotterdam has the largest and most viable venue.

Ms. Shula Rijxman (CEO of NPO) with the bids (Photo credit: NPO)

As usual, the key to winning the bid is to have a suitable venue, easy transport links and, perhaps most importantly, sufficient hotels and accommodation in the area for delegations and fans. Rotterdam and Maastricht are the two favourites.

The winning city will be announced in August.



22 comments on “Eurovision 2020: The Bids are In!

  1. 2010???
    I feel so young all of a sudden. :)

  2. So the Dutch needed 10 years for their bids? And I thought only the Swiss were slow!

  3. Actually Arnhem has the largest venue. Gelredome has a capacity of 34.000 for football matches.

  4. Rotterdam is very clearly the best choice here.

  5. As a Feyenoord fan I’d be very excited to have it in Rotterdam!

  6. Chico solo club remix… I think the DJ’s had about 3 grams of speed:

  7. Three more cities are out, it is now between two. But we hear next week which those two are. (My prediction and also the prediction by everyone else: Rotterdam and Maastricht.)

  8. I am more annoyed by the day by all this Maastricht hype. Yes I love the city, but they are basically lying, promoting a hall with a net height of 12,5 meters. And all that talk about connectedness. Yes, Belgium and Germany are nearby as are several regional airports. But eurovision isn’t about Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It is a Europe wide event, with visitors from all over the world.

  9. Is it safe to conclude that the readers of this site don’t give a flying F where the 2020 edition will be held?

    • well it’s more or less out of our hands, so we wait for news and make reservation from there! I have a personal preference that isnt related to facts anyway, so I trust the hosts to do a good job, and if they don’t we’ll only know in may 2020!

      • I read just an article in Volkskrant in which the Maastricht delegation claimed their hall is 17,88 meters high. I hope their lies will hit them in the face like a boomerang.

        And the last thing I want is fff Andre Rieu in any way connected to eurovision.
        (Yes I has him as an interval act in VFOS18, but that was just a cheesy joke, not because I like him or his music.)

    • I would like to see the look on the faces of the organising committee and EBU when they see what Maastricht calls 17,88 meters. The city should get a bill for wasting everyone’s time.

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